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Our Promotion Features for Creators

The following services are provided to the creators

Shared & Dedicated newsletter

We will deliver your newsletter to more than 100K+ returning backers with a better conversion rate. 

Returning Backers

All of our subscribers are returning backers with promising conversion rates 

Product Review

We provide unboxing, product reviews, and articles to help your audience get a better understanding of your product.  

Media Outeach

We will reach out to different media platforms to get your campaign featured on their platforms.

Great Result from KICKSTARTECH

We have a great result in many crowdfunding projects and the ROI is always between 3-10x.

Guarantee Return

We will do extra boost if we don’t reach our minimum ROI 1x guarantee. 

Testimonial from Creators

I will highly recommend their service.

When launching a campaign, one of the major concerns creators always have is how do I effectively boost traffic? This is my first campaign, and I have tried numerous promotion services and the results are not satisfied.

I came across a KICKSTARTECH banner from some big campagins, and I decided to give it a shot.

As of today, I have received around 90 backers from KICKSTARTECH, and they keep on coming in. Its platinum package helped my project a lot and brings a lot of traffic to my Indiegogo page. KICKSTARTECH works, and I will highly recommend their service.

David – Creator of Purme

"My campaigns skyrocketed after KICKSTARTECH boosted my sales, and we highly recommend this platform for anyone who is looking to promote their crowdfunding projects."

– Creator from Egret

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Choose your Promotion Package

Great Result from KST

We promoted so many campaign in Kickstarter and Indiegogo (including Indemand). Most of them got a very good result and we have chosen some of them as an example.  

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