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Foldable Lander: Chair, Table/Ottoman

Lunar Lander & Origami inspired Furnitures - 1.3Kg/2.8lbs | Umbrella Size| Instant Deploy | Ergonomic with 10° Adjust| Recyclable MATL
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Yunonglive is founded by optimistic survivalists. We have been dedicated to providing living gears for active players of joy life.

Our latest folding furniture collection Foldable LanderChair, Table/Ottoman are lightweightcompact, ergonomic and easy to deploy like an umbrella. This collection is perfect for outdoor activities and limited urban living place usage:

  • 2.2lbs frame weight (2.8lbs gross weight w 900D Oxford-cloth & PVC layer)
  • Payload support 240lbs
  • Umbrella size after retrieved and folded: 3.6 by 3.6inches, 1 foot length
  • Instant deployment
  • ErgonomicOptimize lower seating, with 10-degree adjustments in all directions

2.2lbs frame support up to 240lbs

It will be the first release on Kickstarter, so you can get it earlier than anyone else at a limited special price!



  1. Untie the rope
  2. Hold a pair of the lower support legs (u shape) on the opposite side and unfold them to maximum angle.
  3. Lift the handles of the upper support and stretch the telescopic rods to the end


  1. Press to unlock and retrive the telescopic rods of the upper support
  2. Hold lower support’s legs(u shape) on the opposite side , press the button to unlock, arrange the cloth
  3. Keep pressing the unlock button and retract the legs of the lower support til the legs fully cover the upper support
  4. Tie it up with a rope and bring it with you!



  1. Untie the rope
  2. Hold a pair of the lower support legs (u shape) on the opposite side and unfold them to maximum angle


  1. Keep pressing the unlock button and retract the legs of the lower support til the legs fully cover the upper support
  2. Tie it up with a rope and bring it with you!

Outdoor activities such as sport, camping and hiking, where portable furniture is essential.

On the cliffs of halfmoon bay.

Back to school, back to farm!

Take an international laber day break and get back to Stanford in a windy day.

Urban apartments or rooms where space-saving furniture is necessary. Events and gatherings where extra seating or tables are required

Home office or study spaces where versatile furniture is desired.

Ps. That’s how we edited this campaign: on our products, in the loft.

Meozart’s new spot for enjoying music. He is our studio cat as well as one of early users.

More: Trade shows & exhibitions etc where portable and easy-to-set-up is needed.

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, space-saving solutions are becoming more and more important, particularly in urban areas where living space is at a premium. Foldable furniture is a great way to maximize space while still having all the necessary pieces to live comfortably. Here are 4 key design goals that are essential for high-quality foldable furniture:

Lightness & Strength

A good foldable furniture design should be able to support a high payload while still being lightweight and easy to move around. Our foldable furniture’s 1kg aviation aluminum frame is designed to support up to 100kg while weighing just 1.3kg(2.8lbs) gross weight, making it easy to move around and set up wherever you need it.


One of the most important benefits of foldable furniture is the space it saves when not in use. Our foldable furniture saves up to 98% of its volume when fully folded and retrieved, making it easy to hold in hand, store in small spaces like closets or under the bed.

Instant Deployment

Quick and easy deployment is a must-have feature for foldable furniture. Our furniture can be set up in just 5 seconds and retrieved in half a minute, making it perfect for impromptu gatherings or temporary seating solutions.

Instant Depoly, Landing wherever you go


The comfort and ergonomics of foldable furniture are just as important as their space-saving features. Our furniture is designed to optimize lower seating positions, with 10° adjustments in all directions for maximum comfort.

With these four design goals in mind, our foldable furniture is the perfect solution for those who value flexibility, portability, and ease of use. Whether you’re looking for extra seating for guests, a portable workspace, or just a place to sit and relax, our foldable furniture has got you covered.


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