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Hoo(KEY) - Antimicrobial Silicone Patented No-Touch Tool

HooKEY is an antimicrobial, anti-scratch, super-strong tool to open doors, press buttons, etc — all contact-free & germ-free
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HOO(KEY)™ is the first patented antimicrobial silicone anti-touch tool on the market. In these uncertain times, when going into the outside world is a question mark, find security with HooKEY.

HooKEY is a durable, lightweight, antimicrobial keychain tool, with a patented design, that creates a safe way to complete everyday tasks without touching shared surfaces that harbor bacteria and viruses.

HooKEY is the perfect extension of your hand that grants you the peace of mind needed to go through everyday life. HooKEY is engineered to open ANY commercial door handle. With HooKEY you can push, pull, and press your way through life to live contact-free and worry-free!

Lifetime Warranty only covers the aluminum frame and does not cover normal wear and tear or damage from abuse.

HooKEY has an antimicrobial Silicone coating to keep germs where they are and off of HooKEY. You never have to worry about germs getting into your pocket or on your keys, this reduces the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

Silicone is used often in various industries as an anti-bacterial surface, this is for the antimicrobial properties that make it hard for viruses to live on the surface. 

Most no-touch tools are made of metal and scratch or mark everything they touch. 

HooKEY, because of our silicone coating, is anti-scratch, allowing you to go confidently without worrying about scratching any door or handle.

HooKEY is made from die-cast aluminum giving it surprising strength and versatility. 

HooKEY can lift up to a 50lbs force — the equivalent of 15 grocery bags.

HooKEY has a smooth, 3-finger grip instead of a single finger grip. A better grip gives you better leverage to open any heavy doors.

Since it’s made of die-cast aluminum, HooKEY will never rust or corrode. In fact, we’re so confident of this, we’re adding a lifetime manufacturer warranty on the aluminum body of the HooKEY. Enjoy long-lasting strength and durability for a lifetime!

Lifetime Guarantee!*

*Lifetime warranty does not cover silicone coating or damage from abuse

Because of the design and utility patented technology of HooKEY, you won’t find anything comparable to it on the market. With the innovation going above and beyond our competitors, HooKEY is at the forefront of contact-free tools and technology. And it’s affordable!

Patent #: US20170370401 Patent #: USD808769S1

HooKEY fits on your keychain, easily slips into your pocket, and is perfectly compact for everyday use. 

Pocket-sized at just 3.75’’ in length, 20 grams in weight, HooKEY is compact and ready to be used in the blink of an eye. Great for your EDC—everyday carry.

Think about the number of shared surfaces you touch in a day: doors, buttons, windows, the list is endless. In a world where virologists and epidemiologists stress the importance of caution and cleanliness, HooKEY grants you peace of mind while allowing you to go about your everyday life without fear.

Let’s be part of the solution, not the problem. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves but to our communities. HooKEY is about more than just protecting yourself — it’s about protecting others by limiting spread through interaction.

Rafi Yitzhaki, the founder of HooKEY, is a seasoned e-commerce executive with vast experience in sales management, strategic partnerships, and business development. He is the CEO of Alien Consulting, a St. Charles, IL-based consulting firm that helps online businesses maximize their growth.

He owns and runs three successful e-commerce websites: overhalfsale.com, a top daily deals site, modandme.com, a premier, online fashion retailer, and mysterydeal.com. His companies maintain a database of over 1MM customers. Rafi began his career by opening the first internet cafe, Broadband Cafe, in Chicago in 2001 and his first website, gearxs.com, in 2002. After generating over $50MM in sales, he sold gearxs.com in 2018, in order to focus on his other businesses and HooKEY. Rafi’s total enterprise included 130 employees working in a 200,000 square feet warehouse.

Since the beginning in 2001, his companies have generated in excess of $100MM in online sales.

Avida Giloh is the COO of HooKEY and the Founder & President of Revere Jewels, an online jewelry buying platform. Mr. Giloh has been in the jewelry business for over 20 years, with annual sales above $10MM. He is a board member of the Diamond Club West Coast, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping members facilitate and enhance their respective jewelry businesses.

Mr. Fulton is a valued colleague and is Rafi Yitzhaki’s personal advisor and 1-to-1 coach. Philip has over 46 years of business experience that includes a start-up strategic marketing consulting firm, executive management for three $250 million+ healthcare organizations, serving as a chief operating officer for a boutique consulting firm, & vice president of marketing & business development.

He leads a Private Peer Advisory Board for CEOs/Presidents/Business Owners & a second group for Trusted Advisors. Members of his groups are leaders from a wide range of industries, including marketing & communication; civil engineering; manufacturer of porcelain enamel furnaces; fetal monitoring software developer; industrial equipment installation & custom metal fabrication; kitchen full-service remodeling; manufacturer of quality printing plates for the packaging industry; sales management & coaching, on-line retail; HR, employee benefits, and business insurance solutions; interim chief financial officer services; promotional product marketing; and full-service insurance for home, auto, and property. These companies have revenues ranging from $1.0 million to $80 million.

Mr. Burd is a partner of B2B CFO, the largest US management consulting firm of its kind providing CFO and exit planning services to emerging growth and middle-market companies. He is also the President of Sal Burd Financial Advisors, providing financial management for small and medium-sized companies. 

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