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LaView #1 Long Lasting 4G GPS, Keep An Eye On Your Bike

Global Live Tracking | 4G-LTE + GPS + WIFI + LBS | Bluetooth 5.2 | 15 Months Per Charge | Magnetic Charger | IP67 Waterproof |SOS Alarm
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An estimated 8 million children are reported missing worldwide each year, and someone is reported missing every 55 seconds. The figure doesn’t get any better in the animal kingdom, over 6 million owned pets are lost every year in the United States alone. The average person loses more than 3,000 items and Americans spend $2.7 billion annually to replace misplaced possessions.

Meet the LaView, the shepherd of the lost! A Universal GPS Bluetooth tracker that offers a smart tracking solution for kids, seniors, pets, and goods. Battery lasts up to 15 months per charge and 5 connectivity technologies under the hood, a manifestation of the Geofencing revolution.

Fits All You Needs

The LaView is a universal GPS tracker created to fit your tracking needs wherever you are. Bringing in the multiple protocols with a dedicated Qualcomm chip, the LaView allows users to navigate those who matter the most or lost items through GPS, Bluetooth, Beidou, and WiFi positioning, as well as LBS. Ultra-lightweight and waterproof, its 600mAh battery offers 15 months of unprecedented lifespan per charge. With the LaView, you can conveniently keep a track of your pets, kids, or vehicles to get peace of mind anytime.

With a cutting-edge positioning system, the LaView enables real-time positioning with high precision,  delivering an unparalleled all-weather barrier-free tracking solution. Other features include historical playback, geofence, and SOS alarm, it allows you to do less but achieve more!

Bluetooth 5.2 station

Thanks to the optimized power consumption of Bluetooth 5.2, the LaView can last up to 15 months on a single charge. To push our positioning solution to the next level, LaView allows you to switch between Bluetooth beacon and cellular data when your 4G network isn’t available; the device will automatically turn off CAT1 under the Bluetooth mode, realizing an ultra-low power consumption of 1.3mAh per day.

Besides the power consumption of Bluetooth 5.2, the station also worked as a magnetic charger, which means that you will no longer have to fumble around to charge your tracker. A tiny magnetic adapter is provided to protect your tracker from scratch.  Its magnetic charger is made out of military-grade material featuring abrasion and tear-resistance, specially crafted for heavy everyday use.

With longer range Bluetooth technology, the LaView Universal GPS Tracker has a range of 1200 feet, it leverages both indoor positioning technology and unlimited 4G GLOBAL outdoor location tracking,  providing fast and precise position updates wherever you are. 

Strengthen the bond by always knowing the exact location of your furry friends directly on your smartphone. The LaView comes with waterproof and leather housing and it is compatible with any flat collar and harness.

To activate the real-time tracking, simply tap the wake-up function on the APP. LaView also features a virtual fence that allows you to set a boundary for your pets to ensure their safety. If they make a sneaky escape and go beyond the fence radius, you will get notifications right away. 

LED Flash Light

The function of waking up the LED flashing light through the APP at any time allows you easily to find it in the darkness.


Even when the tracker is hidden by other things, the buzzer allows you to quickly find it.

Outdoor adventure can be fun but can also be dangerous without planning. A GPS tracker is a safety tool that plays a crucial role in the wild. With LaView, you can share your real-time location with friends and use the one-click SOS function in the face of emergencies.

LaView GPS can also be used to track your personal belongings such as small bags and purses, it allows you to pinpoint where your stolen key or missing cash is. With LaView’s mini design, it can fit in the palm of your hand, let you experience incredible portability.

GPS has significantly changed our environment and lives in several ways. A good tracker will make sure you or your family safely arrive and return to a location. Also, track your vehicle right away if it’s stolen. The LaView GPS Car Tracker tells you where it is and where it has been and updates REAL-TIME TRACKING with an auto-refresh feature. Our world is a much safer and easier place to travel.

Ultra-lightweight design with the free perfect-match silicone accessories, easily attach to anything you want! It fits all of the collars, helmets, bikes, e-skateboard, and drones on the market.

IP67 waterproof

With an IP67 rating, LaView is dust-tight and will serve in up to one meter of water, it is perfect for all kinds of environments.

If you have kids or an aging loved one becomes disoriented at times you may want to consider utilizing LaView to track their whereabouts and find them in an emergency. Using the LaView as a GPS tool to track your loved one by no mean restrict their freedom but allow them to live an independent life while staying connected.

Tracking history whenever you want

Lview GPS Tracker also allows you to navigate back in time and view prior days’ tracking history. You can enter a custom time range to whichever time range you would like to view the history of, and even look hour-by-hour this way.  

Tracking your health anytime

Laview can also be a one-of-a-kind fitness tracker. Monitor your biometric data, physical and mental activity and know what you need to do to improve your self-care routine and achieve peak performance while staying safe. Laview monitors all-important health and lifestyle data points, simply check through the APP, revealing your physical and mental state. Armed with these insights, you can make improvements to your health and productivity.

Track your pet’s activity anytime

 Oh, it works on pets as well. Track your furry friend’s health on the Laview app without worries.

With 5 network protocols 4G-LTE/GPS/WIFI/LBS/Bluetooth 5.2. LaView GPS tracker will automatically search for the best available network, which means you can stay connected wherever you are indoor or outdoor, or anywhere around the world.

And… Did we mention that we have 5 color options? Choose the one you like the best.


LaView GPS requires a cellular plan to work, however, the subscription fee is not mandatory

We bundle the 1 month of FREE SERVICES in your first one-month subscription. And 2 months of FREE SERVICES in your first half-year subscription.  (No time limit for opening time)

Kickstarter Special Price @ $6.99 USD p/mth per device with international coverage (normal retail estimate is $10 USD p/month).

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