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U-tube Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer


Dries and sterilizes your footwear
Programmable at 3/6/9 hours
1532 holes make sure it dries from all sides
Auto overheat cut-off to avoid damaging shoes

Additional Information

Your favorite shoes are getting smelly or they take forever to dry? Get this gadget to solve both issues! Smart shut-off will avoid any damage to your shoes!

Sothing Shoes Dryer

Deodorization and Dehumidification, Rapid Heatingand Constant Temperature, Three gear timing

Fireproof and Flame Retardant, Portable For Travel

Shoes dry and enjoy freshness

Deodorization and dehumidification | All-round dryingTimed off | Fireproof and flame retardant

Are You Still Worrying About Damp Shoes

Walking on the road of life will inevitably get shoes wet.

During continuous rainy days, wet and cold shoes will not only make people uncomfortable, but also cause various foot problems.

Wear Dry Shoes and Go Further

A new product form brings a dry shoe-wearing experience.

Dehumidification and dehumidification PTC quick heat 55°C constant temperature Lightweight and portable

Use Scenarios

After Exercise–Dry residual sweat in shoes to prevent odor

Rainy Day–Dry the damp leather shoes to avoid damage to the leather

Season Change–Solve the trouble that cotton slippers are difficult to dry completely, prevent slippers from moldy.

Drying Socks–Easily dry the dehydrated cotton socks to solve the embarrassment of changing and washing during rainy weather and the embarrassment of socks breaking.

Remove Moisture

Dual-core heating and quick drying

Each shoe dryer has two built-in PTC heating elements, which are respectively built into the two ends of the ring. The evenly distributed heat quickly dries the shoes, removes moisture, and gives you a warm and fluffy wearing feeling.

Surging Heat

Quick heat constant temperature, unlimited

Get rid of the power limitation of the USB interface, the 220V standard plug brings surging heat. The core temperature of the PTC heating element is as high as 150°C, and the surface maintains a constant temperature of 55°C, which removes moisture and does not damage hoes and is not afraid of burning hands.

Lightweight And Portable

Mobile Phone Size is easy to store

The volume is only equivalent to the size of a mobile phone, and the corners of cabinets, drawer gaps, luggage compartments and other small spaces can be easily placed. The whole body weighs only 250g, which is lighter than a cup of milk tea.

All-round drying

Radiating Hole Hot Air Circulation

The surface of the product is equipped with 1532 radially arranged heat dissipation openings to evenly take care of the sole and upper of the shoe, forming a hot air circulation in the confined space of the shoe, and drying the whole shoe evenly, including the dead corners of the heel and toe.