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YASHICA Vision binocular night vision: Capture Night in 4K

YASHICA Vision is a binocular night vision device offering 4K image quality, full-color vision and up to 600m view range in darkness
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At YASHICA, we’re proud of our 75 years of legacy. Today, we carry that tradition into the modern era with our first-ever binocular night vision device— YASHICA Vision.  

Adventure doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. With YASHICA Vision’s superior night vision, explore the night like never before. Experience 4K UHD full-color imaging in low light. In pitch-black conditions, a 3-level IR illuminator enhances visibility, allowing you to see up to 600 meters in darkness.

Unleash your inner explorer and dive into the hidden secrets of the night.

Indoor Basement Exploration in Pitch Darkness

Observing objects in the basement from 20 to 50m away in pitch darkness using only the first level of IR illuminator (with no light source).

Full Color City Exploration in Low-light

Examining the functionality of YASHICA Vision’s full-color feature for night-time observation in urban environments. The recorded footage focuses on objects and buildings within a 100 to 300-meter range under low-light conditions.

Full-Color Sea Coast Observation

Examining YASHICA Vision’s full-color mode for night-time sea coast observation. The recorded footage focuses on objects and ships within a 50 to 300-meter range under low-light conditions.

YASHICA Vision utilizes infrared technology and leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance Image Signal Processing (ISP). It allows color imaging with low light at low lux levels to process with more natural color reproduction and higher dynamic range.


Missing out on the thrill of night exploration due to low-quality vision tools can be a frustrating experience. Standard night vision devices often produce grainy, black-and-white images that lack the detail and richness of the scene, therefore not fully capturing the magic of the nocturnal world.

Imagine a camping trip where you could witness the dance of fireflies in crystal clarity or a late-night safari where you could spot the elusive nocturnal creatures in all their vivid detail.


As an enthusiast of the nocturnal realm, your quest extends beyond mere outlines and shadows. The true excitement of night-time exploration lies in perceiving the world through its genuine array of colors, capturing the unique shades dancing in the darkness. Standard night vision devices often underperform, providing images that are devoid of vibrant colors and instead, present a spectral green or monochrome visualization. This fails to truly capture the vibrancy of the nocturnal world.

This is where your YASHICA Vision – the binocular night vision device – steps in to break these monotonous conventions. Distinct from its traditional counterparts, the YASHICA Vision reveals a radiant spectrum of colors, even under the most challenging lighting conditions. With its remarkable 0.0037lux sensitivity and F/1 wide aperture, this device maximizes light intake to extract as much information as possible in full color, transforming low-light scenarios into sharp, high-resolution visuals.

How does it achieve this? 

YASHICA’s proprietary image processing technology harnesses infrared tech and utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance Image Signal Processing (ISP). It facilitates color imaging under low light at low lux levels, with more natural color reproduction and a higher dynamic range. By analyzing and comprehending a wealth of image data, AI optimizes and refines the image, performing various processes and adjustments, including noise reduction, contrast enhancement, and light compensation. This leads to improved image quality and clarity. This technology, supported by intelligent algorithms and big data, continually improves its image processing capabilities over time.

The lens aperture also plays a significant role. The smaller the aperture, the greater the volume of light that penetrates the lens. This influx of light enriches the data provided to the chip.  

This transformative feature turns the pitch-black night into a vibrant canvas, pulsating with lively colors. Whether you’re observing elusive wildlife, nocturnal landscapes or exploring your surroundings, the YASHICA Vision’s full-color feature ensures every detail is captured with striking clarity and precision.

Imagine being in the middle of a thrilling night-time exploration, only to be hampered by the limitations of your night vision device. The frustration of not being able to discern the shadowy figures moving beyond the 300 or 400 meters presents a significant hindrance for those passionate about uncovering the mysteries of the night.

With the YASHICA Vision, these limitations are a thing of the past. When it comes to observing the unseen wonders of the night, compromise is a word that you will no longer have to entertain with the YASHICA Vision binocular night vision device. 

As the sun sets and darkness descends, the YASHICA Vision experiences a metamorphosis, transforming into an advanced night vision tool. Its ability to scan areas up to 600 meters away in pitch-black conditions puts it in a league of its own. 

And during the daylight hours, the superior technology harnessed in this device allows you to explore intricate details from as close as 0.5 meters to as far as the eye can see, capturing the world’s intricate beauty with remarkable precision.

This revolutionary range dispels the notion of distance being an obstacle. Instead, it becomes an open invitation to explore and document the world on a new scale. 

*The 54MP detailed image on the left is shot by YASHICA Vision with the first IR level. No image editing is done. 

Have you ever tried to navigate the world after sunset and found yourself limited by the darkness? Or perhaps you’ve attempted to explore the mysteries of the night, only to find that your visibility falls short, unable to view beyond a few meters or in total darkness. These scenarios present a common problem for nocturnal explorers – the inability to observe and experience the night in all its glory due to inadequate night vision equipment.

The integrated 850NM IR illuminator, with 3 adjustable levels, enhances visibility even in the most challenging light conditions. Those 3 adjustable levels help you see objects in the darkness at closer distances (level 1) up to 600m away (level 3). Coupled with the device’s exceptional sensitivity of 0.0037lux and powerful IR technology, it maximizes reflected infrared light intake to transform even pitch-black scenes into sharp, high-resolution vistas.

