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XUUTBOX - The First Portable Studio Solution

Accessible | Magnetic | Customizable
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Elevate your creative experience with the first-of-its-kind portable studio solution
XUUTBOX Studio Plus with filters, diffusers and anti-reflection windows.
10 Key features of XUUTBOX STUDIO. Comparison with light box or light tent. Check full table of every feature that sets XUUTBOX Studio apart.

A quick take. HAD Design Studio introduces XUUTBOX Studio. An innovative portable studio that revolutionizes content creation

360 XYZ Accessibility. With a customizable magnetic aluminum structure and interchangeable filters, diffusers and gears, XUUTBOX Studio empowers visual creators to design custom configurations, perfectly capturing the essence of their ideas.
XUUTBOX Studio configurations with different filters and diffusers. Innovative filters with reflactive H-UV Technology.

XUUTBOX Studio innovations

XUUTBOX Studios is a compact studio that transforms the creative environment, enabling visual artists to expand the limits of their work with advanced features and unequalled flexibility. Open cube: The key innovation of the XUUTBOX Studio is its completely open magnetized aluminum cube. This unique design allows you to easily and securely attach any equipment to the structure, providing endless possibilities for customization.
Magnetic Clamps. With just one click, you can easily change backgrounds, diffusers, color gels and much more to create endless scene combinations. The magnetic clamps feature a serrated inner membrane that allows you to effortlessly secure any material and transform it into a custom wall of backdrop on the XUUTBOX Studio.
Filter System. The XUUTBOX filter system overcomes size constraints and color limitations, allowing you to create stunning scenes with unparalleled control. With a wide range of filter options and the ability to combine them, you can achieve the perfect lighting and mood for any shot.

XUUTBOX STUDIO magnetic marvel, magnetic accessories for photography studio.

The revolutionary magnetized aluminum structure that changes everything
We wanted a studio that could adapt to the creative's ever-changing ideas, a portable solution that could seamlessly transform from a simple backdrop to an elaborate and multi-textured set. and to make it possible, we made it beautifully magnetic.
XUUTBOX STUDIO magnetic structure and accessories for photography and creative visual contents.
discover how XUUTBOX Studio's innovative magnetic design enables unparalleled versatility, limitless setups and effortless customization. All in a portable and durable set. A Structure built for Creativity. First and foremost, XUUTBOX Studio is a powerful and resilient structure, brimming with endless potential.. This robust magnetized structure allows you to attach countless resources and create limitless sets.
Photos taken exclusively with XUUTBOX STUDIO.
Say Hello to a more efficient You. The magnetic system accelerates set creation by making it easy to attach and swap out components. Our goal for you is to spend less time building sets and more time capturing stunning images. Open system for endless possibilities. Moreover, the greatest advantage of this magnetic system is the opportunity to create your own scenographic resources, bringin your most creative and original ideas to life.
XUUTBOX STUDIO allows you to build your own scenographic resources to become more creative.

