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Duovox Ultra: Military-Grade Night Vision Monocular

Full color at low light & 7-level IR illuminator at pitch darkness | 1080FHD | up to 500m range | up to 10 hrs battery
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A military-grade night vision monocular partner for the true explorers of the great outdoors. An advanced 1080 FHD resolution camera that captures every detail in real-time full color even in pitch darkness. All packed in Duovox Ultra — your compact and lightweight monocular that allows you to see what others can’t.

With the cutting-edge optical, sensor, and image processing technologies of the Duovox Ultra, you can now capture clear and stunning images even in the darkest environments. Its Starvis CMOS sensor, which is specifically designed for low-light observation, is the most advanced sensor available in the market today.

The Duovox Ultra’s full-color technology also lets you observe and capture your surroundings in vibrant, vivid colors. It comes with a built-in infrared illuminator that provides an additional source of light, allowing you to view objects even in complete darkness.

Your Duovox Ultra utilizes also a high-sensitivity image sensor that can capture 1080FHD video and 5M photos in light as low as 0.001 lux. Whether you’re capturing a nighttime landscape or trying to document a dimly lit scene, this technology ensures that you’ll never miss a moment due to poor lighting conditions.

With an F1.2 aperture and 7-layered glass lenses, your Duovox Ultra takes in more light, grabbing every detail of the surroundings, even in the darkest environments. Now you can capture more amount of light than with Duovox Mate model and produce brighter images and videos.

No more missed opportunities when your target is too far away and it’s darker than the black. The built-in 7 IR modes on 850NM IR illuminator increase the amount of light to deliver a clearer vision in complete darkness. Now even in the fully dark condition, you can get a clear vision of your ‘target’ up to 500 meters!   

Its impressive 5X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom paired with manual focus mode lets you get up close to even minuscule details from 0.5 meters away – or spot something 500 m away! Capture every detail with stunning clarity for a truly breathtaking nighttime exploration experience.


Unlike its previous model, Duovox Mate, the Duovox Ultra night vision monocular eliminates any distortion at extended ranges with its 7-layered glass lenses and advanced image processing technologies. Now you have a clearer, sharper vision of distant objects during the night with practically no distortion.


The Duovox night vision monocular comes with a powerful in-built 4000mAh rechargeable battery, giving you up to 10 hours of uninterrupted use and up to 5 hours with IR turned on. 

This makes it incredibly easy to observe distant wildlife for extended periods. Whether you want to track a herd of antelopes crossing the African plain or marvel at the stunning beauty of a distant waterfall, the Duovox night vision monocular can help you capture these memories – even in pitch darkness.

Designed with an Aviation grade Aluminum lens body and industrial ABS and packed with advanced night vision capabilities, the Duovox Ultra is crafted for superior stability, accuracy and effortless one-handed performance. It’s also equipped with IPX4 dustproof and waterproof rating,  meaning it can withstand light rain and still function at its best.

Why settle for devices with limited storage capacity that force you to constantly delete files or shift the SD cards when you are in the middle of the very moment you want to capture?

Our night vision monocular comes with a whopping 128GB storage capacity, which can store 1000 high-quality images and 120 minutes of 1080 Full HD video. Now you’ll never miss out on the best shots ever again! What’s more.

View your footage as you record even in bright sunlight, on the high-contras 2″ TFT screen.


Duovox Ultra can even stream and record your live footage on-the-go via our custom app for both iPhone and Android. Simply connect your Duovox Ultra night vision monocular with the “Viidure” app on your iPhone or Android via WiFi connectivity and observe the nightlife from a safer place.

Easily attach any tripod to your Duovox Ultra night vision monocular with its built-in standard 1/4-inch screw mount and enjoy a hands-free experience of taking nighttime photos and videos. Capture long exposures without worrying about camera shake. Feel free to take your time to compose the perfect frame! Shoot steadier images, need less editing, and get more stunning shots that are true-to-life with Duovox Ultra’s tripod-compatible feature.

The Duovox Ultra night vision monocular is designed for convenience and portability. It weighs a mere 280g and comes in a tiny 10x8x4-cm package, you can easily slip it into your pocket and take it anywhere you go.

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