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Exlicon L- Precision Golden Ratio Tools for Art and Geometry

Create multi-geometric shapes in the golden ratio, golden spirals, and thicker lines in a palm-sized tool set.
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Ddiin has successfully launched 4 projects on Kickstarter: Magcon, Exlicon, Exlicon MX, and Exlicon Magnetic Pen, and shipped to over 80 countries such as the United States, Australia. Our products have received over 30 design awards, showcasing our exceptional quality and innovation. Thanks to the previous support we’ve received on Kickstarter, we’ve been able to accumulate 4000 supporters who have helped us bring our designs to life in total.


Freehand drawing poses challenges when attempting to accurately depict the golden ratio due to the absence of a precise measuring tool. The golden ratio, approximately 1.618, is a mathematical ratio found in various natural and artistic contexts. Achieving its precision without aids like rulers or dividers can be challenging. Without reliable measurements, maintaining the exact proportions necessary for the golden ratio becomes subjective and difficult to achieve consistently in freehand sketches.

We have previously launched 6 small discs, we received feedback stating that the size of the disc is too small which is not big enough. In response to this valuable feedback, we have designed a new set of hand-size tools. These tools are specifically crafted to be portable, isometric, innovative, and user-friendly, ensuring a multi-functional and effortless experience to users to explore limitless creative possibilities.

The Exlicon L Golden Ratio Tool Set includes the TG, Triangle, and Circle tools, which are multifunctional tools that include features for drawing geometric shapes and degrees in golden ratio.

This portable and multifunctional stainless steel tool combines golden spirals, angle measurements, a triangle ruler, 2mm & 3mm marker lines, a parabolic curve, the golden triangle, the golden ratio, and radiating lines for versatile and precise measurements and markings.

Golden Ratio Apply to our design

The golden ratio is a mathematical concept that describes a perfectly balanced and visually pleasing proportion found in nature and design. It is approximately 1.618, and can be expressed mathematically as follows: φ = (1 + √5) / 2

The golden ratio is characterized by its ability to create aesthetically pleasing compositions by dividing a line or shape into two parts such that the ratio of the larger segment to the smaller segment is equal to the ratio of the whole segment to the larger segment. This ratio is believed to create a sense of harmony and beauty in art, architecture, and other creative disciplines.

We are inspired by the golden ratio in nature and architecture; therefore, we want to imply this to our tool design.

The golden ratio shapes of our Exlicon L Golden Ratio Tool Set make it highly suitable for a wide range of design disciplines, such as graphic designers, architects, artists, industrial designers, fashion designers, and web designers. Its features cater to the specific requirements of these fields, including precise measurements, ergonomic design, and versatile applications, empowering professionals in these fields to create visually stunning and harmonious designs.

The Exlicon L – Golden Ratio Tool Set caters to a wide range of users, including web designers, graphic designers, architects, artists, industrial designers, fashion designers, and more. Especially for graphic designers, artists and DIY lovers, it allows them to create visually appealing compositions using balanced layouts, application of the golden ratio to grid systems, and harmonious proportions across diverse design disciplines and elements. Correspondingly, It can assist architects in accurately incorporating the golden ratio into their designs. They can use it to draw proportional shapes, determine ideal dimensions for building elements, and create harmonious spatial relationships. 
This multifunctional product eliminates the need for multiple tools, making the design process more efficient and precise.

Exlicon L Golden Ratio Tool Set: Circle Tool

How many circles can be drawn?
The design of the Circle Tool has a broad spectrum of radius sizes enabling a total of 112 circles to be drawn. 

What is the size of the Circle Tool?
The Circle Tool is designed 100 mm in diameter.

17 Small Circles in full Diameter on Tool
There are a total of 17 small circles with diameters ranging from (smallest) 1mm to (largest) 10mm

A group of Three Circles with Radii in Golden Ratio
The group consists of three circles with radii in the golden ratio, starting from radii 5mm, 10mm, and 15 mm respectively.

Group 1 (Semi-Circle) 
5mm, 8mm, 13mm, 21mm, 34mm in radii

Group 2 (no-marking) 
15 mm, 24mm, 39mm in radii

Group 3 (Semi-Circle) 
10 mm, 16mm, 26mm, 42mm in radii

What if they are in full circumference?
The image below demonstrates the arrangement consists of 8 lines and holes, organized into 3 sets of golden ratio circles with radii measuring 5, 10, and 15 mm. Each set is visually distinguished by unique marking groups: a semi-circle for the 5 mm radius circle, number markings linked with dotted lines for the 10 mm radius circle, and a square for the 15 mm radius circle.

3 various Width & Length of semi-circle holes 
The  3mm width semi-circle line holes with a total length of 8.56 – 53.3 mm are suitable for artists and designers to draw lines using marker pen or fill a 3mm width line, from fine details to bold strokes; 2mm width line holes with lengths ranging from 68.2 to 112.9 mm;  Rest of 8 line holes in 1.1 mm width.

