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SES Pro Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver


SES PRO -Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver

Smart Motion Control/Smart Torque Force/OLED Display/34 bits/5 Modes/CVT /15*136mm/52g

Additional information


SES Pro (34 in 1), SES(34 in 1), SES Mini (28 in1)

You need the right tools when you’ve got a job on hand, be it for daily household task or repairing works. And if the tool can be both smart and ergonomic, that will be a big plus! The SES PRO electric screwdriver is exactly that tool. It is the latest smart-motion control, electric-powered screwdriver that is easy to use, and made to improve the quality of life.

Screwdrivers are becoming more sophisticated over time. The state-of-the-art SES PRO screwdriver is lighter, shorter, more powerful than any other electrical screwdrivers out there.

The pen-shape design of the SES PRO is sleek and lightweight. Built upon 32-bit micro-processor, the smart-motion and electrical torque screwdriver is extremely precise and accurate

The SES PRO is instructed and commanded by the direction you twist your wrist. Gently rotate direction (left/right) to tighten or loosen the screws. The motor will automatically power the torque up to 2.0kgf.cm(max) depend on the angle of hand rotation.

Press the switch button three times. The SES PRO allows you to digitally select from 5 torque settings, A-1-2-3-4, ranging from 0.5kgf.cm-2.0kgf.cm, giving you superb control and the power needed. It is advisable to start from low to achieve perfect precision and minimizes the risk of damaging a product. Gradually increase the torque until you reach the optimum balance for each task.

Torque Settings Gears 1–4

Each gear has its own torque option, which changes the direction according to hand swing induction. The torque margin of each gear is:

The SES PRO features a built-in OLED with drill direction, torque, and battery indicator bar, allowing you to see everything you need at a glance, even when it is  charging. When switching the drilling direction or adjusting the torque, you’ll always know the exact setting.

Turn on and switch to mode A for smart motion control. The SES PRO features a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which allows for stepless speed changes and maximum flexibility. The larger the angle, the higher speed you will achieve with a maximum rate of 200 RPM.

A handy structure, SES PRO uses top of the grade aluminium alloy material to have its overall weight greatly reduced. At only 52g, it weighs similarly to that of a traditional screwdriver.  It has a height of 136mm (approx same as iphone12) and a diameter of 15mm.

The shape of the SES PRO body is specifically designed to provide exceptional grip when in use. The  rectangular fillet shape is proven to have great stability when not in use, or resting on non-slip surfaces. The pen-sized screwdriver is ultra portable and allows you to bring it to anywhere and everywhere in your pocket.

The SES PRO is included with 34 different magnetised tips. The tips are of industrial standards, adopting S2 alloy with hardness of HRC 60.

SES PRO (34 Bits)

The SES PRO is equipped with four shadow-less LED lights on the head of unit. We have implemented the same LED technology that surgeons use to produce a shadow-less light, so you will never miss anything!

Ultra-precision flexible circuit board and 500mAh high-energy lithium battery ensures for 2 hours of uninterrupted work.

Apart from the pro version(SES PRO) of the electric screwdriver , we have decided to also create a lower grade of the smart motion screwdriver, the SES MINI.

SES MINI – Smaller Electric Screwdriver

The SES MINI is smaller, portable and more cost-efficient. It is only at 115mm, similar with a LAMY (pen). It can also be used in many working scenarios such as, repair appliances or digital devices ,toys etc.

With 350mAh high-energy lithium battery, the SES-MINI will work for at least 1 hour without any interruptions.

28 bits will be included in the SES MINI version. The unique top LED indicator, shows the status of the screw-loose or tight. Two keys L-R, direct guidance to use to tighten or loosen screws.

SES MINI (28 Bits)

Suitable for Any Equipment

Note: For environmentally-friendly reason, the SES will not provide Type-C charging cable. However, the cable can be requested to attach for free in survey after the crowdfunding  finished.


ARROWMAX SES Power Tip Extension

Thank you so much for all your support! We have received a tremendous amount of valuable feedbacks from you and we regarded each and everyone of them seriously.


Our team came up with a solution that could benefit everyone.

We have completed the design of them “Arrowmax power tip extension”. I will further extend the total length to approximately 68mm for a wider range of application.


The power tip extension will be offered to all of our pledged backers as a gift of appreciation and will be at no cost. Thank you for your support and we are looking to offer you many more quality products in the future!