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Lanmodo Vast M1: Night Vision System with Dashcam

0.0001Lux Starlight-level Night Vision | 984ft View Distance | 75° View Angle | 8" Full-color Screen
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Lanmodo Vast M1 is an industry-leading starlight-level night vision system with dashcam that is dedicated to delivering crisp images in any lighting conditions, improving safety and visibility massively in extremely dark environments and inclement weather conditions. Equipped with HD dual channel, a collision detection feature and a parking monitoring function, Lanmodo Vast M1 ensures 24-hour all-round protection for you and your car, giving you the tools you need to keep your passengers, and yourself, safe in even the worst conditions.  


There are various dashcams and night vision systems in the market. Surely you are wondering why you should choose the Lanmodo Vast M1? The built-in infrared night vision systems in some premium cars are only compatible with designated car models while most of them only present monochrome images, which cannot assist driving effectively. Many dashcams in the market also claim to have night vision features, but the performance is highly limited, which does not guarantee safe driving in extremely dark conditions/bad weather.

The Lanmodo Vast M1 can provide a night vision distance farther than your high beam can reach, whether on dim-lit country roads, narrow mountain roads with wild animals, or even in heavy rain, snow, and fog. During the day, Lanmodo Vast M1 can capture road conditions just like any other normal dashcams, whereas at night, it can provide a much safer driving experience that other dashcams can’t. And the Lanmodo Vast M1 can be applicable to driving and sailing at night. The Lanmodo Vast M1 is not only a night vision dashcam, but also a sense of security and a sense of responsibility towards your family!

*Please note that the actual night vision image on the Vast M1 screen is even clearer as the clarity of the video presented is limited by the dark shooting environment.

There’s almost nothing as dangerous on the road as a lack of visibility, particularly for elderly or mildly sight-impaired drivers. That’s why the Lanmodo Vast M1 utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide unique and unparalleled night vision. Utilizing multiple proprietary hardware and software innovations, the Vast M1 provides unrivaled clarity, even at the lowest light levels. No matter where your road takes you, the Lanmodo Vast M1 can show you what’s coming, clear as day.

*Please note that the actual night vision image on the Vast M1 screen is even clearer as the clarity of the video presented is limited by the dark shooting environment.



  • F1.0 aperture fast lens – delivers increased light intensity, perfect for taking pictures in dim light
  • 7-Glass lens – the combination of multiple lenses gathers a wide spectrum of light, which can enhance the resolution and contrast of images
  • Sony CMOS low-light imaging sensor – allows the camera to magnify even in extremely low light, achieving 0.0001lux starlight-level night vision 
  • Exclusive algorithm optimization – algorithmic adjustments to parameters such as saturation and contrast help balance brightness in an image, improving clarity


Darkness isn’t the only visibility problem on the roads, of course. The Lanmodo Vast M1 leverages our proprietary DSP chip with advanced image-filtering algorithms to generate crisp images and filter out visual “noise” from images – allowing it to correct for droplets or fog that might otherwise obscure your vision.

From rain to snow to fog, even in the worst weather conditions, the Vast M1 has been relentlessly optimized to generate the clearest images possible, in any circumstances.

*Please note that the actual night vision image on the Vast M1 screen is even clearer as the clarity of the video presented is limited by the dark shooting environment.


Lanmodo is committed to providing you with the clearest possible picture of the road, and that means seeing as much of it as possible. The Vast M1 utilizes the widescreen monitor and wide-angle front-facing camera to provide a broad, adjustable 75° field of view and a whopping 984ft night vision distance – a 45° improvement over previous generations.

The Vast M1’s 75° field of view is the widest angle available in the night vision dash cam market, providing an unparalleled depth of vision at night, and over a wider segment of your car’s surroundings, to help maximize your reaction time and avoid accidents. Worried about animals or pedestrians in your blindspot? With the Vast M1’s 75° field of view, your vehicle won’t have any blindspots – you can always be sure of what’s around you.

Most dashcams can’t capture much light in the dark, and even 4k options generally present such dim images as to be useless at night. However, the Vast M1 starlight-level night vision delivers is clear as day on even the darkest nights, under starlight alone. And the Vast M1’s extra-large 8-inch screen is perfectly suited to help you see what’s out there in any kind of lighting, displaying 1080p images in an unrivaled combination of breadth and depth of view.

