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Magnito: The World's First Attachable Travel Mouse

Attach magnetically to your laptop or tablet for productivity on the go. Get ultra-portable, day-long comfort with Magnito.
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Believe us – you’ll never forget to bring your mouse when you’re using Magnito.

 Because keeping it simple stands for productivity 

We all know how much packing our stuff affects our productivity. Forgetting to bring a hard drive or peripheral device, for instance, can have devastating effects on the quality of work we produce.

There has to be a better way!

Everything seems right and in order in your bag, until the one important day you forget that one crucial piece of equipment. If you’ve ever left home without your mouse, you know how much it can really ruin your day. 

Maybe you’re a trackpad expert. Then, good for you!

But if you’ve ever had to walk all the way back home, because you would do anything to avoid using your trackpad? Yeah, welcome to the club.

That’s how the idea for Magnito was born.

Using a mouse is 50% more productive than using the trackpad and it boosts your speed up to 30%. 

“Use of a laptop computer is associated with constrained poor postures that may contribute to discomfort in the neck, shoulder and arm. Use of an external mouse, compared to the built-in trackpad on a laptop, allows greater flexibility of arm postures with reduced work of some arm muscles. In side-by-side tests, an external mouse is more productive (speed combined with accuracy) than a trackpad. An external mouse should be one of the first steps to improving employee’s daily comfort and performance while using a laptop, whether at home or in the office.”

– David Rempel, MD, MPH (UC Berkeley, San Francisco) and Logitech Scientific Advisory Board member.

We wanted to make a mouse that makes your busy life simpler, lighter and–finally–more productive. To make your life less hectic, Magnito gives you convenience and productivity at the same time. Moreover, this amazing mouse also doubles as a remote control – but more on that later.

 * Magnito is also great when you are moving between meeting rooms.

We’ve already taken care of that.

At Ventaron, we’ve conducted thousands of tests to ensure that your tablet’s inner electronics aren’t damaged by Magnito’s magnet.

iPads, Galaxy Tab, and other tablets actually have up to 50 magnets inside of the device, which are essential for adhesion to their keyboard case and other peripherals. This is because magnetic adhesion is a commonly used technology for tablets, and it is safe for sensitive electronics.

The Magnito Mouse grips onto the magnets inside your tablet, just like a keyboard case or Apple Pencil. And just like these products, Magnito’s magnet won’t cause damage to your tablet.

For laptops too, Magnito’s magnet will not cause damage to your hard drive. But, if you want to be extra safe, just place the Magnito Pad on the back of your laptop’s monitor.

To make sure you never lose your mouse again, our first concern was to make Magnito as adhesive as possible.

That’s why Magnito uses a powerful neodymium magnet, with strength verified through our strict magnetic power testing. Magnito’s galvanized steel cover also maximizes the magnet’s strength for even better adhesion.

That incredible magnetic force makes sure that Magnito doesn’t fall off, even when you’re moving or shaking it.

Scenario 1. Light shake

Scenario 2. Running

Scenario 3. Flipping

Scenario 4. Jumping

Magnito passed each test with flying colors! *^____^*

Magnito won’t fail you admist of all the craziness in your life. 

 * If your tablet is not magnetic enough, you can still attach strongly using a Magnito Pad.

Just use the Magnito Pad.

Using a non-magnetic cover with your tablet? Need to attach Magnito to a non-magnetic cover surface? The easily attachable Magnito Pad lets you carry Magnito on any surface with its 3M sticker! It’s great for tablets, as well as laptops; plus, it’s fashionable and iconic.

The 3M sticker keeps the Magnito Pad gripped firmly onto your device, all without leaving any attachment marks. It’s also the perfect accessory for your laptop.

Black, Navy

With Magnito Pad, Shake as much as you want. It won’t come off. 

Magnito’s pebble design is elegant and sophisticated, sporting soft curves and an oval shape for a comfortable grip.

The pebble design’s excellence lies in its all-day comfort and natural grip. Magnito is ergonomically designed for the best grip possible, all while fitting in your hand with a soft curve.

Choose between the simple yet sophisticated Silver, White, and Space Gray models.

Whichever best matches your style.

We don’t use tablets and laptops just for work. We also use them for watching videos, taking pictures, and more. That’s why we wanted to find another way to use portable mouses, and came up with the idea of the dual-remote controller.

Magnito is compatible with various media, music, and photography apps, including YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and more.

Scroll Up/Down

Scroll Up/Down

Mouse Click

Side Button Click

The Magnito can act as a remote control withing a 10-meter radius for your Tablet, smartphone. Take group photos or selfies from the perfect angle and distance.

Now you won’t ever have to bring a separate mouse and clicker for a conference, lecture, or presentation.

Just press the side button to move onto the next slide in your slide show. (Moves to next slide only)

Side Button Click

Scroll the wheel down for ‘next slide’ and up for ‘previous slide’. Scroll slower or faster to adjust the speed at which you move through the presentation.

* Available on macOS and Android

Use the button on the back to toggle between Bluetooth Device 1 and Bluetooth Device 2. That way, you can connect two devices at once and switch between them as needed.

Bluetooth gives you a smooth and stable connection to let you control your device at a distance of up to 50 feet.

Pair Magnito with all your devices for even better convenience.

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