The result? Crystal-clear vision up to an impressive distance of 600 meters, even in the pure darkness.

A critical component that often determines the success of a night-time exploration is the battery life of your night vision device. A device that runs out of power mid-way can abruptly end your quest, leaving your exploration incomplete. With YASHICA Vision, you won’t have to worry about power issues interrupting your journey into the nocturnal world.

Powered by a built-in high-capacity rechargeable 5000mAh lithium battery, YASHICA Vision offers users an impressive operating time, ensuring that your exploration remains uninterrupted.

With the Infrared (IR) illuminator turned off (in full-color mode), the device can operate for up to 16 hours—allowing for extended periods of exploration without frequent charging. And even with the IR illuminator turned on, YASHICA Vision ensures up to 10 hours of operating time with IR level 1 and 5 hours with IR level 3.

This extended battery life ensures that you can immerse yourself in the full-color brilliance of the night, capturing a multitude of night-time wonders without the anxiety of a rapidly draining battery. In essence, with YASHICA Vision, your night-time exploration becomes a journey of discovery that is not limited by time or power, but only by how far you wish to explore.

FREE 5-year battery replacement service for every backer

We also offer a FREE 5-year battery replacement service for everyone. This means that if, after purchasing, you encounter any kind of battery issues with the YASHICA Vision during the next 5 years, YASHICA will replace it for free.

The YASHICA Vision further redefines night-time exploration with its remarkable aperture size of F/1. This feature is crucial as it allows for a higher light intake, especially under low-light conditions.

Compared to most night vision products in the market, the YASHICA Vision’s larger aperture facilitates a richer and clearer visual experience by capturing more information from the scene. This enhances the overall brightness and quality of the image, ensuring that your night-time exploration is nothing short of vivid and illuminating.

At the heart of the YASHICA Vision has a state-of-the-art GalaxyCore CMOS sensor that captures the environment in its native 1080p full HD resolution. If you’ve chosen 4K quality, the device swiftly employs an upscaling automatic algorithm to enhance the resolution of the captured image or video in milliseconds. During the upscaling process, the algorithm smartly estimates additional pixel values between the existing ones based on the image data, thereby generating a higher 4K resolution image that ensures the preservation of intricate details.

The YASHICA Vision redefines your night-time exploration experience by offering up to 4K video and a 58-megapixel image quality. This feature, coupled with the other features of your binocular night vision device, enables you to capture the night with unprecedented clarity, even in complete darkness.

The fine details of your nocturnal exploration are now within your reach, transformed into crisp images and high-definition videos. With YASHICA Vision, the world after sunset is not a place of obscurity but a playground of vibrant visuals and high-quality viewing experiences.

The YASHICA Vision enhances your viewing experience with a 7-layer coated lens, which provides comprehensive protection and superior image quality.

Traditional night vision devices often experience image degradation due to reflections, glare, dust, scratches, and fingerprints on the lens.

The YASHICA Vision addresses these challenges with a 7-layer coated lens that includes features such as:

  • Anti-Reflection Coating: Reduces reflections on the lens surfaces, minimizing flare and ghosting, particularly in bright light sources.
  • Anti-Glare Coating: Helps to reduce glare caused by direct light.
  • Water-Repellent Coating.
  • Dust-Repellent Coating.
  • Scratch-Resistant Coating: Provides a protective layer that makes the lens more resistant to scratches.
  • Oil-Repellent Coating.
  • UV Coating: reduces the impact of ultraviolet (UV) light on image quality.

With its pioneering 7-layer coated lens, the YASHICA Vision ensures unparalleled clarity and durability, allowing you to explore the night with exceptional image quality, undisturbed by common lens issues. Your journey into the nocturnal world becomes a spectacle of vivid and clear visuals, enhanced by the sophisticated protection of the YASHICA Vision’s 7-layer coated lens.

The YASHICA Vision is not just an advanced night vision device; it’s also incredibly user-friendly and designed for your convenience. The 4-inch TFT ultra-high definition display provides an intuitive and seamless way to make on-the-go adjustments.

While you’re out exploring the nocturnal world, the conditions around you can change rapidly. We understand the rapidly changing nature of your environment during your night-time adventures and have designed YASHICA Vision to adapt to these dynamic conditions swiftly and efficiently, ensuring a consistent, high-quality viewing experience under all circumstances.

The YASHICA Vision pushes the boundaries of functionality and durability thanks to its IP65 Water and Dust resistance. This protects against dust ingress and low-pressure water jets (6.3mm) from any direction, making it an ideal companion for night-time adventures in diverse environments.

Whether exploring a dusty desert under a starlit sky or venturing into a misty forest, the YASHICA Vision is designed to withstand challenging conditions, delivering a clear, uninterrupted visual experience. Its IP65 Water and Dust resistance not only enhances durability but also allows you to explore regardless of environmental factors. 

The YASHICA Vision is more than just a night vision device; it’s an all-encompassing companion for your nocturnal adventures. 

With its built-in, compass guiding you through uncharted territories and tactical and SOS signal lights for emergency situations, this device prioritizes your safety while delivering superior image quality.

This seamless blending of image enhancement capabilities with practical survival features ensures that the YASHICA Vision delivers unparalleled image clarity, safety, and convenience in all your night-time explorations.

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