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MAXXwasher Pro – The Revolutionary Kitchen Washer


Hello everybody, today we are going to review an interesting product sent from the MAXXwasher team. It is a new type of dishwasher that just clips to your sink instead of containing the whole system. The package just came in and it is heavy, the label marks 4kg for the shipment. 

Unlike usual dishwashers, it doesn’t heat up and spray the dishes with hot water. Instead, it uses ultrasonic, like the stuff we see in jewelry stores, as well as a MAXXcatalyst technology that removes tiny dirt or pesticides in the dishes or even your clothes.

angel package

This is the big box with some images of fruits and kitchenware sketched on its sides. It claims that you can wash tableware, fruits, vegetables, grains, seafood, and even meat. Oh, the MAXX contact actually told me that you can wash your clothes with it too. Not sure if I want to do that to my dishwasher though. The washer is designed to clip on your kitchen sink, but a bucket or any water-tight container will also do. Let me set it up on my sink!


angel card

Opening the box, the first part we see is the control panel, which is surprisingly light and comes with some accessories. I guess this is the main component that does the cleaning. The setting is covered in the manual too, but it is simple enough to just put together.I just plug it to the power plug and place the device to the sink.

purME review

We just had supper and got some dirty dishes to wash. I turn on the tap and let water fill up the sink up to the suggested level. The water is not cycled and replaced during wash, meaning this is all the water I need to get the job done. Next, I drop in the dirty tableware for the test. The manual told me to set it to 12 mins, so we will be back in a while. The running sound is audible, but not too noisy and I can’t hear it in another room.


purME review

It has actually worked better than I thought. All visible stains are now gone and you can see the water changes color a bit. I am truly amazed. Let’s also try out the MAXXcatalyst, which is an additional wash suggested on certain settings. I observed some smoke coming out in the water, which wasn’t seen before in the ultrasonic mode. The cycle took around 3 minutes and claim to remove dirt and bacteria from food ingredients.

purME review

Let’s try it with the clothes this time. There were a few stains on my shirt, and they are visibly gone after the cycle. It is quite impressive considering greasy stains usually require lots of hard work to remove, but MAXXwasher did the job quite well.


purME review

So summarizing MAXXwasher… I think it is a pretty cool product and certainly one of the more exciting ones with ultrasonic! Unlike some other ultrasonic washers, the wave created by this one is actually visible and the cleaning is impressive. I also like how it doesn’t heat up or replace the water, so it won’t damage delicate food ingredients or garments and cost a lot in water bills. On the other hand, I am not sure if I will wash food and dirty laundry with the same unit. I would probably buy an extra one just for clothes. So this is the end of the review. Thank you again to the MAXXwasher team for providing the sample for review.


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