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PressDrain – Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

A bathtub drain that will cut hair and you don’t need to touch the hair to clean it, and stop the clog.

An Innovative Children’s Steering Wheel

An Innovative Children’s Steering Wheel A unique toy that will immerse your child in the atmosphere of a real sports car!

MEAZOR – The Future of Measure

A multifunctional digital measuring tool with a leading-edge floorplan scanning function.

BheemUP: The Bed Incliner Makes you Smart.

Lift Any Bed | Monitor Sleep, Posture and Vitals | Connect to Smart Home Devices | Get Peronalized, AI Powered Advice.

INFINITY Ⅱ: Every Second On Your Wrist’s Unique

Chic Mechanical Automatic with Semi-circle Time Display and Bold Look that Highlights your style through Time!

Runmecy: The Compact Laser Engraver & Cutter

Enjoy endless versatility and creativity on any surface included the metal with a powerful 5w laser.

Feel Good While Building Muscle.

Developed by Dr. Aaron Fu, for screaming backs, necks & shoulders. Pain relief & muscle gain at home Trigger Point Rocker

Flying Chicken: Innovation for Kegel Exercises

Flying Chicken enjoy excellent health benefits by exercising your pelvic floor muscles quickly and easily!

Airpods Washer – Automatic Cleaning Tool

A new way to clean all your wireless earbuds! Turn your earbuds nice and clean with ease.

LaserPro-High Power Laser Engraver & Cutter

Large-size, high-power, four-axis, intelligent, easy-to-use, quasi-industrial grade laser Engraver & Cutter.

DOZZ – Sleeping Made Easy

Neurowave Tech | Sleeping Aid | Snore Stopper | Breathing Light | Sleep Music | Sleep Health Track

TEMPMi – The Tritium Keychain Thermometer

Contactless Measurement | Compact | Tritium | App Tracking | Measure for all | Compatible with Android & iOS

QUAQ Wireless Charging Crossbody

A truly seamless experience! Charges itself and your mobile wirelessly! Water Resistant, RFID & more!

Polaris – Smart Electric Tripod Head

A Smart Electric Tripod Head with Camera Interface Controller, Remote DSLR Preview & Configuration through WiFi/Cellular

Demeter Mini: Your intelligent indoor garden

Demeter Mini: A fully automated hydroponic system (indoor gardening) controlled by AI.

E-Knee: Your Customized Intelligent Knee Support Solution

Real-time Support | Auto-adjustments | Custom Size

Snorble: Imagine A Better Bedtime.

Develop a better bedtime routine for your child in an engaging way with the support of Snorble.

SUNGZU – The safest portable power station

LiFePO4 battery/2500Wh Capactiy/Solar Generator/Cycle life 6000+/AC2000W/Charge Tesla

purME Air: World’s most breathable face mask

Twin Turbines | Constant Airflow | UV-C Self-Cleaning | 99.9% HEPA/P100 Filtration | Ultralight Fit

Runmecy: The Compact Laser Engraver & Cutter

Enjoy endless versatility and creativity on any surface included the metal with a powerful 5w laser.



Nuovo Si Technology| Minimal | USB-A | USB-C | 20W | Fast Charging | Universal Compatibility

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