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The latest best MANMOWER™

Tweaked blades and assembly in our all-rounder manual hair trimming tool. The unique, truly #sustainable #beard #razor
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MANMOWER™ supply unique manual beard trimming tools to simply maintain scruff wherever you go – with no consumable parts, no electricity, no products and no water.  And never any blood.


modern yet timeless

Over 1500 happy customers in 75 countries around the world cannot all be wrong.  See at bottom for testimonials.


What? Superbly simple to use hair tools, for ever.

public testimonial

THE MINIMOTO HD, the easy rider >>>

Comfortable and stylish – with a black skin-soft free-spinning comb, and a reassuringly solid polished hand-cast brass handle.

THE MINIMOTO VU, touring >>>

Lower weight for travel and handling – with a lightweight pale grey skin-soft comb, drilled and contoured red bronze hand-cast handle.  Well-balanced.

THE MINIMOTO™ TR, steadfast >>>

Elegant and timeless – with a heavy-duty tuned stainless-steel comb, and a sturdy hand-cast handle in white bronze, destined to age beautifully.

>>> NEW MODELS >> improved assembly with the innermost sleeve now screwed together meaning an easier to assemble mower that is less prone to mis-assembly, making it easier and safer for you to play with your new toy.  And, manufacturing tweaks of enlarged and more consistent width blade runners on the outers, better deburring and sharpening, and consolidation of angles of the comb runners and blade runners.  All mean the mowers run freer from day one and the blade edges are now consistently and reliably nearer to the edges of the comb.  Meaning easier, faster, closer and more reliable cutting when you mow.


All these new mowers come with:

1) a marine grade stainless steel inner, with machined and rumbled edges for scooping hair and self-sharpening of

2) UK-precision machined surgical grade stainless steel blades, and

3) Cast copper alloy handles (please note these are hand-cast to be deliberately warm and rustic, and contrast with the precision-machined mowers), with a

4) NEW stainless steel connector system, for easy assembly, waterproofing and longevity, also providing hair capture

close-up of mower cutting mechanism



  • Self-sharpens (the more you use it, the better it gets)
  • Now with electro-sharpened blades on Day 1
  • No charging wires or electrics
  • No replacement or disposable parts
  • No water
  • No shaving foam or other consumable products
  • No plastic packaging
  • No blood
  • Fully waterproof
  • Flight hand luggage
  • Fail-safe action, use without a mirror
  • Progressive action, stay trim with multiple styles
  • Safe to use, will not cut your skin
  • Comfortable, relaxing and pleasing
  • Super sturdy
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • For maintenance of a grade ‘0’ stubble (3-1mm) beard
  • Nine granted patents
  • 1500+ direct-sale owners

public testimonial


The manmower hair trimmer progressively cuts short hair down to grade 0 – that’s between 3-1mm.  ‘Progressively’ means that you can maintain scruff at different lengths by using more or less frequently.

The connection system includes mating conical washers that ensure correct connection, and is made entirely of stainless steel.


The handles are hand-cast in antimicrobial copper alloys, hold heat well, and because they are a relatively soft metal they are always capable of bending into shape.

To use the mower you just roll it on your chin.


(1) As you roll (2) the comb directs hair, (2) the inner scoops up hair, and (4) hair is cut against the inner by the blades.

The comb braces the cuts, so the hair is never pulled direct from your chin.

The softer stainless steel blades hone and clean against the harder stainless steel inner as the mower is used.

…great because:

  • The overhang of the comb means that the blades only cut hair against the inner, and you do not cut your skin.
  • Hair is scissored across your face as you mow, giving you control.
  • During its cutting hair is braced by the comb, for comfort.
  • Continuous contact between the softer blades and harder inner refines the softer metal.
  • The fixed-minimum distance between the blades and skin contact at the comb means the mower will progressively cut down to a fixed length.

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