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Omisonic Cleaning Tool


OmiSonic – 1st Wireless Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

Clean your stuff at a microscopic level with the power of wireless ultrasonic technology!

Additional Information

The 1st Wireless Ultrasonic Cleaning Device. OmiSonic uses powerful ultrasonic waves to clean almost anything at a microscopic level.
– Wireless Ultrasonic Cleaning Device
– Travel-Friendly and Portable
– Completely Safe
– Powered with Mobile App
– Save Energy and Water
– Eco-friendly



Capacity: 3000mAh
Power: 5 watts
Operating frequency: 45000 Hz
Charge Type: Micro USB
Battery Type: Li-ion
Charging Time: 2 hours
Run Time: 2 hours
Charger Voltage: 5V


What’s included:

– 1 OmiSonic
– 1 OmiSonic Charging Dock
– 1 Micro USB Cable
– 1 OmiSonic Bag
– 1 pack of paper soap (15 sheets)
– OmiSonic App.


Since it’s fully wireless, OmiSonic can be used hassle-free and WITHOUT AN OUTLET while travelling, camping, or backpacking. Wash up to 4.4 lbs of items in a single run. From clothes to vegetables to jewelry, OmiSonic will be ready to take on your cleaning needs in any situation.



OmiSonic is going to revolutionize how we clean. It uses ultrasonic technology to deep clean at the microscopic level. This means it’ll push out dirt and clean parts, holes, and corners that could never before be washed by washing machine or hand-washing. As a result, you’ll get ultra-clean results while using only 2% the water of a washing machine!

Wireless also means safe! Ultrasonic washers need to be submerged in water to work properly, but most current ultrasonic washers are wired. It’s very dangerous to soak a wired electronic device in water – making these washers potentially hazardous.

OmiSonic is completely wireless and IPX8 waterproof – meaning you can wash without worry or hazard!

UltraSonic Cleaning Technology

OmiSonic uses ultrasonic cleaning technology to wash your items. The device generates ultrasonic waves that create thousands of microscopic bubbles in the water. These bubbles float to your item and implode, forming a vacuum that SUCKS out dirt, particles, and bacteria lodged in your clothing, fruits, jewelry, or items.

Because the bubbles are microscopic in size, they have the ability to pull out particles that are deeply lodged in your item. The bubble can go into corners, cracks, and crevices previously unreachable, and the force of the vacuum is powerful enough to dislodge the particles stuck in there.

When you have thousands on thousands of these micro-cleaning bubbles floating all around your cleaning load, you’ll be sure to get the deepest clean EVER. It’s like having an army of microscopic cleaners go into the deepest corners of your laundry and flushing out every nanometer of debris and bacteria stuck in there.

As a result, OmiSonic’s ultrasonic cleaning technology will wash your clothes, fruits, vegetables, and jewelry deeper, cleaner, and much more effectively than traditional washing methods.


True Wireless Cleaning

OmiSonic is battery powered. This means you don’t need an outlet to have it work!

Take it with you to the remotest of areas and have ultrasonic cleaning ready at hand.


Whether you’re backpacking in the remote reaches of the country or polishing your silverware at home, OmiSonic will make sure you can clean your items quick, easy, and hassle-free.



Our app uses bluetooth to connect your phone with the device (no service required). We spent countless hours developing and refining it to be absolutely amazing.


Once finished with the calculations, it will suggest the best washing time, temperature, and amount of detergent needed for the wash – providing the best result every time!


Simple Stains to Full Loads

OmiSonic is powerful in quality and quantity. You can wash up to 2kg (~4.4 lbs) per load effectively!

A 2kg (~4.4lb) load will take around 120 minutes (one full charge) of wash time, whereas a 0.5kg (~1 lb) load will only take about 30 minutes (four loads from one charge).


Wash Any Material

No matter if it’s cotton, polyester, wool, or silk – OmiSonic will get the dirt and stains out of your clothes with ZERO DAMAGE, ZERO SHRINKING, and ZERO COLOR BLEEDING. Wash all your clothing and items in peace!

Remove Any Stain

Whether it’s mud, wine, soy sauce, oil or blood* – OmiSonic will remove it all! Because OmiSonic cleans at a microscopic level, it can remove even the toughest stains from your clothes and fabrics.


Clean Your Food

Whether you’re trying to remove the dirt in your lettuce or pesticides from your grapes, OmiSonic will wash it all quick, easy, and effectively! 

OmiSonic will give you peace of mind about your fruits & vegetables without the hassle. Don’t spend so much time cleaning every ridge and each individual grape – OmiSonic will take care of it for you and make sure every bite you take will be chemical and dirt-free!



Polish Your Precious Items

Tired of polishing all your silverware & jewelry by hand? OmiSonic’s got you covered. The ultrasonic bubbles will attack the tarnish, rust, and oil on all your precious items and remove them.

From silverware to rings and even watches, OmiSonic will break off the tarnish and get your precious metals shining like new again. No more vinegar sprays and alcohol wipes!


Purify Your Personal Hygiene Tools

Did you know – you can find fecal matter on your toothbrush? That’s right! You might be brushing your teeth with pieces of poop! Not to mention your makeup brush, razor, and other personal hygiene tools you keep in the bathroom.

With OmiSonic, you can make sure all the unwanted bacteria and particles on your brushes, razors, and hygiene tools are washed off before you use them. It’s time you cleaned the things that clean you.



Sanitize Your Daily Items

When was the last time you cleaned your phone case? How about your keys, backpack or reusable grocery bag? With OmiSonic, you can clean out the years of dirt, sweat, and bacteria that’s likely accumulated on those items. Get into the pores of your daily used items and give them a deep cleansing.


Disinfect Toys & Baby Items

Ever think about what might be growing on/in your child’s toys or baby’s bottle? Well, with OmiSonic, you don’t have to. Clean out all the potential dangers from your kid’s favorite toy(s) and all the things your baby puts her mouth to.


The World’s Smallest Washing Machine

OmiSonic is truly the world’s smallest washing machine. Fit the entire device in your pocket and have it ready to go at any notice. You’ll be able to wash clothes, food, silverware, jewelry and more whenever, wherever you need to. It’s like carrying a washing machine with you wherever you go – but without the weight, noise, or hassle!


Travel Lighter & Farther

Never overpack again. With OmiSonic, packing for travel and camping just got lighter and easier. Because you can wash practically anywhere, you don’t need to bring as much clothes and definitely don’t need any emergency outfits.

Make extra room in your bag, decrease your carry weight by half, and go the extra mile!

OmiSonic isn’t just presenting the washing machine of the future – we’re also introducing the detergent of the future. Our environmentally friendly, package-free paper detergent dissolves into the sink or bucket with the OmiSonic device to give an extra punch to the cleaning power.


Get the toughest stains and oils out of your clothes and see stunning results like never before!

Save Water

OmiSonic uses 15x LESS water than a traditional washing machine for a much more powerful and gentler deep clean! Plus, it scales much better to your load size. If you’re just washing one shirt, you only need enough water for that one shirt. No need to wash an entire load because of a simple stain.

Conserve water and adopt a more sustainable way to wash!

Save Energy

In addition to saving water, OmiSonic uses 40x LESS energy than a traditional washing machine! That not only means you’ll be saving on your electric bill – you’ll be decreasing your carbon footprint as well! Less energy means less CO2 produced to generate electricity. 


Save the planet while saving money!

OmiSonic is changing washing and cleaning forever. No more wasting water or energy. No more being tied down by wires. No more scrubbing and soaking. Get ultra-clean, microscopically-scrubbed results with everything you wash – and do it ANYWHERE.

This is the future of cleaning.


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