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The Lightest High-Tech Jacket for Ultimate Winter Warmth

No more bulky layers. WARMTH-IN-MOTION™ aerogel technology lets you stay warm, comfortable & stylish even on the coldest days.
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By innovating an emerging technology, we created a breakthrough insulation that keeps the harshest cold out with a thin, comfortable, no-bulk layer. Using an advanced insulation layer that is extremely flexible and ultra-thin, just 2mm of our WARMTH-IN-MOTION™ aerogel layer can warm as effectively as 30mm of goose down in a typical overstuffed down or synthetic jacket.

What we believe is the most versatile everyday jacket for commuting or exploring the outdoors.

Contemporary clothing with functional purpose. WARMTH-IN-MOTION™ collection is a new ultimate solution combining enduring aesthetics and pinnacle climate protection. Designed for functionality and versatility, each piece is rooted in technicality, patterned for ease of movement, and protects against winter’s coldest and wettest days.


PRIMECORE® tres-proof jacket with a minimalist silhouette and generous storage. Advanced design creates a jacket delivering serious warmth and climate protection. Durable, breathable 3-layer soft shell with E-PTFE merged inside blocks rain, snow, and wind. Placed using WARMTH IN MOTION™ aerogel technology to maximize performance, zero-bulk insulates instead of goose down. 

Wind skirt, stretch gaskets at cuffs and collar seal out drafts, help retain heat. Insulated, dual-way adjustable hood extends warmth and protection. Construction allows freedom, minimizes bulk and weight. Plentiful pockets include five external, three internal.  


WARMTH IN MOTION™ aerogel insulated vest with super lightweight weather protection. An ideal piece for layering and travel. Perfect for the change in seasons, the therm-dimension for men showcases an elegant design with PRIMECORE®’s high-performance details. The front closure and the vertical chest pocket with coated zips add a bold, technical touch to the look. 


Functionally elegant slim-fit pant for all temperatures regulating and mixed weather. Deliberate, refined design. Technical materials. Slim everyday pant delivering weather-resistant protection. Burly double weave stretches, breathes, and provides wind and wrinkle resistance.

Articulated patterning creates a natural fit with freedom of movement. While it shapes its classy manner, the fluid seam lines also leave space for skin breathing in thighs and glutes area. Patterned for a better stretch, the crotch allows optimal freedom of motion. Hand pockets two, equipped with various mobile holders. YKK zippered thigh pockets with secure storage.  


WARMTH IN MOTION™ aerogel insulated vest with super lightweight weather protection. An ideal piece for layering and travel. Contemporary and sleek, we engineered this fit to compliment your body instead of covering it up. It’s best suited for light layering, like light knits and thin sweats. For a roomier fit, size up.Perfect for the change in seasons, the therm-dimension for women showcases an elegant design with PRIMECORE®’s high-performance details. The front closure and the vertical chest pocket with coated zips add a bold, technical touch to the look.


A chic and form-fitting legging for your leisure and outdoorsy wear. OMNI-PRO is made with with PRIMECORE super light-weight, flexible, and breathable fabric that makes your skin feel cool and comfy. Finished with a PRIMECORE logo on the calf.

What is Aerogel

Silica aerogel is the lightest porous solid with nano structure. It is composed of 99.8% air and is a stiff foam with a density of 3mg/cm³, which makes it the world’s lowest-density solid. Aerogel is not like conventional foams, but is a special porous material with extreme microporosity on a micron scale. It is composed of individual features only a few nanometers in size. These are linked in a highly porous dendritic-like structure. This exotic substance has many unusual properties, such as low thermal conductivity, refractive index and sound speed – in addition to its exceptional ability to capture fast moving dust.


How we turned a brittle and ultra-lite material into something warm, soft, and wearable was to combine the thermal properties of aerogel with flexible foam that warms without bulk. This breakthrough technology is the world’s first insulated layer utilizing the zero-bulk thermal properties of aerogel to create the warmest gear on the earth. 

Ultimate Warmth – See WARMTH-IN-MOTION™ Aerogel Technology In Action

Even under a storm of liquid nitrogen (-321°F or -196°C), Primecore jacket maintains an internal temperature around 89°F or 32°C. This effect protects you from extreme cold even down to 0°F.

“The dark side of the feathers. The cost of the warmth.”

With hundreds of thousands of birds suffering from horrifying live plucking, their feathers have been the center of the winter wear industry for decades. Across the world, nearly 4 billion geese and ducks are plucked and slaughtered annually. Live plucking is done specifically for the maximization of feathers and down collected from these live birds. As these feathers of high values are torn off their skin, these animals endure terrible pain, while the down suppliers and down clothing companies earn ridiculous amounts of money. Primecore is dedicated to changing this situation.

Down sellers will never tell you the truth – that plucking severely injures the animals, with their wounds left open and wings broken from time to time. What’s even worse is that their wounds are stitched up without using any painkillers.

“Animal by-products are not the excuse for their negative environmental impact. Data tells the truth.”

Raising livestock accounts for 14.5 % of global greenhouse gas emissions, much more than that of the world’s vehicles put together. Meanwhile, almost a third of freshwater on Earth is consumed by livestock and their feeds. Animal materials, in the fashion industry, have long been considered as merely by-products, whereas people look down upon how the animals are being deprived for their so-called by-products.

Why is WARMTH-IN-MOTION™ the answer?

Our initial aim of inventing WARMTH-IN-MOTION™ aerogel technology was to provide consumers with an alternative to cruelty and pollution. Today, with our newest technology WARMTH-IN-MOTION™, over 600 million geese and 3 billion ducks could be rescued from live plucking and the winter apparel industry could become more earth-friendly.

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