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HEIPI: The Lightest and Most Compact 3-in-1 Travel Tripod

Convert into standard tripod, mini tripod, removable ball head | Fast deployment | Ultrastable carbon fiber round legs | Phone-friendly
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Seamless design. No negative space!

The secret behind HEIPI’s stability and portability lies inside: the innovative pioneering “3-pillar” center column. We spent 3 years designing and perfecting it. After multiple models, we finally got the ideal HEIPI — a portable, stable and versatile 3-in-1 travel tripod.

HEIPI’s tripod is a perfect accessory for any outdoor photographer. Its patented design of a “3-pillar center column” not only provides excellent stability and compactness, but also allows users to transform HEIPI into two separate tripods within seconds! Not only that, it also comes with a detachable ball head that makes HEIPI the world’s first 3-in-1 tripod!

Its carbon-fiber construction keeps it both lightweight and durable – perfect for those who want to travel light. HEIPI has been designed to meet the high expectations of travel photographers seeking portable and lightweight support.

HEIPI goes with you anywhere, at any time

HEIPI is the perfect solution for those who want to carry their tripod with them everywhere but don’t like all the bulk and weight. It easily fits into any photography bag or backpack.

The “three-pillar” center column, carbon fiber legs and redesigned locking levers eliminates the negative space in traditional tripods, and results in a revolutionary tripod that delivers an unprecedented level of compactness and lightness.

In order to strike a great balance between portability and stability, we invented the “three-pillar” center column, which outperforms the conventional single center column design in stability to a great extent.

Anti-vibration ability is the core element of tripod’s stability, so we did a vibration resistance test between “3-pillar” center column and single one to prove the exceptional stability of HEIPI.

HEIPI is an ideal companion for landscape photography. The legs remain completely rigid at a maximum height of 59 inches and weight capacity up to 55 pounds, providing a sturdy base capable of handling full frame DSLR cameras as well as telephoto lenses with ease!

The round-tube legs with patented locking levers provide extra rigidity, extreme stability and maximum weight-bearing capacity.

The distance between the leg tubes was controlled at 0.5mm, so when the diameter of the first leg tube is 26mm with thickness of 1mm, the last leg tube still reaches the diameter of 14mm. Moreover, we made the thickness of the last leg tube 1.25mm to improve its rigidity. 

All 3 component pieces work seamlessly with accessories (3/8″) of other brands, such as slider, ball heads, tripods, etc.

With our 3-in-1 design that can be broken down into two tripods and one ball head, you’re covered for a wide range of applications. Use the main tripod and the sub tripod separately or together as one taller tripod. The detachable ball head is like having an extra accessory! You can easily switch between shooting on either tripod or on any other equipment, and the ease of use will have you up in no time.

Various modes open a wide range of shooting possibilities

Adjust height with the sub tripod (center column).

You’ll never miss a photo opp again thanks to HEIPI. In less than a minute you can switch between high, low, portrait, and inverted modes. It is indeed a must-have for versatile shooting situations.

Use main tripod for single shot and sub tripod for time-lapse shooting separately at the same time. Use both of them with a specialized HIEPI ball head.

With two tripods, HEIPI not only helps avoid fatigue and improve shooting efficiency but also eliminates the hassle of carrying more than one tripod. If you don’t need two tripods, just take one and make your load lighter!

HEIPI head is small in size but big on performance. Weighing only 0.62lbs, it supports an incredible load capacity of 55lbs. Featuring a 360° independent pan, it can rotate freely, allowing you to capture stunning shots from any angle.

HEIPI is a perfect choice for shooting stars. With an audible click sound every 10°, you can correctly adjust the angle in low light situations and still get an impeccable photo. (Clicks can be muted for smooth panning shots.)

The HEIPI’s quick and simple deployment system allows you to take full advantage of every photo opportunity. In as little as 12 seconds, you’ll go from packed, to legs deployed with one smooth and easy movement.

Tighten/Loosen all locking levers on one leg simultaneously with one quick motion.

Our patented locking levers allow you to open multiple locks quickly at once, allowing for fast and easy setup.

HEIPI arca-swiss plate and camera quick-release locking ring enable you to install your camera in one second. Never miss any beautiful moments! (Heipi is compatible with most acra-swiss plates,  not all of them. And the removable pins on the ball head can prevent the camera from falling off. Please use the camera with care after removing them.)

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