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Feiyu Qing Pro: Smart Electric Tripod Head

Camera Interface Controller | Remote DSLR Preview | Configuration through Handle
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Designed by Feiyu Tech, the Qing Pro has been created by photography experts for enthusiasts who want the ease and versatility of a professional electric tripod head. Qing Pro’s range of streamlined capabilities includes motion-lapse and hyper-lapse, even panoramic shots are fully automatic. Its precision handle provides real-time preview and control, even from a distance of 50 feet.

The release of Qing Pro marks the beginning of a new era in photography.

As a pioneer in photography, Feiyu Tech has produced several groundbreaking products, such as the industry’s first splash-proof gimbal G5 for action cameras, the industry’s first All-in-One gimbal, and the industry’s first touchscreen DSLR, among others.

In 2013 we succeeded in developing the first 3-axis handheld gimbal “G3” for action cameras. In 2015, in partnership with Apple Inc., the “G4 Pro” smartphone gimbal was released and sold at Apple Stores worldwide. 


Qing Pro supports almost all mirrorless and DSLR cameras which means it works with the various focus and zoom capabilities of multiple camera models. With Qing Pro, you will always achieve the very best videos and still images.

Click the link below to check the camera compatibility list for Qing Pro. This list will continue to be updated.

Qing Pro supports the latest follow focus devices and ensures that you are always in the frame. The best part is that when the camera is turned on, you can control Qing Pro with gestures and no longer use the remote control handle, thus making controlling the follow focus a breeze and increasing the accuracy of the follow focus.

Qing Pro can make your time-lapse photography more dynamic because one of its most prominent features is hyper-lapse photography, a feature not available in many similar products on the market. You can mount the Qing Pro on a slider or hold it in your hand, and it can shoot videos smoothly while moving.

Motion lapse creates an incredible sequence and it’s so easy to achieve. Click the dashboard to choose the motion-lapse mode, and you can set the total shooting duration, your preferred interval, and shooting speed. Qing Pro will begin shooting following a perfectly smooth, predefined path.

Everyone loves seeing the whole picture but a crowd-pleasing panorama is often hard to achieve. Gone are the days of taking several images and fitting them together. To use Qing Pro’s panorama function all you need to do is select the automatic function from the dashboard. The best part is that you get to choose not just a 180-degree panorama, but a full 360-degree pan if you really want your viewer to see the full picture!

A truly professional sequence generally involves tilting and panning, sometimes simultaneously, yet this is hard to get right no matter how well practiced you are. Qing Pro can pan and tilt all at the same time with an impressive tilting range of 120 degrees. All you do is choose the 9-square-grid panorama mode from the dashboard and Pro follows your lead by immediately panning and tilting simultaneously to achieve a professional panorama.

Qing Pro’s handle functions as a handy remote control. It’s like an extension of your camera, and it operates independently without any need to install an app on your mobile device.  The two scroll wheels allow complete control and precision to achieve the most streamlined and seamless filming.

And you can now step back from your camera, as far as 50 feet, and still enjoy full control as well as real-time previews.

One of the most important features of the Qing Pro is its built-in stability sensor. No matter what kind of shot you’re aiming to achieve – pans, tilts, 360s – you can now have complete confidence that you’ll capture exactly what you want without the slightest blur.

Qing Pro has the best performance at all times, whether it’s mounted on a tripod, mounted on a slide, or handheld. Qing Pro always makes sure your camera takes the smoothest video possible.

Wanna enjoy your creation in real-time or even share your work on social media? With the remote controller, everything is just at your fingertip. Your mobile phone can be fixed on top of the remote handle to enable you to have a preview of your shooting at any time. Videos & pics can be transmitted into your phone by wireless connection without a card reader or a computer. You can edit these videos & pics to share on your social media. 

All professionals know the importance of a tripod’s quick release. With Qing Pro, you can attach and detach both the camera and its battery with two quick-release systems. For the camera, two plates are easily fastened together or released.

With regard to the battery, all it takes is a single push to install the battery or a gentle pull to remove it.

The Slider accessory is an outstanding feature of the Qing Pro. For video shooting, the built-in stability sensor ensures smooth and steady movement as the camera glides along the slider. Qing Pro and the slider work in perfect harmony during even the most demanding hyper-lapse recording.

It’s hard to imagine that the ultra-durable Qing Pro is such a lightweight! It weighs only 2.95lbs and the remote-control handle is super light at only 0.69lbs (with battery).  Qing Pro is easy to transport – packed into your camera bag or just carried with you – and, as it sets up instantly, you’re ready to capture your next best shot instantly.

Even though Qing Pro is a creative genius it’s also very strong! Made of next-generation aerospace-grade aluminum, Qing Pro is lightdurable, and built to last. It’s your go-anywhere, do-anything companion that can withstand tough conditions.

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