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Cuppa: A Cordless LED Touch Lamp with All Features You Need

Minimalist | Cordless | 360° Any Touch | Stepless Dimming | Waterproof | Flame Retardant | No Risk of Electrical Shock
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Although there are lots of LED touch lamps on the market, most of them:

1). Come with long cords, which either make your desktop messy or are easy to trip over.

2). Come with short cords that can only be used in a very limited area.

3). Are useless if there is no socket on the wall or floor nearby.

4). Are extremely fragile.

A minimalist yet functional LED touch lamp featuring great quality and can be easily carried around.

Simple, Functional, Reliable and Eco-friendly.

Cuppa comes in 3 colors and it perfectly blends in with all types of furniture & decorations. 

No need to invest in loads of lamps or extension sockets. Say goodbye to your messy desktop. Never trip over power cords again. Simply carry Cuppa around and place it anywhere, anytime! A reading lamp, a bedside lamp, an ambient lamp, a backup lamp during a blackout or even just a final touch to your furniture and décor.


The 360°Any Touch means Cuppa can be switched on/off from any position on the base, no more fumbling around for a tiny switch on the cord. With its patent-pending 360°Any Touch Technology, Cuppa is the world’s first cordless lamp featuring full-body touch control.

Since we designed Cuppa with full-body touch control, why not remove all physical buttons to make it completely minimalist?

More importantly, the buttonless design doesn’t sacrifice any functions. With its 360°Any Touch Technology, Cuppa still features stepless dimming and memory mode.

Touch & hold to trigger the stepless dimming.

The memory mode allows you to turn Cuppa back on each time, at the previous brightness level.


Stepless Dimming and Memory Mode makes it easy for users to customize their favorite type of illumination.

Featuring TYPE C fast charging, Cuppa can last for 2 hours with only 10 mins charging. With a full charge (2.5 hours), it can stay on for as long as 12 hours. 


You can even charge Cuppa with a power bank, meaning that you can use Cuppa as a perfect backup lamp, especially during a blackout.

Lightweight means poor quality, plastic material and a tendency to fall over. Heavyweight lamps are fragile and not easy to move around. Cuppa weighs a decent 1.98lbs (about the same weight as a cup of coffee), which makes it feel as good as it looks.

Meanwhile, the sticky base pad makes Cuppa extremely steady, with zero chance of it falling off.


Vintage style | Modern LED Technology with 80% of Energy-saving

  • Save up to 80% energy compared to the standard bulb.
  • Long life (up to 30,000 hours) – Reduce the hassle and money of replacing bulbs.
  • Comfort the eyes
  • 4w (40w equivalent)
  • 3000K, soft white, e27, 450lm
  • Recycled Fabric
  • Water-Resistant
  • Flame –Retardant
  • E27 Lampshade Holder

Cuppa is universally compatible with all e27 LED ( 4w ) bulbs and lampshades, meaning that you can easily grab a replacement online.

“A small leak will sink a great ship”. That’s why we paid so much attention on every single detail of Cuppa. Since Cuppa is designed to be frequently carried around, we built Cuppa to a very strict quality standard. Featuring an IP65 waterproof base, a flame-retardant, and water-resistant lampshade, Cuppa is technically the lamp version of “King Kong Barbie”. 

We even make Cuppa 100% safe, there is absolutely no risk of an electrical shock.(Kids-friendly) 


CUPPA comes in three colors. Backers can complete the shipping info and color options in the Backerkit Survey when our Kickstarter campaign ends.

  • Classic Black
  • Cream White
  • Mint Green


With special THANKS to DINGHAO LIGHTING CO., LTD which is specialized in mobile lighting and provides technical support onto Cuppa. 

We wanted to design a smart lamp that would work individually without WIFI, Bluetooth, APPs, a smartphone or a remote controller, but still be smart and minimalist. This may sound crazy but please think about these:

  • How many APPs do you download but rarely use?
  • How often you really use them? Is it necessary to use them every single time?
  • If so, is it a bit of a hassle instead of being enjoyable?
  • What if the app stops updating?
  • What if the remote controller goes missing?
  • What if the smart device is easily broken?

This is where the idea came from, this is why we integrated all the main features into Cuppa, making it a cordless LED touch lamp with excellent quality.

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