QOOLA Portable Air Conditioner can be used for air conditioning or heating. The premium stainless steel plate on the unit can bring a cool or warm sensation to your body instantly. It can dissipate cooling for users in hot weather and generate heating in cold weather. It is suitable in both Winter and Summer.

No more sweat stains or unpleasant odors. QOOLA changes your overall comfort level, not just your body temperature. Eliminate humidity and hot flashes within seconds with QOOLA’s Dual Air Conditioner Technology, so that you can control your body’s temperature and keep you fresh all day long wherever you are.

QOOLA comes with 4 cooling and heating modes, the temperatures can drop down to the lowest at 59°F (15°C) and the highest at 113°F (45°C), which means you can easily adjust to your desired temperature anytime. That being said you can use it throughout four seasons!

QOOLA is relatively lightweight so no matter you are rock climbing, running, or just enjoying a picnic in the park during the hottest summer months, you no longer need to worry about dripping sweat.

QOOLA delivers a sub-zero cool sensation directly on your neck to give you the finest cooling experience, and you can easily adjust the temperature that best suits you within the range of 77°F-59°F (25°C- 15°C). 

QOOLA can disburse an incredible sensational cooling effect that can go down to 59°F (15°C) and cool you down within seconds. This would be perfect for people who love to emerge themselves in outdoor activities by providing you with the right balance and avoid overheating from happening.

With QOOLA, it can automatically cool you down in a matter of seconds. As you can tell from the body temperature above, we are using the maximum cooling mode setting to instantly drop your body temperature within minutes. 

DACT is what makes QOOLA so much better than the rest. With advanced built-in IC chip and powerful turbines, the semi conductor heats and cools the air and then it is delivered by the turbines. As the air is not diverted like in single turbine designs, the temperature change is instant and you will feel it immediately. 

ICHS is what we call our temperature conductive system. Using premium stainless steel with high thermal conductivity and reflectivity, the system controls the temperature accurately and precisely. By efficiently dissipating heat, Quick yet comfortable cooling and heating come immediately with the push of a button!

Negative Air Ions can remove contaminants such as micro dust, pollens, and other contaminating particles anywhere. QOOLA generates ions to remove residual contaminants to create fresh air directly.

It effectively removes harmful factors to provide purified air straight into your noses.

It is a wearable air purifier with an advanced concept that overcomes the limits of existing portable units. A true revolution.


Feeling stressed and tired from working long hours in the office? QOOLA can soothe your muscles and keep you warm with the perfect heating temperatures. It comes in 4 different settings by clicking once every time. You can easily adjust the temperature that best suits you with a wide range of 100°F-113°F (38°C- 45°C).

QOOLA not only cools you down but also heats you up just as good. In winter, QOOLA can be used to warm your body to a comfortable and cozy temperature while it is windy and chilly outside.

QOOLA is made with comfortable and durable material that makes it easier for users to wearon the neck securely.

Moreover, the neckband part has an flexible frame, which can be adjusted in angle, suitable for different clothes, and it fits better when wearing it, and even when wearing high-collar clothes.

Multiple internal components of QOOLA are sealed, making the unit dust and splash-proof, preventing the entry of sweat or water droplets.

QOOLA supports up to 30W fast charge with USB-C input. Just plug in your charger, relax for two and a half hour, and QOOLA will be fully charged, ready to keep you cool again!

QOOLA is powered by a rechargeable battery stored inside. It offers 5-6 hours of operation, which is more than enough to operate throughout for the day.

QOOLA comes with 4 cooling and heating modes, the temperatures can drop down to the lowest at 59°F (15°C) and the highest at 113°F (45°C), which means you can easily adjust to your desired temperature anytime that being said you can use it throughout the seasons!

You can use QOOLA in almost any setting. For instance if you were out fishing or camping under the burning sun, you can put the cooling mode on or if you are stuck in a freezing cold office you can just turn the heating mode for a nice relaxing temperature.


The QOOLA protective bag is the perfect protector for your QOOLA and your cable. QOOLA can fit in perfectly while there is enough space for other items like your airpods.