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Full-Aluminum Premium Tent for Your Wet-Free Zone

Dark Barracks: Enjoy the comfort of private penthouse in just 30 sec
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It’s common to see the mattress or bedding in the tent become spoiled due to the condensation on the inner wall, caused by the difference in temperature between the outdoors and the inner tent.

To prevent this inconvenience, we’ve used full aluminum composite panels with high thermal insulation, so the walls do not absorb water. By adding a trench structure between the wall and the mattress, the moisture does not flow into the mattress or bedding in DARK BARRACKS.

Maintenance is also super easy. Simply wipe it away with a towel if there’s any moisture in the trench structure.

Traditional rooftop tents are made with soft fabric walls. These materials get wet easily and take a long time to dry off the moisture, leading to the issue of molds and odors due to internal condensation, rain or snow.

They are difficult to maintain and not entirely ideal for outdoor environments.

Fabric rooftop tents are also more vulnerable to tears and punctures, as well as safety risks from outside intrusions such as wild animals or theft.

Wooden plywood, often used as the floor material of low-cost rooftop tents, can begin to rot if exposed to moisture for a while. The worst nightmare unfolds when the walls and floors corrode together and crumble away.

In addition, when exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time, the ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) or FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) materials used for the upper and lower panels of the rooftop tent eventually discolor and deform.

None of these products provide a long, steady lifespan for their users.

DARK BARRACKS and its four walls are made of high-grade aluminum composite panel with high thermal insulation—the same materials used in vehicles, airplanes, and buildings. Our product is strong against weather or external forces such as sharp tools or wild animals, providing a safe and sturdy option for the users.

We have installed a locking system to keep your door shut and safe. You can now enjoy a full rest and sleep inside the tent in peace without fear of unwelcome guests or outside intrusion.

DARK BARRACKS also eliminates the issue of mold and odors with easy maintenance. Thanks to our high-quality materials, the moisture from rain or snow does not permeate into the walls or floors. Simply wipe the water away with a towel when the internal condensation occurs in addition to rainy or snowy days.

If the wall happens to be spoiled from food or other contaminants, water is the only cleaning supply you will need. Wipe it with water and continue to enjoy camping in comfort.

We’ve also used one of the finest paintings to complete DARK BARRACKS. Resistant to discoloration and deformation, our product will have a long lifespan in good condition even in inclement weather conditions such as acid rain, excessive sunlight, or freezing temperatures.

Designed with a ground-breaking technology, DARK BARRACKS reduces internal condensation and increases heat insulation via premium aluminum composite panels.

Here are the details of DARK BARRACKS components that allow you to enjoy a more comfortable, pleasant camping experience throughout all seasons.

The top panel, or roof, of DARK BARRACKS is created by layering six airspace insulation composite panels together. Our top panel is not only light but also carries an important function called high insulation that prevents deformation and discoloration of the product, providing solid durability for the users.

The bottom panel, or floor, of DARK BARRACKS is made of honeycomb composite panels with high bearing capacity that can withstand up to 661 lbs. It blocks condensation by isolating heat from the floor, maximizing insulation and durability.

In addition to the high-quality materials, we have also meticulously designed the rail mounted on the bottom part of the tent. Rails are grounded to the vehicle with a low center of gravity while widely supporting the tent floor for increased safety.

All walls of DARK BARRACKS are made of high-compression aluminum insulation composite panels, which are strong and light and prevent a drastic difference in temperature between the inner tent and outdoors. Windows are also durable and scratch-resistant by using PC (polycarbonate) materials.

DARK BARRACKS is an eco-friendly product that uses recyclable aluminum instead of petrochemical materials. We put in efforts to minimize non-recyclable petrochemical materials such as synthetic fiber, ABS, and FRP.

DARK BARRACKS is a premium rooftop tent that is easy to use, maintain, and long-lasting. With our product, you can freely travel in any season or weather and enjoy camping anywhere with great comfort!

It only takes 30 seconds to complete installing DARK BARRACKS for use.

The front wall of our tent can be set up semi-automatically with a shock absorber, allowing it to be installed quickly, safely, and effortlessly. The rest of the walls on the side can be manually raised by hand to complete the setup.

We have added a 2-step locking system to hold the side walls in place for additional safety. Pull the cord to lift each wall and fasten it to the dual-lock, then manually lock the six safety hooks inside to finish the setup.

DARK BARRACKS demonstrates an intuitive design that anyone can easily set up and use.

Enjoy the outdoor scenery while relaxing inside the tent! All walls are furnished with windows from top to sides, with the symmetrical structure of picture windows on the left and right walls adding a sense of stability.

All windows are made using high-quality, scratch-resistant PC materials.

Try mounting the awning on the awning rails of the roof and side walls, and you’ll be able to utilize the various spaces that our tent provides for you!

DARK BARRACKS has everything you need with its internal system equipped with convenient technology.

Inside the tent, there are rechargeable LED sensor lights with subtle lights, outlet that can be connected to an external power supply, and a high quality 3-layer memory foam mattress for you to make yourself feel at home.

The memory foam mattress is not only comfortable but also practical and highly functional. We’ve used a built-in waterproof urethane (PU) mattress to prevent molds and bacteria from growing and designed it to be foldable into three layers for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Also, our LED lights are detachable using a magnet in the back, so freely use them to add a cozy ambience or detach to remove!

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