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CARD20: Paper Thin TWS Headphones w/ Supreme Sound Quality

0.5in thick with case, 0.1oz/piece | Ergonomic fit & stability | Qualcomm BT5.0, aptX, cVc | Premium 13mm speaker driver | IPX4
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CARD20 is the world’s slimmest TWS Bluetooth headphones combining classy look, sublime comfort and unparalleled audio performance. The patented layout of the built-in antenna and the seminal cutout design of the charging case squeeze the total thickness of the earbuds and the case to a mindblowing 0.5in in striking contrast to at least 1in of others. Each component is strategically arranged based on the form of over thousands of human ears to dramatically improve its universal comfort, fit and stability.

It features Qualcomm chip to stream superior wireless audio with balanced treble, mid and bass. The tech-packed CARD20 is exactly the headphones you are looking for that bring nothing but the beats to your ears.

CARD20, with its slimness and compactness that are second to none, is hands down the thinnest and smallest TWS headphones in the world. It is only 0.5 inch in thickness measured with the charging case, which is easily 40%~70% thinner and 60%~80% less bulky than others in the market.

The built-in antenna of a patented design is ingeniously laid out in the rod to reduce size and strengthen signals, making CARD20 so light and discreet that you feel like there is nothing but music in your ears.

We designed CARD20 with high consideration towards fit and comfort. These half-in ear headphones were tested in more than 6000 human ears for an exceptional conformity to an individual’s ear shape that significantly improves the comfort by 83.2% and a secure seal that keeps them in place through the toughest workouts. It also helps to prevent the stethoscope effect which generally exists among earbuds.(Stethoscope effect is a very unpleasant sound caused by vibration, collision or friction of the earplug wire or the unit.)

The charging case of CARD20 has a proprietary design featuring a slit in the center of the cover for easy observation of the earbuds. It takes no more than a look at the case for you to ascertain that you are bringing both earbuds with you when you are in a hurry.

The case is crafted out of a whole piece of aviation aluminum and covered in a fine layer of paint that gives it a silky touch and a sleek look. The edges of the cutout is burnished for supreme precision and luster; the rotating hinges of the case are hidden and invisible when viewed from the outside; the hinges interiors and the shells of the earbuds are embellished with spiral tracks that are reminiscent of CDs, a tribute to that epoch as well as an outlook into the future.

The Qualcomm QCC3020 chip embedded in the CARD20 is the most advanced TWS earphone chip there is that allows each earbud to pair to your device individually. You can connect both earbuds to your device simultaneously for stereo mode, or use either one separately for mono mode. The switch between the two is seamless without any delay or interruption. CARD20 auto-pairs to your formerly connected device the second you open the charging case with no hassle.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, CARD20 outperforms others in faster wireless signal transfer speed, wider connection range and stronger signal broadcasting ability at lower power consumption.

CARD20 supports aptX codec which proves to transmit audio without damaging the quality to ensure you get the very most from it and significantly reduces latency to keep your audio and video in sync.

The dynamic driver unit guarantees that everything you hear from the CARD20 is unheard of.

CARD20 incorporates a 13mm large-diameter speaker with ultra-thin 2mm diaphragm which delivers a powerful and crisp sound which is further fine-tuned by our engineers to create a hi-fi immersive listening experience for you. The audio is harmonic in mixing frequencies of high, mid and low, and superb in the clarity and richness of vocals.

Dominate your music, calls and more with easy touch controls instead of fiddling with your smartphone. Gently double-tap the force sensor to play/pause, skip forward/backward or answer/end a phone call. A simple “Hey Siri” or three taps summons your favorite personal assistant.

CARD20 employs advanced CVC algorithms by Qualcomm which cancels out echoes and suppresses ambient noises so it appears you are in a quiet indoor space when you are making a call. It also features a nylon microphone net that improves call clarity in windy situations.

CARD20 will always be ready to go the next time you need them. The charging case provides more than 16 hours of listening time with multiple additional charges to the headphones. They can play music continuously for up to 4 hours at full volume, or 5.5 hours at 70% full volume on one charge.

Rated IPX4, CARD20 headphones resist sustained sweats, splashes and sprays, keeping up with you during the most rigorous challenges.

We add an optional logo-free version of CARD 20 for the preference of some backers. The visible exterior of the earbuds are logo-free. The logo will only be printed on the charging case.

*Backers will be able to choose the version on the post-campaign survey.

Guo Changming, the founder of YOBYBO, has 5 years of experience in production, operation and management in the smart wearables industry. He once led a TWS project which achieved $10 million sales.

The co-founder and chief designer Zhou Hongchao has 10 years’ experience of ID design. He has won 14 international design awards including “Red Dot”, “IF” and “Idea”. He excels at drawing design inspiration from everyday life and things, humanizing products to meet the inner needs of customers. He also adds advanced and unique ergonomics in his design which reaches high standard in both value and comfort.

We adhere to the concepts of “Small Innovation, Big Difference”, “Nothing But The Best”, “All For The Customers”, “Experience Rules”, “We Value When We Add Value To The Supply Chain”. We focus on providing customers with high-value smart wearables that are eye-candy and awe-inspiring.

YOBYBO has applied for more than 30 patents worldwide, and has sales in 20 countries and regions, including the U.S., Europe, Japan, Russia, South Korea, etc. In October 2019, YOBYBO launched five earphones, including Ripple (SR-20), Note Paper (Note 20) and Card (Card 20), which attended the 1st exhibition of Hong Kong’s global resources and caused sensation in the audience. Card (Card 20) also won the “Conference Product Analyst Recommended Gold Award”.

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