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iZYREC: Smallest and Most Easy-to-Use Voice Recorder for All

18g Ultralight | Fits Anywhere Easily | 50-Day Battery Life | 1536Kbps HD Mic | AI Noise Canceling | 32GB EMMC storage | Sliding Switch
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Our life story unfolds itself mostly through sound. Sound imprints precious moments in life. The problem is that people only remember a third of what they hear. We believe it should be easy to capture these moments whenever and wherever you want.

Although most smartphones can record audio, unexpected incoming calls or push notifications often interrupt the process, and audio quality is generally subpar. Simply put, smartphones are just not built to be digital voice recorders.

The ultra-compact and portable iZYREC professional voice recorder substantially empowers your recording capabilities, allowing you to discreetly capture crystal-clear audio anytime and anywhere, with enhanced noise cancellation, ultra-long battery life, and abundant memory.

iZYREC features an 18g featherlight dual-mic recorder with only one switch. The recorder is half the size of a credit card, with an astounding 50-day battery life32GB of EMMC storage, and up to 1536Kbps recording quality.

With iZYREC, your smartphone can be kept available for other tasks at all times.


Detachable Magnetic Back-clip, easy to carry, clip it to your shirt collar, or attach it to any magnetic surface. 

iZYREC transforms the traditionally bulky voice recorder into an ultra-slim, portable device that will easily fit into your pocket or wallet. The detachable magnetic buckle provides a convenient mechanism to place it onto your collar or any other magnetic surface.

Designed to record conversations while remaining unnoticed, iZYREC will ensure you never miss an important moment again!

Enjoy 24 hours of recording and up to 50 days of standby with 450 mAh ultra battery capacity. With one single charge, always at your service.

 * We have upgraded our microphone from 512kbps to 1536 kbps DVD Quality!

The newly equipped dual 1536Kbps DVD quality microphone enables iZYREC recorder to record sound at astonishing 48KHz sample rate.  The upgrade brings the performance of the iZYREC Recorder to the next level with customized recording settings for perfect sound effect.

iZYREC’s exceptional sensitivity captures sounds from up to 7 meters away without any interference. Integrated Automatic Gain Control(AGC)algorithms amplify far-off sounds to produce recording clarity that rivals nearby sources, and high-definition sound reception ensures you never miss a voice frequency.

 * We have upgraded our microphone from 512kbps to 1536 kbps DVD Quality!

EMMC provides transfer speeds twice as fast as conventional TF cards and NAND flash storage, saving you twice as much time as everyone else! 32GB of storage space lets you store up to 48 hours of DVD level HD recording.

Easily control playback with the iZYREC app’s “Tap to Mark” function. You can even decide which clip you want to listen to based on visualized sound waves!


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