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UVMask - Enjoy Breathing Air in Public Again

A patent-pending UV-C light air purification face mask filtering all pollutants, pathogens, dust, and allergens faster than you breathe
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Meet UVMask, the next-generation reusable mask with the most powerful UV-C purification technology on the market.

Equipped with a passive air filter, and a groundbreaking patent-pending Sterile-Vortex active protection, it filters and purifies 99.99% of air 10x faster than you can breathe.

The UV-C light is sealed within the patent-pending Sterile-Vortex. As you breathe, the air is sent through the vortex and purified under two 25,000μW/cm2 UV-C LEDs.

Enjoy two high-efficiency layers of protection. Beyond purifying, UVMask also filters air through a high-efficiency filter that blocks all air pollutants, dust, pollen, tobacco & bushfire smoke.

 UVMask at a Glance

The Most Powerful UV-C LED Purification 

UV-C light has been used for biosafety over decades in the medical and industrial fields to effectively purify.

But consumer-grade UV-C light has never been practical.

The light intensities and time required have been too impractical to purify effectively at the speed we breathe.

Until now.


UVMask is the first-ever face mask to effectively integrate UV-C tech with the true power to purify the air in real-time.

Its patent-pending Sterile-Vortex technology concentrates the UV-C light’s full power on the air you breathe, bringing total filtration efficiency to 99.99%.

As glass components reduce UV-C light transmission, UVMask’s Sterile-Vortex uses the highest quality Sapphire crystal optics and high precision chip manufacturing to power each UV-C light.

 Independently Certified by SGS-Lab

UVMask has been independently tested and certified by the FDA-approved and ISO 17025 accredited SGS Labs.

The CE-FFP2 (EU Standards N95 equivalent) passive air filter has been tested according to the EN 149-2001+A1-2009 standards, receiving a  0.3-micron filtration efficiency of 99%.

The UV-C active protection has been tested against E. coli and Staphylococcus to have an average efficacy rate of 99.93%.

UVMask Comparison Chart

Forget Foggy Glasses

Our unique sideway air-intakes also stop saliva from spilling out or inside the UVMask, as well as preventing your glasses from fogging up, unlike traditional cloth and surgical masks.


The Problem

In order for a face mask to be effective in protecting you from dust and particulates, it needs to be well sealed, and dense enough to filter out tiny particles as small as 0.1μm.

While large amounts of pollution are visible to the naked eye (eg. smoke), they are still present in harmful quantities when not visible.

How Does UVMask work?

With both a filter pad (95% filtration efficiency against 0.3μm particulates) and UV-C Sterile-Vortex (99.9% purification rate), UVMask guarantees the highest levels of protection with 99.99% total filtration efficiency.

At UM, we spent years researching the ideal engineering and mechanism of UV-C purification technology that’s compact enough to fit into a face mask yet powerful enough to purify 99% of the air you breathe in real-time.

 1/ Replaceable High-Efficiency (95% Air Filtration)

All air you breathe is filtered through this first layer of protection.

The advanced filtration system uses CE-FFP2 air filters to block >95% PM0.3 particles, including air pollution, dust, VOCs, and other microscopic particles up to 100x smaller than a grain of flour!

Your UVMask filters offer 40-50 hours of protection before filtration efficiency starts to drop.

Each box comes with at least 10x filters included, you can add additional 10x filters for $12 (scroll down to Rewards section for details).

 2/ Light-Sealed UV-C Sterile-Vortex with 99.9% Purification

The safest UV light for humans since it has the least penetrative capabilities through human skin, making it ideal for purification.

  •  Engineered and Manufactured in Japan
  •  Designed in the USA
  •  Double 25,000μW/cm2 (Lab Tested Actual Intensity) UV-C LEDs
  •  1,000x+ More Powerful than the Competition
  •  Extra Safe Light-Sealed Design
  •  Low Heat Emission
  • 10,000 Hours Life-Time


UVMask’s Sterile-Vortex system uses two pure 265nm 25,000μW/cm2 Ultra-High Intensity UV-C lights, making it powerful enough to purify the air in less than 0.1 seconds.

In 1 second, it can effectively purify between 6-10 liters of air. To put that into perspective, your average breath is 0.5 liters.

Since most materials block UV-C, UM uses a patent-pending material and precisionengineered vortex design to allow the maximum time and surface exposure to UV-C while air flows in and out of the UVMask.

Exposure time and air-surface are two critical factors in purification effectiveness.

Since UV-C purifies by breaking down genetic material, the smaller the organism, the faster and more effective.

Inhale & Exhale: Dual-Way Air Protection

UVMask purifies both the air you inhale and exhale, increasing safety for both yourself and others around you. This is especially useful for asymptomatic individuals.

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Pollution is a Real Problem

  • More than 9 out of 10 people live in places where air pollution exceeds safe limits
  •  Pollutants that are released into the air — as opposed to land and water pollutants — are the most harmful
  •  Air pollution is the fourth-largest threat to human health, behind high blood pressure, dietary risks, and smoking.
  •  80% of lung diseases are caused due to pollution from cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicles.
  • In 1952, the Great Smog of London killed 8,000 people.
  • Typical city air pollution reduces life expectancy by 1-2 years.
  •  800,000 people die every year due to poor air quality in their workplace.
  • By 2050, 6.6 million people will die per year due to air pollution.

