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Ebo, The Smart Robot Companion for Your Cat

Love, Care, and Always Be There with Ebo, the Next Generation Cat Companion.
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Cats are grumpy and lazy by nature, right? Wrong! When your apathetic furball stares at you in judgment from the top of the fridge, what it’s really saying is: “Play with me!” Studies have shown that cats are social beings that crave human interaction and thrive on attention. They may play it cool, but when you’re gone, they miss you dearly.
The effects of neglect can lead to more than just grumpiness. Without proper stimulation and socialization, cats can develop depression, obesity, and other major health problems. Along with pet neglect, pet obesity has also become an increasingly big issue over the years. According to several studies, the majority of American cats are either overweight or obese. This is mainly because of a lack of stimulation and exercise.
The fatter they are, the more to love right? Absolutely wrong. Cats who are overweight or obese have a mortality rate of 2.8x higher than their thinner counterparts, and have high risk of developing serious health problems.
Studies have also shown that obesity can also cause mental repercussions to your pet. Overweight cats have scored less on vitality, quality of life and happiness, and higher in pain and emotional disturbance. The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay this way. We’re here to help with Ebo – The smartest, life-like companion for your cat. Ebo creates a world of interaction, fun, stimulation, and connection that helps your cat to thrive and develop to achieve the best physical and mental health that they possibly can.
Cats love to play with Ebo because it moves and interacts all on its own. Not only is it adorable to watch, but Ebo actually helps prevent mental, physical, and behavioral problems by keeping cats active and entertained.
Ebo’s ergonomic design can go anywhere. It’s able to wheel in any direction, spin, roll over, even dance, and it can always land on its feet! 
By keeping your cat constantly moving in a fun and unpredictable way, Ebo will not only help burn off excess calories for your cat but will also provide mental stimulation and keep their joints and muscles flexible and healthy.
With the regular exercise and stimulation that your cat will get from Ebo, it will reduce the chance of your cat developing joint disease and the terrible pain that comes with arthritis and similar diseases.
Ebo uses smart sensors to “see” where it’s going. It is able to recognize obstacles and will decelerate to avoid direct crash.
Ebo is the first smart playmate that has the ability to perfectly mimic the actions of a living thing. It interacts with your cat in the way that your cat understands—through a dynamic mix of sound, movement, and light that is always unpredictable. 
Ebo will be able to provide plenty of attention to your feline friend. Having Ebo to play around with is a great way to get them excited and exercising so that they feel good. With the life-like stimulation that cats will get from Ebo, cat owners will less likely come home to a depressed, anxious and neglected-feeling cat.
With Ebo as a real-life companion, your cat will never spend another day bored or alone.
Program Ebo and monitor your cat with the Ebo mobile app.
The Ebo app is packed with features that help you track your pet’s health, join in the fun with live streams and audio, capture pictures and video for social sharing, and much more. You can also make sure that your data is secure at all times. Ebo has no cloud storage, so all the data on your Ebo is locally stored. All camera visuals of your cat in action are live-streamed and the data can be stored if you choose to manually store it on your phone.
Ebo doesn’t just entertain your pet when you’re not there. It also allows you to take control and play with your cat from anywhere on the globe.
You know your cat deserves to be Insta-famous. With Ebo, you’ll be able to perfectly capture every moment.
Ebo’s feline facial recognition technology intelligently edit your photos to capture your cat in the perfect light every time.
Use the smart video editor to emphasize your cat’s expressions, create a story, add filters, and put it all to music.
Recording all the action isn’t just for fun. Ebo allows you to keep an eye on your cat when you’re away to monitor its health and habits. This is crucial for healthy development, and if your cat isn’t feeling well, you’ll have footage of concerning behavior to bring to the vet. Create quirky and memorable content of your cat and share them with your friends!
Ebo is completely wireless and totally autonomous. It even knows how and when to charge itself.
When Ebo is running low on power, it will return to its dock and begin charging. Once you take Ebo out of the box, you’ll never have to lift a finger again.
How does Ebo know how your cat is feeling? How can the app track your furball’s health? The Ebo activity tracker collar is like a Fitbit for your cat. It monitors daily steps, activity levels and more so you can better understand your cat’s health and Ebo can adapt to its personality.
According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 58% of cats are overweight or obese. This can lead to a multitude of mental and physical health issues as well as a poor quality of life. Ebo acts as your cat’s personal trainer by monitoring its daily activity and making sure it gets enough exercise.
Ebo introduces a healthy dose of exercise into your pet’s life, in which you can monitor at any time. Monitoring your cat’s activity is beneficial…
The activity tracker collar is completely safe and non-toxic. In fact, it’s one of the safest collars ever designed. If an unsafe amount of pressure is detected that puts your pet in danger, it will automatically loosen and come off.
The EBO collar can synchronize with EBO to track your cat’s activity level. You can monitor and record the steps using the Ebo app, along with the time of the day that your cat is active. The collar can be used for up to 30 days on a single charge and can be wirelessly charged using the same charging dock as for Ebo. In the event that the collar gets stuck, it has a safety mode in which the collar will be released automatically to prevent accidental choking.
We recognize that every cat has a unique personality.
Cats get smarter as they age—and Ebo does too.
Ebo is simple and easy to set up. Download the Ebo App on your phone, scan the QR code with your Ebo, and there you go! Ebo will be activated and  jready to use in a matter of seconds.
 project video thumbnail
We are a team of engineers, geeks as well as pet owners. As any pet owner would be, we are deeply passionate about taking care of the pets in our lives. However, we also know how difficult it is to look after our pets at all times. We constantly worry about our pets being left alone while we are working or have to be apart from them. We are aware of the increasing rate of pet obesity and neglect in the past years, and we wanted to create a solution. So, we put our minds together and after working on over 100 iterations and undergoing rigorous rounds of testing, we are proud to finally showcase Ebo to the public. We made sure to make Ebo smart and packed with advanced features, as cats are natural problem solvers and amazingly skilled learners. Thanks to the advancement of robotics and AI technology, we were able to develop a playmate that is able to play, mimic, learn, and adapt, all from the feline perspective. Not only can it serve as a companion to keep your pet happy and active, but it also allows you to interact with your pet no matter where you are. Ebo is a real-life companion for your feline friend and also a connecting medium for you and your pet.
We are so proud of Ebo because we believe that we have created something amazing and life-changing, for ourselves and for our pets. We hope that with Ebo, your pet can feel the same amount of love, joy and company, no matter where you are.
We created Ebo because we love our cats. As busy working people, we are not always able to be at home with our pets. However, we still care deeply about their health and development. Our pets are our family members, and we want to make sure they get the best care even when we’re not around. The core of our business revolves around three main values: Love, Companionship, and Sharing.

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