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Chargerman: Tesla to J1772 Charging Adapter

Charge any EVs much faster and safer than ever with a J1772 port. An essential adapter for Non-Tesla Electric Vehicles.
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Why do you need a Tesla to j1772 charging adapter?

The Tesla Supercharger network leads with about 60% of the 26,000 DC Fast Charging ports in the US, and sadly, only Tesla owners can use the network, at least for now. The next three U.S. leaders in DC Fast Charging – Electrify America, EVgo and ChargePoint – have just shy of 7,600 fast-charging ports combined, or about 29% of the total fast-charging points in the country. (Source: cars.usnews.com)

While a third-party adapter works for the Level 2 Tesla chargers, non-Tesla EVs cannot use Tesla’s fast chargers. In America, only Tesla models can use the company’s Superchargers. This was a great news for Tesla owners. But now that other companies are getting into the full-electric market, it presents a problem. The American car industry eventually settled on J1772, but most charging stations have a Tesla plug. That’s why you need a Tesla to J1772 adapter.

Drivers of EVs from other manufacturers can take advantage of Tesla Destination Chargers. In the North American market, an electric vehicle owner can purchase a Tesla-to-J1772 adapter and connect a Destination Charger to their car’s charging port. 

Introducing Chargerman

Hello non-Tesla EV owners! Feeling bad when you come to your friends house with an EV and their Tesla Wall Connector can’t help you out? Feeling anxious when you need a fast recharge at your EVs? Worried about kids accidentally unplugging the charging adapter when you weren’t there? Afraid your adapter may get stolen when you are away?

No worries! Chargerman solves everything.

Chargerman Tesla to j1772 Charging Adapter is an essential adapter for all electric vehicles. It can be compatible with any Non-Tesla electric vehicles on the market, and it allows electric vehicles with the more standard “J1772” charging ports to use a Tesla charging port.

Chargerman Tesla to j1772 Charging Adapter Features

It’s been really useful for people who own an electric vehicle because with this adapter, you are able to use Tesla wall connector such as wall connectordestination charger and mobile connector for fast charging on all EVs. 

Compatible Connector

Be aware: It won’t work with superchargers as it doesn’t have anything to authenticate the account to activate the charge session.

Level 2 220-240v chargers with Tesla tip like the Tesla High Powered Wall Charger, otherwise known as Tesla Destination Charger. These do not require any billing service. Plug and charge.

Compatible with any non-Tesla EVs

No doubt, Chargerman Tesla to j1772 Charging Adapter can be compatible with any non Tesla EVs on the market. 

Our adapter can also work at Destination Charger. You can put the adapter in your glovebox when you are travelling, and use it wherever you have found a charging station.

Compatible Models

With this adapter, you don’t have to worry about finding non-Tesla electric vehicle charging stations in chilly winter when you want your electric vehicle to be charged at home. 

Tesla to j1772 Adapter Using Wall Connector
Rapid Charging Speed

Can you imagine that the charging speed is up to 80 Amps and 40kWh of Chargerman? This mean your EV can get fully charge within 4 hours!!!

Rapid Charging Speed

Yes…you may have some questions on the charging speed. 

Some people may not know the Chargerman Tesla to j1772 Charging Adapter is not for DC fast charging at 40kW. This is AC charging and well within specs. Testing has been done, so you don’t need to worry about the adapter can’t handle intense power load and destroy your EV.

Voltage Testing

Unique Security Lock Mechansism

Unlike other adapter’s regular sliding design, we designed a unique double lock and a key for people’s safety. This unique security lock may also prevent children from playing around your EV and unplug the adapter.

Easy to plug into your EV and lock the adapter with the lock mechanism

Portable & Ergonomic Design

We want to make a portable adapter so it can fit into your glove box. Our Tesla to j1772 adapter is almost 1/2 size of other brand adapters such as Shockflo and Lectron.

Comparison of size

Anti-slip is needed, because we think the surface of the adapter may get slippery when you are plugging the adapter into your EV during cold winter.  

The adapter is also ergonomic design, you can perfectly hold this adapter with your fingers.

Ergonomic Design
Safe to charge your EV under any severe weather conditions

With Chargerman,  you are safe to charge your EV under any severe weather conditions. The working temperature of the adapter is between -40°F and 212°F.

Safe to charge your EV in cold winter with Chargerman Tesla to j1772 adapter

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