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Dnsys X1 Exoskeleton: Unleash Superhuman Powers

Smarter & Lighter | for Outdoor Adventure | Save 50% Energy | +25km Range
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Exploring the wonders of nature and engaging in fantastic outdoor activities can be truly thrilling. However, the outdoor adventures often encounter challenges, like muscle fatigue on long treks, carrying heavy gear through rough terrain, keeping pace with seasoned adventurers, and overcoming some physical barrieres. These obstacles may ruin the enjoyment of experiencing the nature’s marvels.

That’s why Dnsys X1 was born. It’s not just a tool, it’s your companion in capturing every thrill that the wilderness holds. With the Dnsys X1, embrace the freedom to explore without limits.

Unlike conventional bulky wearable walking exoskeletons, Dnsys X1 seamlessly integrates powerful features into an ultra-light and compact design. With dual high-density motors and advanced AI algorithms, it swiftly and precisely detects and adapts to the user’s walking pattern, offering instant optimal walking assistance. Combined with its bionic design, it empowers users to effortlessly walk, run faster, and climb higher during outdoor activities, while also enriching their everyday life experiences.

For Travelers and Backpackers

Dnsys X1 can act as your endurance booster. It accurately recognizes your walking pattern and terrain in real time, providing adaptive support to your legs that reduces muscle fatigue and lightens the load of your backpack. This enables you to embark on your adventure with ease.

For Mountain Enthusiasts or Explorers

Dnsys X1 will be your powerful companion at high altitudes. It helps you move as if you were lightly equipped, lightening the load of your backpack, minimizing the risk of altitude sickness and fatigue-related accidents, ensuring a smooth ascent, much like having your best climbing companion by your side.

For Professionals like Photographers

Dnsys X1 acts as your creative spark, offering continuous walking support, lightening your backpack packed with professional gear, and making it easier for you to find inspiration and creativity on your shoot.

For Trail Runners and Fitness Enthusiast

Dnsys X1 will be your speed accelerator, helping you ramp up your running speed, step up your workout game, and even protect your knees from unexpected injuries, so you can set new records every season. 

The Workout Mode (Resistance mode) offers isokinetic exercise, which is a type of strength training often used for testing and rehabilitation.

For Everyday Life

Dnsys X1 makes your everyday life easier. It recognizes their walking patterns and provides seamless assistance, enabling you to shop comfortably for extended periods, visit museums with ease, embark on theme park adventures, and explore exhibitions at your own pace. Whether it’s a challenging mountain hike or a leisurely city stroll, it can even be the perfect walking aid for the elderly. Dnsys provides power and strength whenever you need it

The X1 meets your personal needs with walking assistance power, making your walking as easy as a breeze. Enhanced by state-of-the-art AI and motion sensors, it detects your muscle intentions and instantly adjusts walking assistance power. With Dnsys X1, you can conserve up to 50% of your energy while walking, equivalent to shedding over 81 pounds of pack weight, thus extending your everyday adventures with a range of 25km and beyond.

Ready for an even more thrilling adventure? The X1 rewards the bold explorer with its Boost mode. With just one click, you can activate bigger challenges as the X1 swiftly switches into high-speed mode, delivering 1.2 horsepower and reaching a maximum speed of 27 km/h. Each wilderness expedition becomes the start of a legendary tale

In our pursuit of peak performance, we’ve developed a robust power station—the DNA-1 motor at the center of the X1. Designed specifically for top-tier wearable robots, this patented motor features seamless integration, ultra-lightweight design, and high precision granting it impressive power.

Boasting 1.2 horsepower and 50 Nm/kg of torque, with a power-to-weight ratio reaching 0.76, comparable to a Formula One race car’s power performance.

The DNA-1 motor boasts exceptional compliance, coupled with AI algorithms that accurately calculate movement intentions. it provides the most comfortable assistance regardless of gait changes in complex environments. Its patented gearbox has an extremely high transmission efficiency, not only amplifying the motor’s torque but also significantly reducing the impact of friction on adaptability, improving force control precision by 32% and reducing perceived resistance by 26%. Enabling the motor to follow your movements precisely in milliseconds, ensuring no delay or drag in power output, unleashing the potential of every step you take.

The X1 is equipped with a top-tier hardware and software assistive system, integratin torque, position, and force sensors to capture your movements with unparalleled precision. This ensures comfortable assistance across all terrains during outdoor activities.

The Dnsys Smart AI Motion Assist technology employs an advanced deep learning algorithm called DNNAS (Dynamic Neural Network Assist System) to predict your next move. It composes thousands of artificial neurons, learns from tons of data, like simulations and how people interact with machines, to get really good at adapting to different ways of moving and tricky terrains.