Is UVMask Right For Me?

UVMask is designed to provide exceptional protection to those who are most at risk from air pollution, whether due to increased environmental exposure or preexisting conditions.

People who may benefit from improved protection include:

  • High-Contact Workers
  •  Elderly Population
  • Commuters
  • Cyclists
  •  Allergic Persons
  •  Cleaning Activities

Note: UV Mask is not recommended for those who need protection against oil-based particles or chemical vapors.

Breathe Naturally

UVMask’s skin-soft medicalgrade ergonomic silicone hugs your face. 100% airtight, it ensures any air you breathe is passed through its 2 patent-pending dual-way filters.

The mechanically-enhanced vortex makes breathing easy and natural, unlike typical fabric masks.

 Built for Comfort and Durability

UVMask’s hardcover front shell is resistant to drops and scratches, protecting the filter and Sterile-Vortex within.

With its hardcover and tightly sealed design, you can safely use your UVMask in the rain. Certified to IP54, your UVMask’s filter and interior components are protected from environmental water and moisture, as well as dust and airborne particulates.

Two 1,200 mAh Li-Po batteries allow for up to 6 hours of continuous use on a single charge. And with its fast-charging enabled USB-C port, you’ll be ready to go again in under 90 minutes.

Even if you run out of charge, your UVMask’s passive air filter will still protect you from pollution, dust, pollen, and other particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Try Your UVMask On

Simply use your phone’s camera and scan the QR code to open Instagram and see how’d look!

Choose Your Color

Choose Your Reward

Choose Your Add-Ons

See “How do I add different items to my order” in the FAQ section here for details.

1. Hard Carrying Case

See the case gallery here. The hard carrying case securely stores your mask while not in use. Add +$15 (free shipping) to your total pledge for each additional carrying case.

 2. Replacement Filters

Get 10 extra easy-replacement CE-FFP2 filters, offering up to 500 hours of additional filtration protection. Add $12 (free shipping) to your total pledge for each additional set of 10 filters.

3. UVMask

Get an additional 1x UVMask of any color by adding $89 to your total pledge. A shipping charge of $10 will be added to the post-campaign survey.

4. Front Shell Swap 

The front shells are easily interchangeable and you can instantly change the color from black to white or vice versa. Add $15 (free shipping) to your total pledge for each additional Front Shell.

Shipping Table

UVMask ships worldwide. Because pollution isn’t slowed down by borders — neither is your UVMask.

We provide customs-friendly shipping to the USA, Canada, the EU, UK, and Australia.

Shipping will be charged via our pledge manager after the campaign. Using the pledge manager, you will be able to confirm your rewards, address, and choose any add-ons.

Below are the shipping estimates for different UVMask rewards:

* Prices do not include taxes and VAT. That will be subject to the laws and regulations of each individual country.

** We use customs friendly shipping and we ship worldwide.

*** Please note that these are estimates and the actual costs of shipping may vary slightly depending on the circumstances.

UVMask Tech Specs

UV effectiveness is estimated by calculating the UV dose which will be delivered. The UV dose is calculated as follows:

UV dose μWs/cm2 = UV intensity μW/cm2 × exposure time (seconds)

UVMask’s 2 UV-C LEDs provide a total of 50,000µW (50mW). This ensures that the air you breathe is over 10 times faster than you breathe!

Dimensions and Size

Rigorously Tested For Safety

Filteration Efficiency Tests

On top of the Sterile-Vortex technology that purifies 99.9% of the air, UVMask also provides a 95% high filtration efficiency against 0.3 microns particulates (PFE≥ 99% | BFE ≥ 95% | VFE ≥ 95%) through its removable filter pad.

Airtight Seal Fit Tests

A reliable face seal is critical to achieving high levels of protection. UVMask’s fit factor according to the FDA-approved Portacount 8030 test achieved an average of fit factor higher than 100 — the level required for NIOSH certification.

 UV-C Intensity Tests

A reliable face seal is critical to achieving high levels of protection. We used FDA-approved Portacount 8030 to test UVMask fit factor and achieved an average of fit factor higher than 100 – the level required for NIOSH certification.



Why Kickstarter?

At UM Systems (a.k.a. Measure Inc.), we have been working tirelessly to develop the latest UV-C technologies to help save lives all around the world.

Once we reach our goal on Kickstarter, we will quickly ramp up production. Regulatory approvals such as CE and FDA are already in progress.

We will rapidly deliver this UVMask to you as soon as possible. We thank you for your contribution in advance.

About UM Systems

Unlike many first time creators, we already have proven experience to build and deliver high-quality products.

We are proud to treat every product as a piece of professional equipment with the most robust build and rigorous specs. UVMask is no exception.

UVMask is brought to you by UM Systems, a subsidiary of Measure Inc, a Colorado company, as we work towards changing lives with science. We believe that now is the time for science-based technological innovation, and everyone should have access to the best.

Our focus is to apply the latest cutting-edge UV-C, far-UV-C, and laser technologies in medical and industrial research applications. In the past few years, we have successfully brought multiple industrial-grade pro laser products to market through crowdfunding, which can now easily be found on Amazon or Google.

UM Systems was founded in 2017 as one of Measure Inc.’s global brands. Together, we are an independently funded optical and industrial technology company made up of scientists, engineers, and designers.

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