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Anzene EnergyBlock: Ultimate Outdoor-Optimized Power Station

The Smallest 300Wh Power Station | 500W Surge | AC/DC Module | Daily/Outdoor Usage | Explosion-proof | IP67 | Solar Charging
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Energy block is a perfect backup power supplier for you during outdoor activities to keep in touch, making all your electronic devices keep online when there’s no power supply outdoors. Charge cell phones, laptops, cameras, or drones and never stop step of the adventure.


Energy Block is compatible with the vast majority of devices, gadgets, and portable appliances, including those powered by USB, or DC outlets. 300Wh is enough to power all kinds of beefy appliances, and the huge battery takes a very long time to run down.

Besides that, with the help of a detachable modular design, Energy Block is convenient for you to use in various scenarios indoors and outdoors. Just lift the battery block and you can use it between home and office for example.

The DC output allows a voltage range of 3~21V, which meets most of the portable appliances’ needs. Energy block is your sustain backup while an emergency of a power blackout or outdoor travel occurs.

 That’s not enough? Energy Block is available in a version with an AC output mount with a wider range of interfaces and an additional international standard socket.

 With a more powerful version of the AC output mount, Energy Block can satisfy all your daily/outdoor needs. Equipped with an 80000mAh battery and 300W output (500W surge), it can help your appliances stay full of power for a whole day.

 What’s more, the double Type-C ports on the DC output mount provide a total of 110W (65W& 45W) of output power, while the single type-C port on the AC output mount provides UP to 100W.

This metal case enables waterproof and dustproof performance to reach the IP67 level. It resists immersion in water from 15cm to 1m for 30 minutes. For outdoor use, no worries about different situations.

We believe that battery safety is the first thing to be considered. To make Energy Block more durable, we select and test. Finally, it comes with an aluminum casing designed to last for a lifetime while 100% of the hardware parts are industrial grade that can withstand up to 1000 pounds of force.

Check out how Energy Block resists the hammer test:

Lithium batteries can become more likely to be dangerous when charging as the life span decreases after 1-2 years of use, which is a leading cause of house fire nowadays. We treat this as the most serious matter and take measures to keep Energy Block surely safe for your family.

 Anzene always puts safety as the first priority and that’s the basic principle of how we design Energy Block. There are 5-in-1 chip-controlled protections and will ensure you a safe charging experience when you use Energy Block.

To make the battery more reliable and prevent it from firing, Anzene innovated hardware called, cell fire extinguisher (CFE). With this guarantee, make sure that your battery is 100% safe. 

*We offer an optional CFE installation service.

 In order to ensure the 100% absolute safety of the battery, we have done extensive tests on the explosion-proof tech. Compared to software protection approaches, hardware measures are more essential and reliable to protect battery security.

 For double insurance, an air valve at the bottom of Energy Block is designed to release air pressure internally if there was an accumulation of heat, or there would be a fire. The release of air pressure will prevent a big explosion if the fire was to happen.

The portable power backup was redefined. Energy Block powers phones, drones, outdoor gears and much more, with only a 700ml cube weighing about 2kg. It’s the ultimate solution to the modern need for on-demand electricity wherever you go.

Energy Block is compatible with the vast majority of devices, gadgets, and portable appliances, including those powered by USB, or AC/DC outlets. 300Wh is enough to power all kinds of beefy appliances, and the huge battery takes a very long time to run down.

With the super-fast AC adapter charger coming along with Energy Block, it only takes you two hours to fully recharge Energy Block. And if you want to use a solar panel to recharge, it will take 5-9 hours depending on the sunlight!  

Energy Block is a solution for energy storage, especially clean energy. You can generate 100% free green energy from cycling or portable solar panels. With solar panels, this metal cube can store solar power and power different devices and e-mobilities helping you live a green life. The old and aging batteries can be replaced by Energy Block to realize the renewal of your ebike instead of declaring it obsolete.

*Please note: It must be Achieved with the Add-on Mobility Jig

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