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Elevate with moki | Car key on your phone, not in the pocket

Enjoy Safe and Secure Digital Car Key Life: Enables Auto Access Mode, Sharing Car Keys Remotely and 3 Seconds Installation with moki
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Meet moki, the digital keyless entry system for cars. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for lost car keys or going through the lengths to make a copy.

We’ve all experienced the panic followed by the frustration of losing car keys or being in the possession of another driver. Or have you experienced the frustration of someone taking the car key, leaving you unable to use the car?

Using moki and your smartphone only, get direct access to your car, and share access with others anywhere, at any time.

You may recognize your car listed above, however, it is important to confirm the model of your remote control key to match up the right moki for your car.
Further information about the key is available at the bottom of the page.

Keyless Car Entry with moki

When approaching the vehicle with auto-access mode enabled on your smartphone, the car door will automatically open based on the preset distance. Conversely, as you move away, the car door will automatically lock.

Stay in control, even when your hands are full!

moki is paired using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 for a strong and stable connection at all times. Enjoy swift auto-access control without delays.

You don’t have to store moki in a visible location. The strong and secure pairings of Bluetooth 5.0 technology guarantee a stable connection. Thus, even if you store moki in an inconspicuously safe place,  Bluetooth pairing will remain available.

Caution: If you store moki in a safety box or trunk, the Bluetooth signal will weaken, potentially resulting in difficulty establishing a connection.

Personalize the range in which auto-access mode is enabled using moki’s digital recognition technology.

Adjust from 0 to a maximum of 50m via Bluetooth 5.0 pairing.
We recommend setting the Auto Access recognition distance to be around 0 to 15 meters.

If your garage is near your living area, unintended vehicle locking may occur. To prevent malfunctions, you can either shorten the auto-access recognition distance or deactivate the auto-access mode.

moki allows for manual access control via the app, in addition to the auto-access mode.
The user-friendly and intuitive moki app ensures effortless control over the vehicle door for anyone. 

Sharing Permission via the APP

Share access to your vehicle via the moki app!

If your car needs to be used by someone that’s not you, enable access directly from your phone. Say goodbye to physical key exchanges.

Through the app, assign multiple drivers to one car, and request access to more than just your car.

In the moki app, you can control all the information regarding vehicle control listed below.

  • Auto-Access Mode Setting
  • Manual-Access Control
  • Battery Level Check
  • Sharing Access to Guest Users
  • Managing Shared Access (Master & Guest User Settings)
  • General Settings

Digitizing car keys doesn’t have to be complicated.

With moki, you can connect in an instant without taking your car apart for rewiring or installing hardware.

No need for your key to undergo surgery either.

moki  inhibits all risks involved with re-assembling mechanical products. Proceed with confidence knowing there are no potential damages that affect electrical systems inside the vehicle, or car key

You may encounter situations where you don’t frequently use moki. However, if you have moki, you can easily set it up whenever needed and convert your physical car key into a digital key at any time.

No more roundabouts over who’s got the possession of a single key. No more time lost over key exchanges. It might be time to bid farewell to your key case wallet.

Sound good to you? With moki it’s possible. Built to support larger entities, moki doesn’t limit the number of authorized guest users. This is great for co-sharing company cars, or adopting into existing car rental systems.

Make life a lot easier with moki.

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