22seven ORION Backpack

The most revolutionary backpack system with customizable StylePak accessories. Complete personalization for your evolving lifestyle.
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The 22seven ORION backpack system is designed so that you can quickly pack for the day’s needs at work. Completely customizable to ensure your professional gear is organized and easily accessible.

What’s more, it looks and works great for after work get-togethers or even a workout at the gym too.

And because everyone has a different style, we have two options – Stealth Black in ballistic nylon and Urban Heather in high weave polyester.

Configured with its ergonomically designed FacePak, it offers you all the features you need for your busy lifestyle.

Or personalize your BasePak with the multi-dimensional StylePak accessories so that you have the flexibility to adapt during the day.

Unlike other brands that offer the same bag in different colors, we brought you two different backpacks. Both distinctively styled for individuality. 

 Pick one that reflects your style. It is all about expressing your unique personality!


The BasePak features patented FIDLOCK magnetic snap fasteners. This ultra-reliable fastening system makes it quick to remove the FacePak and allows you to securely attach the optional StylePak accessories.

Configure it, however and whenever you need to. It is fun and easy too.

Back us now so that we can create more exciting StylePak accessories for your lifestyle, personalized. Be ready to adapt on the go and don’t get caught out by what the day throws at you!

Unlike other modular backpacks that offer several combinations for a few pre-conceived uses, the 22seven ORION backpack is completely adaptable with a wide range of StylePak accessories. This is beyond modularity. 

No two people have the same needs and style. Create your unique backpack and make a statement now!

We mean it when we say the 22seven ORION backpack is the only bag you need for a lifestyle personalized!

With these innovative StylePak accessories, the 22seven ORION backpack system will change how you work and how you live your life.

We need a successful Kickstarter campaign so that we can introduce our first series of StylePak accessories after the campaign. 

With the 22seven StylePak accessories, the power of customization is in your hands.

Help us bring the 22seven StylePak Ecosystem to life so that we can create even more innovative accessories!

We know that practical functionality and ergonomics are the cornerstones of user experience. So we aim to maximize your convenience and satisfaction!

We designed it so that you have quick access to all your documents and gear. 

We want to help you keep your day organized.

Beyond just clever design and complete customization, we have selected top-grade fabrics and quality components for a premium look and feel on all 22seven products.


Of course, don´t just take our word for it! We have conducted extensive lab testing and field testing to ensure we deliver on our promise of performance and quality.

Our experienced 22seven team members have longstanding relationships with some of the most technically proficient factories that are trusted by many of the world’s most established brands.


Help get us funded so that we can work directly with these partners to bring you not only the best craftsmanship but also ensure you get the greatest value too!

We all have several bags stashed somewhere around the house yet most times we end up using one bag for most occasions because it is just too much trouble swapping bags and repacking our stuff!

No one bag suits all our activities for the day but let’s face it, none of us like to carry more than one bag. So we spent three years creating the ONE customizable backpack for all your work and lifestyle needs.

After years of designing and making products for major brands in the sporting and lifestyle markets, we have seen many great products brought to market but the unique “you” is still missing in the product.

So we put our brains together and founded a different kind of brand, focused on designing products of great value that truly make a difference to the way you live.

With our experienced developers and direct access to material suppliers and factories, it means we only invest in what truly makes the product better for YOU.

By creating and delivering premium products made of the best materials, modern manufacturing technologies and true craftsmanship, the result is a range of ever-evolving products that live up to your lifestyle needs.

At 22seven, we are dedicated to creating premium products that are timeless in design and adaptable to your changing needs for years to come so that you can live your lifestyle, personalized!

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