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Biigloo - The Ultimate Aerogel Sleeping Bag

Designed for your extreme -40°F/-40°C adventures on Earth. All-round windproof, ultralight, 10,000mm waterproof.
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Sleeping under the stars has been a long-time dream for many people. But trying to do that on hard ground in below-zero conditions has kept most of us away. In the next four minutes, we will introduce to you the lightest, warmest, and most comfortable solutions available, so you can be ready to conquer the extreme cold in insane temperatures as low as -40°F/-40°C.

Imagine yourself in -40°F/-40°C conditions out in the wild, but you’re still able to sleep comfortably throughout the cold night. Sound unrealistic? Well, with our lightest and most feature-rich innovations, integrated with NASA aerospace insulation technology, the Aerogel, you are now in good hands!

No more bulky layers to stay warm! The Biigloo sleeping bag is designed for adventures in high altitudes and extreme conditions. It is the very definition of all-around lightweight ultra-warm outdoor gear for your next (super-cold) adventure.

Images from aerogel.org

In 1931, American scientist Samuel Stephens Kistler invented the Aerogel. NASA first made it practical by integrating it into a blanket for astronauts and later inside their spacesuits. The Aerogel has a unique material structure that provides outstanding insulation performance: 1mm of Aerogel can resist extreme temperatures down to -40°F/-40°C.

Imges from aerogel.org & nasa.gov

That’s where the Biigloo story begins. We brought this technology down to the ground and integrated Aerogel into our products.

The outer surface of Biigloo sleeping bags is integrated with advanced ultra-fine nylon for the best abrasion resistance and tear resistance in its class. In addition, with our unique treatment, the sleeping bag absorbs 90% less moisture. It’s even anti-static and more ventilated than untreated materials, so your body always stays dry and comfortable.

We also integrated DuPont SORONA bio-fleece into the sleeping bag filters, which is partly derived from plant fiber and has no additives throughout the production process. That means it’s odorless and can naturally degrade and reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources.

The design of Biigloo sleeping bags follows the natural curves of the human body from the head, the neck, and all the way down to the spacious and warm footbox. We made sure Biigloo would not only be extremely powerful in its insulation performance for superb warmth, but also offer fine-tuned comfort within.

Getting you or your gear wet and muddy is almost always a headache during outdoor excursions. We designed our sleeping bags to have a high water resistance of up to 10,000mm, so you never have to worry about getting your sleeping bag dirty again.

Biigloo sleeping bags will become softer over time compared to conventional chemical fiber and cotton materials. You can wash the sleeping bag either by hand or by machine, and its elasticity and recoverability will not be deformed.

Weighing just 1810g, the Biigloo Aerogel sleeping bag is a stunningly warm sleeping bag at an incredibly lightweight. It’s also one you’ll probably never find anywhere else.

Our sleeping bag has an all-around windproof design, from its shell to details like wind-vent zippers. We added 1mm of Aerogel in both internal and external blinkers covering the anti-snag YKK® two-way locking sliders. In addition, the Sleeping Bag comes in left-handed and right-handed, so you can choose which side you would like the zipper on. 

We exhaustively innovated every little detail to ensure your nights stay warm.

Nobody can predict what might happen in the wild, and we want to ensure you are always safe. To do this, we made our sleeping bags fluorescent all around the blinkers, so you can be easily spotted at night in an emergency or rescue scenario.

The flexible, battery-free thermometer embedded inside the sleeping bag will help you monitor your body temperature and get you comfortable anytime, anywhere.

We are confident that no other quilts on the market can surpass the insulation performance of Biigloo. So, experience our quilts and you may never want another one ever again! You can get the quilt as a solo purchase, or have it as an add-on with your sleeping bag at checkout.

The outer surface of our quilts is made of superfine down for a non-fluffy, soft, silky feeling. With the Aerogel and additional bio-fleece inside, we ended up with an exceptional product that delivers comfort and warmth and is even big enough for a family of four.

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