Three different measurement scales
There are three rulers available in the circle tool:
– An inch ruler with a length of 1 inch, width of 1 mm.
– A millimeter ruler with a length of 35.5 mm/ 3.5cm, width 1 mm.
– A circumference ruler with a length of 18 cm.

Two rows of holes encircling the periphery 
The Waterdrop holes as outer track: accommodate thicker refills to create dot

There are rounded rectangles as an inner track that allows you to draw dots by ballpoint pen, expanding the options beyond just marker pens.
Additionally, there is a 10-degree compartment between holes, especially for beginners to draw grids or mandalas.

Markings Around The Tool 

The triangle-marked pair of holes is used for labeling the largest radius of a circle with a radius of 95 mm.

The pair of holes with square markings is used for labeling circles with radii of 89.5 mm.

Two pairs of holes with circle markings are used for labeling circles with radii of 45.5 and 47.5 mm. 

Exlicon L Golden Ratio Tool Set: Triangle Tool

What can we draw?

There are five groups of golden triangles, with the front three sets starting at 80, 90, and 100 mm and the back two sets starting at 60 and 70 mm.

Group 1: Solid Triangle Markings (Front)

On the front side of the Triangle Tool, the solid triangle marked holes are used for labeling the set of golden triangles starting from 100 mm. 

Group 2: Solid Rectangle Markings (Front)

The rectangle markings on the front of the Triangle Tool label the golden triangle set starting from 90 mm.

Group 3: Hollow Triangle Markings (Front)

Hollow triangle markings label the set starting from 80 mm

Group 4: Semi-Circle Markings (Back)
On the back side, the semi circle marked holes are used for labeling the set of golden triangle starting from 60 mm;

Semi-circle markings label the set starting from 60 mm

Group 5: Hollow Rectangle Markings (Back)

Hollow rectangle markings label the set starting from 70 mm

Group 6 & 7: Inverted & Upward Triangles  (Back)
There are two sets of triangle holes in the golden ratio design. 
The 2 mm set is shaped as inverted triangles. 
The 3 mm set is shaped as upward triangles.

Draw Circles up to 90mm Radius 
Circles ranging from 7.2 to 90 mm in radius can be drawn. 

Rulers in INCH and CM units
There are two rulers available in the tool:
– A centimeter ruler with a length of 10 cm/100mm.
– An inch ruler with a length of 3.5 inches.

Exlicon L Golden Ratio Tool Set: TG Tool

What can we draw? 

The overall size of the Exlicon L Golden Ratio Tool Set (TG Tool) is 100mm *70.5mm

3 Groups of Golden Spiral Lines

There are 3 spiral lines with 55.7, 51.7 & 47.4 mm in radius respectively. The following collection can form 3 groups of Fibonacci golden ratio lines.

Golden Triangle
There is 1 set of marked golden triangles, consisting of four triangles in total.  The outer triangle in the set has holes that are split 5 mm apart.

Largest Circle Radius Size
Circles ranging from 5 to 94 mm in radius can be drawn, using two pens to draw.

Angle Measurements 
The protractor ranges from 0 to 100 degrees and has corresponding holes at each 10-degree increment.

Stainless Steel

Crafted from premium-grade stainless steel, the product is designed to endure frequent usage while offering excellent resistance against corrosion, rust, and general wear and tear.

The triangular disc is a versatile and durable tool made with brass, ensuring it withstands repeated usage. It is an equilateral triangle with lengths of 5 cm or 1.97 inches on each side, making it ideal for measuring and drawing precise shapes and lines. The triangle is designed to evaluate different measurements of the golden ratio.
The centimeter side and the indented horizontal lines of the triangle contain the biggest golden ratio measurements. Similarly, the dotted lines have a slightly reduced ratio, whereas the solid lines are 5 cm shorter than the dotted lines. The four upward-pointing triangular holes display a golden ratio relationship. Likewise, the downward-pointing triangles also exhibit a relationship.

In addition to its angle measuring capabilities, the holes on the triangular disc can also be used as a guide for drawing. This feature is useful for technical or composition drawing, engineering, and architecture.

The hexagon disc is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring that it can withstand frequent use and resist corrosion, rust, and wear and tear. Its sides measure 25mm (2.5cm), with 30° angles on the lines and a 4mm distance on each horizontal line.

It is designed as a stencil and measuring tool for creating symmetrical arc drawings. By tracing along the lines and flipping the tool, various arc curves can be created, which are useful for architectural designs. The disc can also be used to make shapes such as hexagons, triangles, squares, and rectangles by aligning the holes with the corresponding lines. In addition, the holes can be utilized to create circles of varying dimensions through the rotation of the disk, keeping one pen stationary and moving the other.

A full set of small designer discs. 

Size: 50*50mm for each small tool. Click ‘Here‘ to view more tutorials on YouTube.

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