Lanmodo’s rear-facing night vision camera is here to make parking and driving in the dark much easier, and safer. The remarkable IP67 water resistant rear camera ensures the smooth operation of Vast M1 even in the heaviest rain. And it could capture up to 20m view distance. Lanmodo has your back- no matter what you’re facing.

The 170° Field of view (FOV) wide angle and 1080p resolution of the rear camera offer all-around protection whether you’re cruising on a busy highway or maneuvering around a crowded and dim parking garage. And with a 66ft (20m) night vision distance, you’ll be able to see what’s behind you in any lighting. 

The Lanmodo Vast M1 provides numerous features to make sure you never need to worry about your parked car again. With our loop recording function, the Vast M1 will automatically record new videos, continuously replacing previous recordings, with no need to micromanage.

And the Lanmodo Vast M1 supports a massive 128G storage, enough to store up to 28 hours of footage! 


The Vast M1’s in-built G-sensor can detect collisions and lock the accident footage, preventing the most important footage from being erased. If your car ever gets hit while parking, you’ll always be able to check the recording to see and prove, what happened. And with our phenomenal night vision and wide-angle viewing, you’ll be able to see the license plate of whoever is involved in any lighting, clear as day.


A dashcam is only useful if it can help you see better, and since night vision systems by design magnify ambient light, other night vision systems often suffer from overexposure when facing headlights. That’s why the Lanmodo Vast M1 uses a glare-reducing front camera to avoid being blinded and correct for overexposure. Each layer of glass in our proprietary 7-glass lens helps refract incoming light, minimizing the glare. No matter what’s coming down the way, Lanmodo can help you see it coming. Worried about glare from oncoming headlines washing out your view? Worry no more – Lanmodo has what you need.


Vast M1 is as tough as you need – it can withstand temperatures from 158°F/70°C to -4°F/-20°C while operating without pause. Parked in a blizzard? Driving nonstop through the desert? No problem here – you’ll have Lanmodo Vast M1 with you, the whole way.

Worried about getting the Lanmodo Vast M1 installed? Don’t sweat it. Our simple installation methods for both the front camera and screen allow you to quickly and easily install the Vast M1 without any need for professional help. And the nano glue base and suction cup ensure M1’s stability and reusability – you’ll be able to easily move it from one vehicle to another, whenever you need it. And with 3 monitor installation methods, getting the Vast M1 up and running is fast, easy, and flexible enough to meet your needs, in any vehicle.

Method 1: On the dashboard

  • Remove the screw from the bottom of the display, connect the base with the screw.
  • Place the system on the flat car dashboard, make sure it won’t slip away.
  • Connect Vast M1 to the cigarette lighter or OBD for power supply.

Method 2: On the windshield

  • Remove the screw from the bottom of the display.
  • Connect the display to the suction cup, and attach the suction cup to the windshield closely.
  • Connect Vast M1 to the cigarette lighter or OBD for power supply.

Method 3: On the rearview mirror

  • Insert 2 back clips into the mounting holes accordingly, fix them with screws on the backside of the display, then connect the rubber straps.
  • Place the display on the rearview mirror, and attach it to the rubber straps.
  • Connect Vast M1 to the cigarette lighter or OBD.

We also provide installation videos for you as a reference.


The flexible installation methods allow users to install Vast M1 in any kind of vehicle, so you don’t ever need to worry about whether it’ll work for you.

  • Adjustable front camera: Compared with the previous generation Lanmodo Vast Pro, we have separated the front camera from the screen. The installation position and angle of the front camera are more flexible, which is more conducive to adapting different car models.
  • Two power supply options: M1 supports connection from the cigarette lighter or OBD port. The standard installation package will come with 2 different power supply accessories for users to choose; it will also be equipped with a 3-meter-long cable, which is basically suitable for the installation of any car model.
  • Adapt to different voltage: The supported voltage of Vast M1 is 12V, which is suitable for most small and medium-sized cars. We have prepared 24V voltage converter add-ons for models with a high voltage of 24V, such as trucks and RVs so that you can rest assured to install the Lanmodo Vast M1 in almost any vehicle type.

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