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SGS PRO – Mini Electric Engraving & Polishing Pen


SGS PRO – Smart Mini Electric Engraving & Polishing Pen

Bluetooth Control/Smart Motion Control/Smart Speed Force/CVT/5 Modes/OLED Display/Arrowmax-App/Wireless charger/Forward&Reverse/42bits

Additional information



A easy smart tool you bring every where

The third in Arrowmax’s portable tool-set collection, the SGS PRO gives you a small, wireless rotary tool that lets you carve, engrave, grind, sand, and polish.  

Design your project

Catering to a separate audience of creators and hobbyists, it is perfect for craftwork, whether you’re creating miniatures, jewels, prototypes, sculptures, or even for more intricate art/design jobs. 

 Makes you professional 

SGS helps refreshing your loved items, giving a new face, and customising your exclusive items, different materials like plastic, wood, stone, steel, aluminum, gold, glass, ceramics, and even crystals/minerals like jade. 

Smart Motion Control

SGS PRO follows in the lines of its predecessors, the SES PRO (an electric screwdriver kit) and the SDS PRO (an electric drill-pen),  featuring with its exclusive SMC (Smart Motion Control system).

Smart mode  A mode

“A” mode that you can find the best torque, RPM and direction for your job easily through the Smart Motion Control system to suit the material you’re working with without any pause especially designing on a new material. 

APP customised smart pen

The SGS PRO’s advanced 32-bit microprocessor which comes with 4 customised mode. You can precisely  customise speed by every 500 rpm and direction by forward/reverse of every single mode easily via ARROWMAX smartphone app that’s available for Android and iOS.  

Customised smart pen

The customised data are automatically saved to the SGS. Its lowest being at 10000 RPM and highest at 20000 RPM. Customised mode builds confidence to you when you keep designing or doing work on one/same material. It reduces the time that you find or adjust the speed or direction everytime you switch on. Improving consistency and precision of your designs.

OLED indicator-easy to use

SGS PRO features a built-in OLED with direction, Dynamic display, selected mode and battery indicator bar , allowing you to see everything you need at a glance, even when it is charging. When switching the  direction or adjusting speed you’ll always know the exact setting.

Smart pen remembers you

SGS is equipped with smart memory function. It recalls your last job and is ready-to-use with the same settings. It is perfect for homes, offices, hobbies, and workshops. The pen-shape handle fits comfortably in your hands, with a good grip give you better control over the cuts you make.

Uninhibited from wiring pen

SGS comes with the same compact handheld pen-shaped design, comes with a built-in LiPo battery, making it entirely wireless so you’re never tethered to a plug-point while working. 

Freedom of SGS

Measuring about the same size as a fountain pen, it’s also much more compact than your average Dremel, giving you the freedom to easily carry the SGS PRO around with you and work on your projects practically anywhere you want.

Strong power, lives long

SGS comes with moving-coil dc motor. Giving low moment of inertia, no cogging, low friction and a very compact commutation system result in faster acceleration, higher efficiency, lower Joule losses and greater sustained torque. The electric engraving/polishing pen itself comes with a 500mAh high-performance LiPo battery, which accessed safety certification from TUV, US,  giving it up to 2 hours of use on a full charge. 

Types of wireless magnetic charge

To convenience our user, we have improved charging method . We now can charge SGS inside the alloy box or out of the alloy box. We focusd to upgrade the firmware, It has improved to shows the status of charging nicely.  

Magnetic Charger Stand

There are two sizes of charger stand, that are large size and small size. For the convenience of our users, the large magnetic charger is designed to allow the user to charge the pen in the box, which can reduce the time for the user to put the pen back into the box after charging is complete. The small charging stand is to help those long-time work users with SGS. Charge it easily and quickly with a safety stand.

If you upgrade to the Plus version, CNC processed magnetic charger stand(large)comes with your pen. Evenmore, you may add-on the small magnetic charger stand through the add-on items.

Pro Portable 30+12 

Each SGS PRO comes as a kit, along with an exhaustive collection of bits that fit right into the pen’s modular enclosure. The device comes along with an entire compact easy-to-carry kit, featuring 30 engraving bits and 12 polishing bits, all sitting inside their organizer trays for a nice space-saving experience. Every 2.35mm diameter bits in the market fits to SGS.

Reliable Chucking System

To improve the consistency and performance, we choose the system as the picture shown. This system can reduce the chance of problem happens and convenience our users.

Luxury Black limited SGS pro

OWN a special SGS Pro Smart mini Electric Engraving & Polishing Pen in Black immediately. It is limitedin 300 pieces. That is a SGS Pro with the serial number of the pen is laser marked on the shell (xxx/300). We would like to provide a specialized SGS pro to our supporters, which can be laser-marked your name/signature. 

Also, to specialize a SGS PRO black for backers, we provide the service of laser-marking on the body of SGS PRO. You may choose to have name or even a sentence on it. The font style is “embassy” with size “24” pt. The limited character is 25. You may send us email about what you want to mark on it. 

Email address: hello@arrowmax-rc.com

Minimize the price. Maximize the joy

Even SGS mini users, they can also experience such fashion, latest technology from Arrowmax APP, which available in IOS and Android.  We want to offer the best user experience to AM smart tool family members, whatever pro or mini users!

Mini the Size

The SGS Mini benefits from the same exquisite outlook as the Pro version. The SGS Mini is smaller in footprint and is priced lower. The mini version is nice to hold, and is slightly more compact.

Mini Portable 24+12 

Each SGS MIni comes as a kit, along with an exhaustive collection of bits that fit right into the pen’s modular enclosure. The device comes along with an entire compact easy-to-carry kit, featuring 24 engraving bits and 12 polishing bits, all sitting inside their organizer trays for a nice space-saving experience.

Protective carrying bag

SGS Pro Plus comes with a exclusive bag. It protects your SGS effectively by the protective material of the Arrowmax bag, especially when you hangout to do projects.