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ChillZ – Powerful Air Cooler


ChillZ -Powerful Air Cooler with Bluetooth Speaker

-14°F Cooling Fan | Ultrasonic Air Mist l 5000-20000mAh Battery l Bluetooth Speaker | Camping Lantern

Additional information




Electric fan can only keep you cool before it gets too hot that the wind turns into heatwave. Using the flash evaporation effect, ChillZ Pro has the option to spray fine mist in front of its turbine, so the water vapor evaporates underway and lowers the temperature further!

ChillZ Pro delivers wind by a duct turbine, precisely engineered to deliver more wind by speeding up the airflow. As a result, not only is ChillZ Pro better at direct cooling, but it will also drop the room temperature.

The mist is delivered by a miniature ultrasonic device that turns the water into the smallest possible vapors. The vapors are small enough to largely evaporate when they are still in the air, preventing wetting the floor. It also uses less water so the full tank can last as long as the battery.


Combining power of the turbine and mist, ChillZ Pro is able to drop over 10 degrees within minutes. ChillZ Pro cools objects directly in front of it very quickly. We have tested it against a metal plate with a thermosensor connected to it, and we were able to record a 14 degree Fahrenheit drop in just 10 minutes. This is significantly faster than even traditional fans doubling its diameter. You can also add some ice cubes into the water tank for rapid cooling.


Most electric fans can run at multiple speeds, but often the selection is not practical. Low is usually too weak while High is too strong. Luckily ChillZ Pro is different. Our lowest speed is already quite powerful, but the medium speed delivers around 50% more wind and the full power almost doubles that of the lowest! You can even use it as a small shop fan.

Most fans barely rotate 90’ so the wind is limited to a small area. With ChillZ Pro, a super-wide gearset mounted inside its base will swing it left to right in a 150 degree angle! With this option, you can place ChillZ Pro further away and set it to high speed, so the whole room will get cooler.


We have integrated a fragrance diffuser pod into ChillZ, meaning it can now distribute solid fragrance of your choice while cooling you down! The dispenser is positioned at the center of the fan, easily accessed to insert or replace the fragrance inside. The pod is also perfect for pest repellent, making use of the powerful turbine to create a bug-free zone outdoors.

How big is a 20000 mAh lithium battery? Well, it is about the size of 7 latest iPhone combined! That is enough to keep both the fan, spray and speaker running together for the whole day. We make good use of the extra juice, so you can also hook up other USB devices and use ChillZ Pro as a powerbank.


To make the full use of the 20000mAh, we have included 3 USB fast charging ports on ChillZ Pro so you can recharge several phones, torches and other gadgets at the same time. You use your ChillZ Pro for up to 120hrs of fan and play up to 32hrs of your favorite music. No more fighting over the available ports anymore!

To connect with something as cool as ChillZ Pro, it is only natural to use modern BT 5.0 standard for a strong and reliable connection with your phone and music devices. With it you will be able to stay connected with your wearables, allowing you to keep track of your heart rate, calories and other stuff that probably nobody cares anyway.

Like classic boomboxes, we have fitted the biggest speakers we could into ChillZ Pro. It isn’t going to blow out your eardrums, but it will be enough for you and your friends to enjoy within distance. The audio tuning has considered outdoor use, so the sound will stay good enough when it is blasted loud.


Using the latest large-diameter LED lights, the camping lantern on ChillZ Pro not only stays cool after turning on all night, but it also uses very little power and has a service life of 5+ years. Don’t worry about running out of battery, keep it on to keep safe!

Picking a near 4000K color temperature, the camping lantern on ChillZ Pro will suit both in and out, matching its retro outdoor design.

Weighing in at under 1kg or a little over 2lb, ChillZ Pro is both compact and light to carry. The lantern-style lift handle fits as well inside your hand as hooked to a branch or the back of your car. Think it as a lantern, but with a misting fan and wireless speaker all combined into it!



Backers will be able to choose the color of your ChillZ Pro by survey after the close of the campaign.