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GIGA! One Button Automatic Inflatable Tent and Mattress

One-Button Automatic Inflation|Built-in High-Pressure Air Pump|Fast Inflate|Ultra-Light & Portable|Land & Water Either Will Do
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 One Button Automatic Inflatable Tent

  • All Support by Air Beams. No Solid Poles. Sturdy & Durable
  • Built-in High-Pressure Air Pump. One-Touch Auto Pop-up. Save Time & Effort
  • Lightweight & Portable. Small as A Backpack. Easy to Carry Everywhere

One Button Automatic Inflatable Mattress

  • Built-in Electric Air Pump / One Click to Start, 60s Fast Inflation
  • Contoured Stretching Structure / Great Support without Sinking
  • Up to 14cm Thickness / Isolate Moisture Completely from the Ground

Super convenient and easy to use! Free your hands and make assembly a breeze. Simplifying the complexity.


Most people’s first impression about a tent must be its complicated metal frame and takes time to set up by yourself. It can be a big challenge for hands-on ability which is not very user-friendly for those butterfingers. Moreover, it’s difficult to pack and store. The tent frame can be easily broken and deformed just with a light crush and that will be unusable. Although there are some inflatable tents out on the market, however, they have to be manually inflated which is very time-consuming and inconvenient. 

Besides, some air mattresses are difficult to inflate as they require an external electric air pump which is going to require an electrical source. And some air mattresses can be particularly uncomfortable even when they’re fully inflated. 


Worry-free assembly or even assembly does not exist at all! The GIGA tent and Mattress are electric inflatables. All you need to do is just press the button, and it can be up automatically. Also,  the GIGA Tent will automatically stop inflating when it has enough air. Extremely friendly for most campers and the inexperienced!

Can you imagine? Even tents and sleeping mattresses are so thoughtful nowadays.  

People become lazier nowadays in the modern world.

The robot vacuum can help sweep the floor. A food cleaning machine can help wash vegetables. Sit in a massage chair and give a massage when you’re tired….

When it comes to setting up a tent for camping, you don’t even have to do it yourself now! After many iterations of our in-house R&D, we finally create this ultra-lightweight, smart and powerful electrical air pump. The built-in air pump of the GIGA tent is compact and lightweight, making it very easy to carry. Up to 50,000RPM spinning rate and 30kPa high pressure. The maximum airflow rate is 20L per minute. 

The GIGA Tent replaces the traditional metal skeleton with inflatable air beams. The inflatable air beams are flexible and easy to store, and the air beams will not be broken due to strong external force.  And combined with TPU material, high-pressure resistance, is not easy to step down. Because there are no metal struts, it is not afraid of breaking.

Outdoor life requires a variety of equipment, and if you don’t pay attention, you will forget some things. The inflator pump built into the GIGA Tent will automatically stop inflating when it has enough air. 

With a built-in high-pressure air pump, the internal pressure can reach 30kPa, more sturdy, more adaptable and durable.

The whole body of the GIGA Tent is composed of 4 brown double thickened inflatable air beams, which are stronger, more stable, durable and make you feel safe. It is also equipped with a set of ground pegs and wind ropes. You can anchor the tent using the pegs. Thanks to the flexibility provided by the inflatable air beams, the inflatable tent can withstand strong winds and storms very well (tested to withstand up to level 7). It won’t deform or collapse under wind pressure, as the air beams are flexible enough to bend and stretch and then come back to their normal shape.


 GIGA Tent Level 7 Windproof Official Certification Report: 

Store or pack it anywhere! In order to lighten your burden while traveling and free up unnecessary space, we optimized the internal structure of the GIGA Tent to a very compact foldable tent. Put it in the storage bag provided and it’s a carry-on travel backpack size only. Weighs only half of a traditional tent. GIGA tent is very portable and lightweight. With the GIGA tent, you’ll be able to have your own relaxation area. Now you can truly relax and unwind wherever you are!

There is a small inner tent on the top of the GIGA Tent. It prevents rain from seeping into the tent to keep it dry inside and also helps to block strong UV rays. In addition, equipped with a large outer tent that can also isolate moisture, and prevent rain and snow from immersing even in extreme weather. The air pump of the GIGA Tent has an IPX5 high water resistance rating that can keep rain and snow out to prevent a short circuit. 

You can also add on an outer tent. It can deeply block sunlight penetration, prevent ultraviolet rays, and heat insulation and cool down. Not afraid of rain and snow.

GIGA tent has a large internal space of 4.8㎡ which is big enough to accommodate adults and 2 children. Whether you are camping as a couple or as a family, the GIGA tent will always be with you.

The unique optimized built-in air pump design of GIGA Mattress has a 3800mAh high capacity lithium-ion battery that can fully fill the air mattress over 20 times. It features a 225L/min wind speed which releases more air to ensure rapid inflation. Built-in high-pressure air pump, up to 4kPa. Hard enough with no collapse.

Select and use GIGA Mattress, which obtains a long-lasting comfort experience in just one minute for each person. Inflating GIGA Mattress is faster and easier than a traditional air mattress. The powerful lithium-ion battery offers the highest energy and features a high-speed design for fast and instant inflation. This also explains why it can achieve solid support without requiring any extra structure.

The thickness of the mattress reaches up to 14cm once fully inflated which can isolate moisture completely from the ground. It also provides extra mid-lumbar support for proper spinal alignment.


On the basis of the traditional air mattress, we have developed a brand-new stretching structure, which disperses the weight and provides stronger support. Avoid the sinking problem and imbalance of the air mattress when lying on it. The wavy stripe surface and stretching structure are in accordance with ergonomics that stick back and fit all parts of the body comfortably. You will be super comfortable sleeping no matter what position you sleep in.

In order to lighten your burden while traveling and free up unnecessary space, we optimized the internal structure of the GIGA Mattress to a very compact foldable mattress. Put it in the storage bag provided and it’s a carry-on travel backpack size only. Weighs only half of a traditional mattress.


The GIGA Mattress air pump is IP68 waterproof which can be used directly on the water. No matter on land or water, it will give you the best and most comfortable lying experience. 

GIGA mattress adopts a one-piece design that can hold loads of up to 300kg. With the mid-lumbar support, the load capacity of the air mattress is significantly improved. Stretchy and high resilience. Adjustable firmness and softness without any limit.

GIGA Mattress is designed to be Type-C charging, the fastest charging method at present. Thus, fully charged without waiting for a long time. 

Made of high-quality and thick TPU fabric, freely use the Aerogogo air mattress on grass, sand, rocks or snow, etc. Adopting the hot press high frequency welding technique and high-temperature coatings, the seal of GIGA Mattress is very good and no air escapes. The air pressure is long-lasting without sinking and the durability of use is highly increased. 

#How to Use GIGA Tent and Mattress


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