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Get the Hoodie That Pays You Back and Saves the Planet

SIXR’s FOR TOMORROW Hoodie Rewards You to Recycle! ♻️
Pledge Here

Get Paid to Help the Planet with the FOR TOMORROW Hoodie

SIXR Partners with George Brown College to Revolutionize Sustainable Apparel.

Sustainable tech startup SIXR is on a mission to prevent waste in the fashion industry. We do this through:

  • Incentivizing and streamlining the reuse and recycling of clothing. 
  • Connecting sustainable brands to engaged customers.
  • Working with George Brown College and the Brookfield Sustainability Institute to launch the first product on the SIXR platform, the FOR TOMORROW hoodie.

Transform Your Impact: Clothes that Put the Earth First

Say goodbye to contributing to landfills! Unlike many discarded clothing items, the FOR TOMORROW hoodie is all about you. When it’s time to part ways, just use the SIXR app to send it back. Crafted with easily recyclable fibres, your hoodie transforms into new material stock. We’ll take care of the recycling – because your choices shape a greener future in fashion.

Unlock Rewards: Your Hoodie, Your Impact

Many fashion brands strive for circularity, but face financial struggles. This can translate into additional costs for you as a customer. 

At SIXR, we’ve flipped the script. We believe in empowering you through financial incentives – the driving force behind our system. Your actions matter, and we want to motivate and reward you for recycling. Returning your SIXR-purchased clothes not only completes a cycle but also unlocks enticing incentives just for you.

Grow Your Rewards – Grow Your Planet 

When you back this Kickstarter and buy a FOR TOMORROW hoodie, a portion of the cost goes to the Planet Fund for reforestation. While another portion turns into a shipping credit for garment recycling. 

Your eco-conscious buying supports the reforestation, sustainable energy, and ocean cleaning sectors. So proudly flaunt your SIXR outfit in style. 

Your impact, your rewards, and a better planet – all in one.

See How Your Clothes Are Made, and Where They’re Going

Each SIXR clothing comes with your own QR code. Scan the QR code on your item to unveil its entire journey – from skilled creation to its final destination after use. Find care instructions for longevity, and when it’s time, use the SIXR app to return it and follow your hoodie’s real recycling journey. Excitement and sustainability, are all at your fingertips!


Never Lose Items in Hoodie Pockets Again

Ever worry about misplacing your phone, wallet, or keys while in an oversized hoodie pocket? Fear not, as the FOR TOMORROW hoodie is here to ease your concerns. Each hoodie comes with two discreet and secure stash pockets. 

Your valuable items are not only snug within the hoodie but also safely secured. Now, you can enjoy every moment without a trace of anxiety. Your peace of mind, is prioritized.Secure-Pocket-SIXR

A Hood For Any Head of Outfit

The FOR TOMORROW hood caters to a spectrum of styles and identities embraced by our customers. Purposefully oversized, it provides a comfortable fit for any head, or even hats. 

4 Colors & 6 Sizes To Chose From

Support Design Sustainability


Join the Heart of SIXR’s Digital Revolution

Our digital platform is key to the circular apparel process. As ownership of a garment changes hands from the brand to the customer, our app gives you full access to your garment’s life cycle. You get to see its origins, materials, and recycling supply chain.

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