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Apex-maker X1: Industrial High-Speed 16" 8K LCD 3D Printer

16" 8K Industrial LCD | 180mm/h High Speed | Mega Build Volume 353*198*400mm | 46µm Precision | HD Camera Monitoring
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Tired of small 3D printers that slow you down and compromise on intricate designs?

It’s time to print a new world! All you need is the world’s first 3D printer to combine a 16″ Mono LCD with 8K resolution.

A massive build volume lets you create more items at once, taking your production to a larger scale. 

With 46*46um square pixels design, you can make the tiniest features come to life in incredible clarity – from faces full of emotion, to complex patterns.

Boasting a max printing speed of 180mm/h, Apex-maker X1 cuts time on any project, so you go from seeing it in your mind to holding it in your hand in less time than ever!


The world’s first 16” LCD means you get an incredible visual printing area – setting you free to create on a larger scale.

A stunning 353.28 x 198.72 x 400mm build volume gives you a massive visual printing area to handle bigger, more ambitious projects.

You can test more design variations at once, speeding up the creative process and letting you explore your concepts worry free.

Apex-maker’s high LCD  transmittance helps it utilize light better – so it cures prints faster and gets projects done quicker. A high-energy light source module delivers 10mW/cm2, ramping up production speed while reaching new levels of quality.

A stable motion system with dual linear guides and a closed loop motor helps keep prints perfect while reaching regular print speeds of 30-80mm/h and a top speed of 180mm/h. 

And with high speed data transmission enabled by Chitubox’s latest control scheme, it can process 8k data in a blink with fewer delays, for up to 6X faster printing to put less time between you and your creation.


46*46um square pixels design and 8K Mono LCD give you incredible accuracy and beautiful detail from every line and layer, while ensuring fewer jagged edges and less deformations in each print run.

The closed-loop motor delivers more reliable motion control, making every stroke a masterstroke. Dual linear guides with ball screw modules help produce layers as thin as 0.01 to 0.3mm. 


A pre-calibrated build plate ensures the bed is always perfectly level. Just say goodbye to manual leveling, and stop worrying about print jobs with a shaky foundation.


Apex-maker makes resin control easy, by automatically feeding resin throughout a printing job.  It keeps a steady flow from start to finish, ensuring accuracy and letting you take a step back from the process.

Plus, it constantly monitors the temperature of the resin Vat to keep it from cooling down or heating up, and lets you heat the tank up to 60 degrees to take on a variety of projects.


When 3D printers lose power, they often leave a half-finished design in their wake, forcing designers to start again from scratch. Apex-maker avoids this conundrum with Power Loss Protect, a feature that pauses print jobs when power goes out – then picks up exactly where it left off when power returns. 

It’s one less thing for you to worry about when designing intricate action figures or pieces for your next furniture set.


Breathe easy while you create, with the Apex-maker’s built-in air purification system. 

Made to filter the air while you work, it absorbs printing odors and helps keep the air clean to give you a safer workspace that you’ll want to keep hanging out in.


Apex-maker’s HD camera connects to the app to give you an inside look as your creation comes to life. 

It lets you keep an eye on your work remotely, so you’re never stuck staring into your printer to make sure everything goes to plan.


Quick touch controls. Print progress reminders. Status updates. The responsive 7-inch touchscreen has it all, giving you better control over your project and clearer updates along the way – so you get a clearer screen for your work, and better control of your project.


Always know what’s happening with your print. The indicator light on the Apex-maker X1 shines clear and bright to give you updates on your work for transparency at every stage of the job.


Make precision cuts in a few clicks. Apex-maker X1 works with leading interfaces like Chitubox, Chitubox Pro, and LycheeSlicer. 

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