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Campster 2 the portable chair for everyone everywhere

1-piece portable chair | 5-second unfold | 1.45Kg/3.3lbs | 300lbs capacity | Alu-frame | Embracing seat | 12" seating height
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Campster 2 is the ultimate foldable camping chair: compact, lightweight, and easy to set up. This is why we think that Campster 2 is the best outdoor chair on the market. 

Our foldable adventure chair is the perfect solution for anyone who:

  • Loves the outdoors, RV adventures 
  • Enjoys picnics, and beach trips with family and friends
  • Playing and watching golf, disc golf, soccer, football, racing in any form, etc.
  • Forest bathing, ice fishing, fishing, birdwatching 
  • Tailgating but hates the hassle of traditional camping gear. 

Check out all the exclusive functions we added to our newest product…


 plus a bunch of add-ons! Scroll to see our selection of comfy, isolated seat warmers.

If this is not enough, here are…

The C2 chair is the ultimate in portable comfort, unfolding in just 5 seconds. With our easy grab-n-pull system, setup is a breeze – all it takes is gravity and a tiny bit of muscle. Simply remove the strap and let the seat poles unfold from the quad-supported legs, giving each a gentle pull until they click into place.


Our chair boasts a functional 1-piece design that can be folded down to the size of a 1.5ltr bottle,  making it incredibly easy to transport and store without sacrificing comfort or quality.

GPT-3 did tell us that we are on to something, let us know if we need other features!

Whether you’re a rugged bush crafter, camper, or motorcyclist hitting the open road, choosing what equipment to pack for any wilderness excursion can be a challenge. With limited space and difficult choices between comfort and necessity, it’s easy to leave behind the important gear. 

That’s where Campster 2 comes in – our compact and comfortable chair takes up no room, packs small, and allows you to sit in comfort for hours, no matter where your adventure takes you.

The four sturdy legs, made with high-capacity Aluminium ensure a stable seat even in rough terrain. The strong Oxford 600D Ripstop nylon seat allows for years of wear and tear. Let your body sink comfortably into the seat lean back and enjoy. 

Our chair is designed to keep you a healthy and reflective person by cultivating three basic principles of mindfulness. 

We have taken the feedback from our valued customers, that’s why we have introduced seat warmers as an add-on feature for Sitpack Campster. The internet has voiced that seat warmers increase comfort, provide warmth in cooler weather, and create a cozy seating experience, making them a must-have add-on for travelers who seek all-year comfort. We understand that maintaining a comfortable seating temperature is important, which is why our Campster features a large mesh area on the backrest and along the thighs to regulate temperature in warmer environments. And for those colder days, you can trust our easily attachable seat warmers to keep you warm and cozy.

We know the importance of maintaining a comfortable temperature, even on chilly summer nights. That’s why we’ve created two types of covers with your comfort in mind. Our windproof and insulated cover is perfect for harsh winters and windy days, while our cuddly thick fleece cover is ideal for cool summer and spring nights around the bonfire. (Psst! The covers also work for other major foldable stick spaghetti chairs!)

And just because you love the beach doesn’t mean you have to sink into the sand. We’ve designed a ground sheet to keep you at the same sitting height as on solid ground.

When it comes to outdoor seating, it’s crucial to find a comfortable position that makes sense for your body. After testing every chair on the market, we’ve discovered a sweet spot between packed size, weight, and unfolded size that will keep you comfortable for hours.

We’ve paid special attention to the seating position, creating a seat that’s angled with a slight recline. This design allows you to lean back and relax, while also being able to lean forward to reach nearby objects with ease. With the Campster 2, you can finally enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort.

What you see is what you get! In our newest campaign, we are proud to showcase our new and improved manufacturing process, using molds that have been developed and tested for strength and durability. We have learned from our mistakes. No more complications or expensive internal locking mechanisms, that we so meticulously made for our last product. We’ve taken existing locking solutions and fitted them to our new design. We have made intensive in-house testing, in a technically manual way 🙂 Final numbers of capacity will be shared after mass production commence.

Rest assured, we didn’t take any shortcuts when it came to testing the strength of our product. Our hydraulic press went all the way up to 900 lbs, and the legs didn’t budge. We even added weight to simulate a larger person sitting in the Campster. We stand behind the quality of our product and are confident that you will too.

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