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QOOLA Pro - Revamped Wearable Air Conditioner

- 20°F Skin Cooling | (ICS+) Cooling Technology | Pain Reliever | AI Temperature Control | Exclusive App | Wear Anywhere
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Undoubtedly, Summer offers a multitude of outdoor activities to enjoy. However, it’s important to consider the limitations imposed by extremely hot and humid weather. The intense heat can quickly drain your energy and pose a risk to your health, potentially leading to heatstroke. Safeguarding your well-being is paramount in such conditions.

QOOLA team is here to introduce a brand new wearable AC! Back in Summer 2023, we have introduced the original QOOLA with massive success. This year, we are back with QOOLA Pro, a brand new AC that you can wear anywhere you like to help stay chilled, cooling down or relieve pain!

Improving upon our innovative and effective cooling system, QOOLA Pro is the coolest QOOLA yet! With the introduction of the brand new Free-MT mounting system, it guarantees secure mounting on your body at almost any position. Unleash the cooling power of QOOLA anywhere, anyway you want it!

We understand that some users want to wear QOOLA somewhere else. Evolution in battery and cooling tech has allowed QOOLA Pro to downsize. Being lighter and smaller, you can now wear it anywhere you want. To mount it securely, our Free-MT harness system has taken inspiration from medical and PPE devices for a comfortable and secure fit. QOOLA Pro has undergone testing at popular positions such as the waist, chest, back and forehead with positive results.

QOOLA Pro has undergone extensive testing. It is safe to say that you can pretty much use QOOLA anywhere at anytime without any worry.

Introducing the new ICS+ cooling tech with QOOLA Pro. Based on the proven ICHS on QOOLA 1, the ICS+ is entirely focused on cooling. This allows us to remove the heating component entirely, boosting the cooling performance by 20-30%. This means faster and stronger cooling even during the hottest days of the year.

 As the device doesn’t need to insulate against high temperature from heating, more high-conductive material can be used. QOOLA Pro has a noticeable boost in both cooling performance and battery life thanks to this change in design.

QOOLA Pro delivers a sub-zero chilling sensation directly on anywhere you wear it to give you the finest cooling experience, and you can easily adjust the temperature that best suits you within the range of 70-54°F (21-12°C). A noticeable improvement over the original QOOLA!

A new addition to the QOOLA Pro is a max cooling option that delivers extra cooling without the usual limit. Wearable ACs are usually regulated to avoid discomfort from over-cooling. However, you might want extra power for pain-relief, so this special option is available on the highest power option.

An icepack is a proven remedy for minor dizziness. QOOLA Pro is just as cold,  but doesn’t drip water and lasts for longer on battery. You also do not need to freeze it in advance, just one button to get it cold in 30 seconds!

The new maximum cooling option allows for long, penetrating cooling to soothe your minor bruise injuries. On the maximum option, QOOLA Pro is able to match the cooling performance of ice packs over its average cooling cycle.

The new wear options allow you to apply QOOLA Pro to anywhere you need it. Wearing it on your waist, back etc whenever you need a quick cool off or simply to soothe your muscles. It is also thin enough to go under your jacket or vest. Controls are all available through app – you can use it even without touching the buttons!

You can access all control options on your phone with it, as well as check for weather information, such as temperature and humidity. You can also choose smart mode to auto-detect the current temperature and select the right cooling level for you. 

The mounting of QOOLA Pro is now secured by elastic straps, which minimize vibrations when it is in use. You can simply hang it away when it is not in use, no need to keep it on your neck or inside its dedicated case.

The new QOOLA doesn’t only offer more wear positions, but it will also be more comfortable due to the thinner profile and improved straps. The harness will conform to your body, allowing hours of comfortable use.

The decreased weight and profile of QOOLA Pro allow you to carry this portable AC around easier than ever. Just like your power bank, its pod-shaped profile will fit into bags and pockets just as easily. The elastic strap is also very thin and foldable.

With the elimination of the heating mode, QOOLA can perform cooling efficiently and extends its battery life. One full charge will now perform up to 8 hours without plugging in. Improving thermal conduction improves its performance.


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