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Orange Dongle - FREE Voice & Text Messaging Anywhere Anytime

Secured Off-Grid Communication: Long Range Mesh Coverage, Maximum Privacy
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In today’s digital age, the Internet has transformed our lives, offering incredible advantages in how we live, work, and connect with others. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the security and privacy risks that come with this interconnected world. At Arshon Technology, we have developed a revolutionary solution to address these concerns.

Introducing the Orange LoRa Dongle, a USB device that provides a private wireless communication system independent of the Internet. With this dongle, you can ensure secure and encrypted data transmission between your connected devices—laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to intercept or decode your communications.


USB Orange Dongle which is used for Laptops and Mobile Orange Dongle which is used for smartphone use.

Orange Dongle Models
Orange Dongle Models

All of these different models are compatible with each other, so someone using the laptop can send and receive text messages to someone using an Android phone or iPhone.

Orange Dongle off grid text messaging
Off Grid Text Messaging


Our solution employs two layers of encryption: one within our chat software and another within our communication encoder. This double-layered approach guarantees an unprecedented level of security, making your communications impervious to decryption.


Orange Dongle package
Orange Dongle package

You can even share your location using the Mobile Orange Dongle and through the already downloaded offline map:

Location Sharing using Orange Dongle
Location Sahring using Orange Dongle

What sets our product apart is that it operates outside the realm of traditional Internet infrastructure. Unlike systems relying on telecom towers or cloud services, our wireless network ensures that your data doesn’t traverse the Internet, leaving any trace or record. Say goodbye to concerns about your conversations being stored or discovered in the future—our solution offers truly traceless communication.

Orange Dongle bypass Cellular network
Orange Dongle bypass Telecom Towers
Orange Dongle bypass Telecom Towers

Orange Dongle bypassing Telecom system

Orange Dongle is a new generation of devices such as Walkie Talkie 

Orange Dongle comparison with Walkie Talkie
Orange Dongle comparison with Walkie Talkie

Furthermore, our chat application includes a self-destruct feature for messages. You can set a specific time limit, such as 20 seconds, after which the messages are automatically deleted, leaving no trace behind. This further enhances the confidentiality and privacy of your communications.

Imagine a world where you’re not reliant on the Internet for communication. Whether you’re in remote locations or situations with limited connectivity, our Orange Dongle guarantees connectivity and private communication. No longer will you find yourself isolated or exposed to dangerous situations without a means to connect with others.

While other communication tools rely on centralized infrastructure, such as WiFi or cell towers, our Orange Dongle offers a foolproof alternative. It ensures consistent, dependable, and high-quality communication, even when traditional networks fail.

Join us in revolutionizing secure communication and embracing a future where privacy and reliability are paramount. Back our Kickstarter campaign today and be part of the Orange LoRa Dongle revolution.

Introducing – Orange Dongle: Revolutionizing Secure Communication

Experience the future of secure communication with Orange Dongle, a wireless private messaging system that operates independently of WiFi, Internet, and cellular networks. By harnessing the power of the LoRa wireless network, Orange Dongle connects people directly, creating a private and secure communication platform. With just a simple USB connection to your computer and our dedicated App, you can enjoy secure communication without relying on traditional networks.

Say goodbye to the limitations of WiFi and costly cellular plans. Orange Dongle empowers you to communicate with anyone who has installed the App and joined the Orange Mesh Network. It provides a safe, secure, and persistent communication method, ensuring you’re never out of reach.

At Arshon Technology, our passion for innovation led us to develop Orange Dongle in response to the need for communication in the absence of WiFi and cellular connectivity. Our goal was to create a genuinely private and secure communication solution. With Orange Dongle, you can send and receive text messages and voice messages anytime, anywhere, utilizing the powerful LoRa protocols.

But that’s not all – Orange Dongle is designed to operate even when network availability is scarce. Tested extensively for reliability, it can serve as your primary communication method, allowing you to connect securely with other Orange Dongle owners in the same secure room or take it with you on your travels. It’s a complete solution, comprising both hardware and software components, ready to transform your remote communication experience.

To cover our production and distribution costs, we are offering Orange Dongle exclusively through this campaign before making it available anywhere else. So support our Orange Dongle campaign and revolutionize the way you communicate with the outside world.

Opportunities with this Orange Dongle are limitless, you can use it in a variety of applications and use cases.

High-security Corporate communication

It is obvious why a company executive wants to have very secure communication, confidentiality is of high importance when it gets to corporate communication. 

Orange Dongle Unparalleled  security
Unparalleled security
Roaming and FREE text messaging while away

Imagine you are traveling to Europe from the USA, instead of buying expensive local SIM cards, you can use Orange Dongle to communicate within your maximum 5-mile range. 

While traveling you should not worry about the impact of Orange Dongle on your phone Battery life as the power consumption of the Dongle is very minimal. 

Secure communication in remote factories and industrial plants

Yes, another wonderful application is connecting people in remote areas, factories and industrial plants. 

Orange Dongle for remote connectivity
Secure text messaging for remote factories and industrial plants
Borderless connectivity

Connect with anyone at any time, without any need for Cellular connections or availability of Wi-Fi or internet. 

Orange Dongle borderless connection
Borderless Communication
Text messaging on a Cruise ship in the middle of the ocean

Yes, even in the middle of the ocean when there is no signal available from any cellular tower, or any available Wi-Fi, get connected with your loved ones. 

Orange Dongle on the Cruise ship
Text messaging onboard of Cruise ship
Explore nature without the worry of being lost!

Connect to your friends and families while exploring outdoor activities. 

Orange Dongle text messaging over a lake

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