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BOLOTOR Bolo Packs: Outdoor Innovation Redefined!

The outdoor companion that transforms from a compact backpack into a multi-purpose versatile 8x8 tarp, with a removable cooler.
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Welcome to Bolo Packs, where innovation meets adventure! Our fold and roll wearable tarp with a detachable cooler redefine convenience for camping, hiking, and all on-the-go activities. Seamlessly transform your adventure with our patented Backpack-to-Tarp design, integrating drainage and compatibility with Bolo Coolers. Experience unparalleled versatility as your hammock, shelter, or mat unfolds to an 8×8 multipurpose surface. With Bolo Packs, practicality meets freedom, empowering you to effortlessly shift from a hiker to a happy camper. Embrace the outdoors with confidence, knowing that Bolo Packs have your back on every journey. From hiking trails to refreshing pit stops, our transformative design ensures memorable experiences with ease. Elevate your adventures and redefine outdoor exploration with Bolo Packs. Join us as we revolutionize the way you experience the great outdoors.

Bolo Packs’ hammock redefines outdoor relaxation with its durable and weather-resistant design. Crafted for ultimate comfort, it seamlessly integrates into our innovative system, ensuring effortless setup and adaptability in any outdoor setting. Experience the bliss of lounging amidst nature’s embrace, knowing that your Bolo Packs hammock provides unparalleled comfort and support. 

Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, the Bolo Cooler is designed to keep your refreshments cool and your adventures unforgettable. With its rugged construction and efficient insulation, it ensures your drinks stay chilled even in the harshest outdoor conditions. The Bolo Cooler seamlessly integrates with our innovative system, offering convenient portability and easy access during your outdoor excursions. Whether you’re hiking rugged trails or enjoying a leisurely picnic, the Bolo Cooler ensures you stay refreshed and energized throughout your journey. Elevate your outdoor experience with Bolo Cooler – your trusted companion for all your on-the-go adventures!

Designed for convenience and durability, our Picnic Mat ensures a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience. Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers reliable protection against rough terrain while providing a cozy spot for picnics, gatherings, or simply relaxing in nature. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and set up anywhere, from lush meadows to sandy beaches. With Bolo Packs’ Picnic Mat, you can create memorable moments with family and friends, knowing that comfort and convenience are always at your fingertips. Embrace outdoor leisure with style and ease

Crafted for durability and reliability, our tent offers a sanctuary amidst nature’s elements. With its sturdy construction and weather-resistant materials, it provides peace of mind during outdoor adventures. The Bolo Packs’ tent features spacious interiors and easy setup, ensuring comfort and convenience wherever you roam. From starry nights to rainy days, rest assured knowing that your shelter is secure and dependable. Experience the freedom of exploration with Bolo Packs’ Tent – your home away from home in the great outdoors!

Designed for adventurers seeking lightweight protection and versatility, our Fly Tarp offers reliable coverage in any outdoor setting. Crafted from durable materials, it provides shelter from rain, wind, and sun while remaining lightweight and easy to transport. With its innovative design, the Bolo Packs’ Fly Tarp can be set up in various configurations, adapting to your specific needs and terrain. From impromptu rain shelters to sunshade setups, it ensures you stay comfortable and protected during your outdoor excursions. Experience the freedom to explore without limits with Bolo Packs’ Fly Tarp – your go-to shelter solution for every adventure!

The Bolo Packs’ Tent Roof offers an additional layer of protection and versatility to your outdoor shelter setup. Designed to complement our tent or fly tarp, it provides extra coverage from the elements, including rain, sun, and wind. Crafted from durable materials and featuring easy attachment points, the Tent Roof seamlessly integrates into your existing Bolo Packs’ shelter system. Whether you need added protection during rainy days or extra shade on sunny afternoons, the Tent Roof ensures you stay comfortable and prepared for any weather condition. Elevate your outdoor shelter options with Bolo Packs’ Tent Roof – your adaptable solution for enhanced outdoor experiences!

Crafted with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, our Side Wall with Pockets offers convenient storage options for fishing gear and tools alike. Featuring multiple pockets of various sizes, it provides ample space to organize and store your fishing essentials, such as bait, tackle, and fishing line. Additionally, the durable construction ensures secure storage for your tools, keeping them easily accessible for any task at hand.

Whether you’re casting a line by the water’s edge or working on a DIY project in the great outdoors, the Side Wall with Pockets enhances your experience by keeping your gear organized and within reach. With its easy attachment to your Bolo Packs’ shelter system, it seamlessly integrates into your outdoor setup, providing versatility and functionality wherever your adventures take you. Stay prepared and organized on your next fishing trip or outdoor project with Bolo Packs’ Side Wall with Pockets!

Crafted for adventurers who embrace the great outdoors, our versatile blanket is the perfect companion for camping and hiking expeditions. Designed from durable and weather-resistant materials, it provides warmth and comfort in any environment. Whether you’re setting up camp for the night or taking a break on the trail, our blanket offers a cozy retreat amidst nature’s beauty.

Meet Bolo Packs’ Detachable Backpack: Your ultimate gear-carrying companion for any adventure. Crafted for versatility and comfort, it seamlessly transitions from backpack to attachment on your Bolo Packs’ shelter system. With ample storage space and ergonomic design, it keeps your essentials organized and easily accessible on the go. Experience convenience like never before as you explore the outdoors with Bolo Packs’ Detachable Backpack by your side.

Bolo Pack Comes in 3 Vibrant Colorways, each suited to match your unique personality. Whether you prefer the vibrant energy of Navy, the sleek sophistication of Green, or the timeless elegance of Gray, there’s a color option to complement your style. Choose your hue and embark on your adventures with a touch of personalized flair.

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