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DDPAI Ranger: The Ultimate Smart Riding Camera

Triple Intelligent Stabilization | NightVIS Imaging | Up to 150 min Runtime | 150° FOV 4K REZ | IP67
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Meet DDPAI Ranger, a professional-grade riding camera designed for diverse rides like motorcycling, bicycling, electric scooter riding, off-roading, and more.

Tailored for every rider, DDPAI Ranger will be your go-to for capturing your all types of riding with its superior 4K video stabilizationexcellent NightVIS® imaging qualitya broad 150° ultra-wide FOV and up to 150 minutes of runtime. Whether riding on rough terrains, or embarking on off-road adventures, DDPAI Ranger will record all your thrilling moments and craft them into highlight videos, delivering exceptional performance, convenience and durability in a compact design.

Experience top-tier performance without breaking the bank – the DDPAI Ranger offers unbeatable value for riders seeking a reliable and versatile riding camera. Revel in an extraordinary 150-minute ultra-long battery life, professional riding data with 3D track video, ample 128GB eMMC local storage, and IP67 dustproof and waterproof capabilities.

Elevate your riding experience with the DDPAI Ranger, where innovation meets affordability. Your journey deserves the best, and the DDPAI Ranger delivers.

The DDPAI Ranger isn’t just a camera, it is your ultimate companion on the road.


Featuring Triple Intelligent Stabilization technology encompassing D-Flow stabilizationDistortion Correction and Horizon Leveling, DDPAI Ranger brings you a new level of stability to shooting even in the face of challenging terrains. From bumpy trails to rapid descents, it guarantees that your cycling videos are smooth and distortion-free, capturing the thrills of your ride like never before.

Whether you’re engaged in mountain biking, dirt biking, or off-road riding, the DDPAI Ranger guarantees steady and distortion-free footage, even in the most challenging terrains.

With Horizon Leveling, DDPAI Ranger ensures that the recorded video appears visually stable and aesthetically pleasing, providing a more comfortable and accurate viewing experience for the audience.

Get the widest and most thrilling FOV footage possible with an ultra-wide 150° field of view. DDPAI Ranger ensures you a broader perspective. The perfect balance of speed and clarity opens up a window to an immersive riding experience with vibrant details on the journey.

DDPAI Ranger catches anything on the journey in stunning 4K UHD details. Imagine reliving every twist and turn, every scenic view, all in stunning clarity, allowing you to relive your adventures with unmatched realism. No more compromising on the view or losing clarity in fast-paced action.

Equipped with state-of-the-art NightVIS imaging technology that enhances the capture of backlight and dim scenes, DDPAI Ranger brings your night rides to life, ensuring that the quality of your image remains exceptional as in the daytime. Whether you’re chasing the sunset or embarking on a moonlit trail, it illuminates every detail, truly restoring the magic of your night rides. 

*The real-scene night vision test in a snowy night using the DDPAI Ranger and another camera

Turn your riding camera into a smart companion with vivid riding data in SR mode. Ranger gives you everything you need at a glance, from speed to mileage, altitude and more. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast tracking your progress or a professional cyclist aiming for peak performance, this feature brings a new dimension to your rides.


Capture every moment of your extended journeys effortlessly with the DDPAI Ranger. Its robust built-in 1600mAh battery ensures continuous recording for approximately 110 minutes at 4K and around 150 minutes at 1080P@30fps, providing the flexibility and endurance needed to record your adventures without missing a beat.

Elevate your riding experience with extended runtime powered by the DDPAI Ranger Power Base. This add-on accessory allows you to charge your riding camera directly from your motorcycle battery or via a power bank using a Type-C cable. Capture every moment seamlessly with uninterrupted recording, even during the charging process. Ready to keep pace with your longest rides without worrying about battery life.

Built to last for outdoor enthusiasts with the unbeatable performance to fully explore the journey regardless of the harsh and demanding environmental conditions. Embrace the freedom of all-weather recording with the reliability of IP67 waterproofing and a scratch-resistant 7H hardness lens in our riding camera.


Ignite your inner storyteller with the auto vlogging feature. It supports active, loop, and time-lapse video recording, enabling you to effortlessly capture the perfect cut for your fancy video and share the thrills with friends. Say goodbye to hours of editing and take the director’s seat in your adventure.

Supporting both 5GHz Wi-Fi transmission and Bluetooth connection, DDPAI Ranger allows you to effortlessly upload your photos and videos in the APP for a sneak preview. Say goodbye to hours of editing and take the director’s seat in your adventure. With multiple pre-set templates, background music and video clip effects, you’ll get your visual masterpiece in just a few minutes.

The built-in 128GB eMMC local storage can be your creative powerhouse, always ready to create your highlight videos. This generous storage capacity ensures you never miss a moment, accommodating hours of high-quality footage. Compared to the TF card, the eMMC has a 10X longer service life.

The DDPAI Ranger is compatible with multiple brackets for mounting on bicycles, motorcycles, and other applicable objects as needed. The add-on accessories offer versatile mounting options with easy operation. The Lightweight Tube Clamp rotates 360°, allowing you to move the camera swiftly and make easy changes in perspective.

The Universal Tube Clamp ensures robust clamping on motorcycles, cars, all-terrain vehicles, 4X4 trucks, and more.


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