H-UV Technology

Refractive H-UV Technology. Multi-layer color polkymerization with ultraviolet acrylic sealing and micro-engraving for light wave dispersion and absorption. H-Ultraviolet final polymerization. Infrared surface tension correction. Refractive hexagonal laser. Polymeric refractive gel. Polymeric color gel. Flexible crystal polyester. XUUTBOX Studio technology and innovation.
This revolutionary filter technology, exclusively patented by our manufacturer and designed specifically for XUUTBOX Studio, offers unparalleled creative control and sets a new standard in the world of lighting solutions. XUUTBOX Gel Filter Y-124 compared to market gel filter. Our multi-layer refractive technology allows us to achieve a +150% m2/mld light tinting index compared to other professional-quality gel filters on the market. Laboratory test conducted with Sony Alfa7 - EOSD70. Impact light GODOX 300 - IF +4 - 1.20 m. Advanced color gel filters and diffusers, designed to redefine photographic lighting.
Big dimensions. Manufactured at an incredible size of 34 inches (87 cm) and with a thickness of 250 microns, these diffusers and filter gels provide a large surface area for exceptional and precise light control.
Infinitive colors by using XUUTBOX STUDIO gel filters. Any color from the Pantone color chart.
Our patented manufacturing process can accurately reproduce any color from the Pantone color chart and convert it into a color gel with unequalled precision. If you can dream it, we can create it.
Double sided, double control. But our most groundbreaking innovation with these filters is the double-sided design and finish. One side features a glossy surface for meticulous color control and intricate diffusion, while the other side features an ingenious honeycomb laser engraving that evenly distributes light and minimizes shadows and reflections.
Diffusion H-UV Technology. Innovation. Using the same technology as our gel filters, we have developed a controlled diffusion system. Our white base diffuser has a high power to divide light and can be used in combination with other diffusers or colored gel filters. XUUTBOX Studio diffusers have a sillk matte side that contains the necessary light absorption properties. They can be used as stage backdrops and are easily cleaned with a simple damp cloth.
New developments in progress. During the development of this Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, our R&D team, along with our trusted supplier, are working onnew color gels and diffusers to implement in the campaign if we reach the stretch goals we set.

Unique Accesories for XUUTBOX Studio

Two accessories designed to enhance creativity. Magnetic Super Clamp Jaw. This game-changing accessory transforms how you customize your XUUTBOX Studio setup. Equipped with a cold shoe stand adapter and a 1/4''-20 universal fixing screw, it seamlessly integrates with a wide range of equipment.
Magnetic super clamp jaw accessories: Including microphones, LED lights, monitors, digital cameras, flashes, articulated arms, smartphones and much more.
With a robust capacity to hold up to 22 lbs (10 kg), it guarantees the secure attachment of heavy gear and its magnetic base ensures swift and effortless positioning anywhere on the XUUTBOX Studio frame.
The Positioning Laser. This innovative decice uses a precise red laser to position products accurately, ensuring consistent placement for repetitive shots. Ideal for capturing multiple products or themed sets, it streamlines alignment and reduces errors, simplifying your photography process.
Photos taken exclusively with XUUTBOX STUDIO for eCommerce shop. Cosmetics photography.

More is more

When we designed XUUTBOX Studio, we eliminated the need for a table, giving you the freedom to set it up wherever you want. We equipped XUUTBOX Studio with legs. A whole new world of perspective possibilities.
This innovation opened up a world of new perspectives, leading us to add the almost final magical touch: a Kit for inverted and backlighting creations, including: The Ground-Level Stand: Supports up to 10 kg and features a 1/4 to 3/8 inch screw spigot for lighting equipment. Use it on the ground or a table. Versatile, right? The Transparent base: Supporting up to 5 kg, this surface broadens your perspective, enabling you to capture stunning photos from otherwise unimaginable angles.
Photo via detailed backlighting system, taken exclusively with XUUTBOX STUDIO. Food photography.
Photo with unimaginable angles. Taken exclusively with XUUTBOX STUDIO. Perfume photography.

Ready to shoot

We have equipped the XUUTBOX Studio with everything you need for professional photography. Anti-reflection windows, color cycloramas and diffusers.
Ideal scenes, free from reflections, featuring infinite backgrounds or elegantly backlighting, it will elevate your photography to a professional level. Each component is crafted from the finest materials and finishes, ensuring durability and reliability, use after use.

Assembling and Disassembling

XUUTBOX STUDIO Plus assembling system, step by step. Quick and easy.
Setting up your studio has never been easier, thanks to our thoughtfully designed three-step assembly process.
Effortlessly unfold the two frames, setting the foundation for your XUUTBOX Studio.
With a simple snap, connect the frames to the four pillars. No frustrating tools or tiny screws to slow you down.
Secure the four magnetic legs in each corner, achieving a stable, professional-grade studio in a few minutes.

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