The AI system along with a dula-core 240MHz AI processor, and dual motor control processors, our system accurately predicts muscle firing in real-time and employs a 40,000Hz FOC algorithm to control motor torque output with precision.

The more you use the X1, the more it gets to know your moves. This personalized adaptation ensures optimal support tailored to your needs. With just a slight step, the X1 provides sturdy support for every movement you make.

The X1 is the perfect companion for both adventure and daily activities, offering a smooth, seamless experience. It not only understands your movement patterns but also calculates the optimal power output in real-time, helping you transition effortlessly between different terrains and paces. The Dnsys Smart AI Motion Assist works around the clock, adapting to any terrain and movement pattern, whether it’s walking, racewalking, running, cycling, climbing, going up and down stairs, off-road walking, gravel paths, reefs, or cave exploration etc., making every step you take more confident.

Dnsys X1 ingeniously blends the sturdy support of a rigid exoskeleton with the adaptable flexibility of a soft exoskeleton, it’s quipped with an unique chain clasps belt that ensures a secure and safe connection to your body in any terrain. Paired with flexible 3D knitted material and a ribbed structure, it delivers extremely comfortable wear on any terrain. And the unqiue structure perfectly captures the concept of “harmonious integration of rigidity and softness“, seamlessly adapting to and aligning with human body movements.

Currently, most hardware using AI tools remains in the conceptual phase. The X1 stands out as the first product to employ AI-driven Finite Element Method (FEM). This unique approach allows it to achieve the best solutions for component design, partically in terms of strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring a robust yet lightweight structure. Whether it’s AI-designed components or AI-powered walking assistance, Dnsys X1 continually pushes the boundaries of technology, making innovation achievable.

To achieve extraordinary lightness in the X1, we employ aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and high-strength carbon fiber. These materials not only enhance durability but also significantly reduce weight. Moreover, our unique mechanical structure further contributes to its lightweight design. Combined with AI smart assistance, this makes the X1 the most lightweight exoskeleton on the market.

In designing the X1, we’ve made portability our top priority. When folded, it’s as compact as an A4 paper, effortlessly fitting into your backpack. Its 6-liter size and feather-light weight ensure you’re unburdened on your adventures. Whether you’re hiking or exploring, the X1 is your ideal companion, allowing you to travel comfortably and freely, discovering wonders wherever you go.

If you prefer to keep a low profile and don’t want the X1 to attract attention, no problem! The X1 is as slim as a belt and can easily be hidden under a jacket, while its assistive performance and range of motion remain completely unaffected.

The X1 features an innovative chain clasps belt that securely and safely connects to any body shape on any terrain. This unique chain comprises adjustable chain blocks and elastic, soft, high-strength nylon materials, making the X1 adaptable to various waist circumferences and hip widths. Additionally, the flexible framework ensures that you won’t feel encumbered during any movement, significantly enhancing comfort compared to rigid exoskeleton frameworks.

Dnsys X1 features an innovative hip joint support system aimed substantially alleviating strain on lower limb joints, thus improving heart health by lowering your heart rate.

At the same time, its resistance mode protects knees during downhill descents and enhances calorie burn.

With the Dnsys app, you can easily oversee the X1, monitor device status in real-time, and track medical-grade health data such as hip joint mobility and step frequency. This allows you to customize your training plans, review previous accomplishments, and ultimately reach peak performance during every adventure.

Dnsys X1 is equipped with high-density lithium-ion batteries, paired with a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), offering an extra 25 kilometers of range. With KERS, the battery’s lifespan extends by 20%, maintaining 80% of its capacity even after two years of heavy use. Its high-rate battery can discharge at 10 times of its capacity, and the optimized design of the DNA-1 motor significantly reduces energy loss during operation, greatly extending the battery’s runtime.

Additionally, the X1 features an Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) that actively balances the battery cells and supports universal USB-C PD fast charging. On the go, you can charge the X1 with a mobile phone charger, gaining about 20% battery in just 8 minutes.

Whether you’re out on multi-day hikes or long-distance journeys, the X1 has got your power needs covered. With its patented blade-style connector, the X1’s battery ensures top-notch reliability and safety. Swapping out batteries is a breeze, letting you change them anytime during use for seamless, continuous power support.

We are well aware that safety is the cornerstone of technological innovation and customer trust. To this end, the X1 offers nine major safety modules, providing comprehensive safety assurance from wear checks to component testing. These modules ensure the stable operation of the device under various conditions and your safety during use, ensuring a worry-free experience in any usage scenario.

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