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AOHi: Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set For Fast Charging

Charge your way with mix & match cables for the perfect length, 240W PD 3.1 of lightning-fast power charges your devices on the fly.
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Take control of charging your devices no matter where life takes you with AOHi’s custom length cable setBuild your perfect cable in seconds with easy-connect technology that gives you the length needed to charge all of your devices. The universally compatible USB-C 240W PD3.1 lightning-fast charging cable gives you the freedom to charge phones, laptops, and other devices, even in long distances up to 2.6 meters from the outlet. Flexible, wear-resistant material offers unprecedented durability. Packaged in a stylish and protective silicone case, AOHi keeps your cables in place and your pocket or backpack tidy. Experience the future of fastertidier charging with AOHi.


Never be stopped by a short charging cable ever again! AOHi is the ultimate cable set to cover all extreme charging needs.

Charging just got a facelift with AOHi, the world’s first lightning-fast custom length charging cable. Durable, futuristic construction that lets you build a world of charging possibilities powers the AOHi, giving you limitless charging possibilities so you’re never held back by a charging cable ever again.

Take charge of device charging with 4 mix & match cable lengths that let you build the exact cable for your charging needs.

See how I can play with it.

Say goodbye to boring charging. Have fun with AOHi.

Every person is unique. And so are their charging needs. AOHi turns device charging from a one-size-fits all experience into a customized adventure tailored to your exact specifications. Mix and match four different cable lengths to create a charging experience that goes the distance up to 260cm—no matter how far from an outlet you are. The possibilities are endless.

AOHi is your single source of charging truth. Build your perfect-fit cable for any charging length and need, from across a crowded room to in the palm of your hand. Universal design and MFi certification gives you multi-device charging flexibility for either USB-C or Lightning connector construction. Charging will never be out of reach again thanks to AOHi’s buildable cable technology.

MFi-Certified AOHi cable gives you peace of mind for safety.

MFi-certified chip built in AOHi enables fast charging through this cable for your Apple devices. It will prevent your Apple devices from damage, or cause any potential danger such as electric leakage or hijacking.

E-mark certified, stable & efficient charging experience guaranteed.

Push the boundaries of charging capabilities with the charger that goes where others simply can’t—in both length and charging speed. Designed for all MFi and E-mark certified devices, AOHi’s patent-pending technology offers a lightning-fast 240W charging experience that powers your device up in less time.

No more waiting for hours. The fast-charging experience is right here!

Life moves fast. And so should your device charger. AOHi’s super-charged 240W of power juice up your devices faster so you can keep up with life and not miss out because of a dead battery.

Put a stop to slow charging that wastes valuable time.

Fast charge your devices in a blink of an eye.

Faster isn’t just a buzzword we use. It’s built into AOHi’s DNA. It is compatible with all USB-C and lightning mobile devices and is equipped with the latest USB Powe Delivery 3.1 Technology, able to reach a charging speed of up to 48V/5A, which can charge your device much faster than ordinary charging cables…

AOHi takes the guesswork out of charging status.

Be in the know on charging speed with AOHi’s quick-glace charging status indicator. Immediately know if your device is on trickle, standard, or rapid charging with our color-coded indicator alerts and phone notifications, so you can more easily plan your next move.

Next gen chip technology drives faster charging speeds.

Smallest GaN charger that is similar to a card.

Turn time to full battery charge from hours into minutes with gallium nitride (GaN) charging technology. Enjoy more charging power delivered directly to the battery and less wasted energy turned into heat, meaning more efficient charging. Thanks to GaN-powered super-efficient technology, AOHi delivers a powerful charging punch in a far smaller package than the competition.

Charge all of your electronic devices has never been so easy.

Meet the only charger you’ll ever need. Whether your device sports a USB-C or Lightning port, AOHi is designed to make charging easier and faster for every device in your arsenal, from smartphones to tablets to laptops. With plug-and-play buildable lengths and eye-popping charging speeds, AOHi offers the fastest and most flexible charging experience.

Transform device charging from your biggest headache into an effortless experience with AOHi. The world’s first customizable charging cable empowers you to build the charger of your dreams, giving you the exact cable length for any space. Fueled by hyper-speed technology, charging is cut down from hours into minutes, saving you valuable time.

Enjoy a Clutter-Free Work Experience

Forget tangled and messy cables, the AOHi cable set is designed to stay organized. Build it short or long for your exact needs, so your charger never gets in the way of the work that matters.

Think a charging cable can’t reduce stress? Think again. Decluttered spaces equal more productive work, and the AOHi’s cable allows you to coil and change lengths at a moment’s notice, creating an uncluttered space built for maximum productivity.

Is your desk a mess of charging cables? Bulky, tangled cords take up space—both physically and mentally. Declutter your space and your mind with AOHi’s sleek and modern charging cables that easily coil, uncoil, and adjust in length to meet your exact needs. Keep your charging out of sight and out of mind and productivity at the forefront.

From fun to work, AOHi is built to adapt to everyday life. Charge your phone faster from any distance while enjoying ultimate durability as you coil, splice, and screw cables off and on to create the ultimate charging experience.

AOHi withstands any environmental challenges with ultra-durable Kevlar braiding. Whether you use your AOHi coiled, extended, long, or short, flexible Kevlar technology prevents your cable from fraying or tangling, creating a hassle-free charging experience.

On-the-go organization

Flexible construction folds for ultimate portability, while included strap keeps your cable in place.

Go-anywhere functionality means you can charge anywhere life takes you, without getting tangled up in cables. Every cable is flexible and comes with a silicone compact carrying case that makes it easy to drop in your pocket or your backpack, creating a clutter-free carrying experience.

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