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Original price was: $64.00.Current price is: $58.00.

REVOXEN – True USB-C Bi-directional Switcher

One Click Switching | True Bi-directional Link | Switching Between Devices | Support 8K Ultra HD Display

Additional information


Expand your connectivity and imagination with this super USB switch! REVOXEN is the one-step express for all your USB devices. By using the latest technology, this REVOXEN will connect up to two computers with all your peripherals for 8K UHD video, 10GB/s data transfer, and 100W fast charging without compromise. You can now control both of your computers with one set of mouse & keyboards, or have them access high-speed SSD storage with unmatched speed and reliability.



Using only one USB port from your devices, REVOXEN can link up with all your USB devices without sacrificing speed or quality! Whether it is your keyboard & mouse, your printer and external drive, or USB-compatible displays, you can access each of them with just one click on REVOXEN without delay.



Can’t call it a REVOXEN if it only goes one direction! All devices connected on the REVOXEN can be accessed in both directions, meaning you can connect both computers and displays on either side to access all kinds of data and graphics transfer. This also means you can freely transfer power from one device to another for recharging.


This will come in handy when you are using two computers at the same time and you want to project one of them onto a monitor while working on your other computer, REVOXEN can help with just a click of a button to switch one of your computers onto the monitor.



You can access your external hard drive on both computers by using REVOXEN without unplugging it and this works for your keyboard and mouse as well.


REVOXEN enables you to connect to two different hubs or external hard drives to your computer so that it won’t drain your battery.



Unlike the other USB-C switcher in the market, we support the connection of hub and dock and this is our exclusive function. You can connect more items to the dock and hub to expand the usage such as a keyboard and mouse, SD card, hard disc, and more.



With more equipment supporting 8K UHD video definition, so do we! REVOXEN supports direct graphics transfer of up to 8K 7680 x 4320 @60hz with HDR, meaning you can play, watch and present the highest quality graphics without sacrificing quality. All 33 million pixels of them! There will be no delay or decrease in video quality.


With more devices supporting PD fast charging today, REVOXEN ensures you can fully use it. Built upon the latest PD standards, you can recharge any PD device connected at up to 100W speed. Get them back to 100% charged within minutes.


The fast and reliable transfer is everything for a USB switch. It is the main reason why we choose not to go wireless. On this REVOXEN, the top speed is 10GB per second, doubling the speed of most switches available today. In actual use, you will be able to access most files instantly and transfer large files like 4K videos in just seconds.


A USB switch is naturally lighter and smaller than a hub as it contains fewer sockets. The microprocessor to switch between sockets is very small, so the complete unit can be packed with your laptop bag like a flash drive. Even when you are not taking it with you outside, it will simplify your desk and make a clean setup.



With the compact size of REVOXEN, you should be able to use it in your home or office easily. You can link up to different devices and output to 2 monitors easily.