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Khadas Mind: Your Next-Gen Modular Workstation

One Device, Infinite Dreams
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Looking for a flexible workspace that keeps up with your pace? We’ve designed the perfect solution for digital nomads who won’t settle for less. After countless prototypes and endless dedication, we’re ready to introduce our innovation.

Say hello to the Khadas Mind, the perfect blend of high-speed computing and exceptional portability.

The Khadas Mind Module PC offers three distinct modes tailored to your specific needs. Opt for ‘Mind Only Mode’ when you need extreme portability, switch to ‘Mind Dock Mode’ for multitasking prowess, or choose ‘Mind Graphics’ when you’re ready to unleash your creativity in design and gaming.

The Khadas Mind — At a mere 0.99 lbs (450g) and less than a quarter the size of an A4 sheet, the Mind is built to boost your creativity on the move. Thanks to its 5.55 Wh standby battery, you can enjoy up to 25 hours of sleep mode – ensuring that you’re ready whenever inspiration strikes.

The Mind Dock — Experience a new level of productivity with the Mind Dock. It’s more than just a power source for the Mind; it’s your gateway to increased capabilities. With 8 additional I/O ports and support for up to four 4K/60Hz displays when paired with Khadas Mind, the Mind Dock ensures you’re always at your best, whether at home or in the office.

The Mind Graphics — For designers, gamers, and anyone needing superior GPU performance, we offer Mind Graphics. It’s tailored for those needing significant GPU power, setting new benchmarks in design efficiency, gaming experience, and other GPU-driven tasks like A.I. model training.

Join us in reshaping your possibilities and unlocking innovation with the Khadas Mind — a testament to our unwavering dedication and support for your freedom, creativity, and self-expression.


Khadas Mind offers incredible power in a compact, portable form factor shaped to fill the needs of your life. Let innovation become your daily companion: Follow your genius wherever it takes you.

Unlike hefty desktop workstations or laptops, Khadas Mind fits snugly in your palm or handbag, granting you unmatched freedom of movement and a new realm of effortless mobility.

Khadas Mind outshines typical mini-PCs with a built-in 5.55Wh standby battery that allows it to be seamlessly unplugged from electrical power without having to shut down or save your work. Mind empowers digital nomads and designers to edit on the go, or seamlessly transition from room to room, work site to work site, and even city to city, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity like never before.

Khadas Mind boasts a compact form, yet delivers an array of essential ports, ensuring seamless adaptability across diverse scenarios. Each port is of top-tier quality, underscoring our commitment to durability and product longevity. With Mind, comprehensive connectivity is not compromised by size.

Maximize productivity by effortlessly connecting external devices for monitoring and editing tasks, all facilitated by 8 high-speed I/O ports on the Mind Dock. In addition, Mind Dock supports up to 4 simultaneous 4K/60Hz displays, revolutionizing your professional environment. For swift, reliable data transfers, Mind Dock also includes a built-in high-speed SD card reader. Mind Dock’s ethernet port is also the industry’s fastest standard, ensuring you stay connected at blazing speeds.

Welcome to a new era of streamlined efficiency with Mind Dock — an accessory poised to redefine your daily routine.

Imagine the convenience: simply slot your Mind to the multifunctional base. Mind Dock instantly supplies power and connectivity without the fuss of fiddling with an intricate tangle of cables. Whether at a remote office or at your personal workspace, the Mind Dock eliminates the annoyance of constant cable management ensuring a swift transition from work site to work site.

Let Mind Dock redefine your music journey, effortlessly transforming your workspace into an auditory haven. Elevate your audio experience with Mind Dock’s integrated sound system — a symphony of convenience and quality.

Experience enhanced security with Mind Dock’s built-in fingerprint scanner — unlock your device swiftly and accurately. Your fingerprint data remains safeguarded, stored solely within your own Mind device’s Windows 11 system (not the Mind Dock) to guarantee your privacy. As Mind Dock is designed to be used by multiple users through hot-swapping, it will not store your fingerprint data.

We’ve added a physical volume button for quick adjustments – because we know your ears appreciate the fine-tuning, LOL!


Unleash your creative potential with the Mind Graphics — an essential peripheral tailored for intensive designers and avid gamers alike. Elevate your design and gaming experience by slotting your Mind into Mind Graphics — a dedicated external GPU bay hosting the formidable NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060Ti.

Imagine indulging in lag-free 3D/CAD editing, witnessing your creative visions materialize with grace and ease. Or dive into a gaming realm where maximum settings are no barrier, conquering today’s most demanding PC games effortlessly. Mind Graphics transforms your design aspirations and gaming fantasies into reality, redefining what’s possible

The Mind Graphics is a game-changer for power users, particularly designers and professionals with high requirements. Beyond delivering massive GPU power, Mind Graphics also boasts a diverse array of I/O ports to cater to your professional demands. No matter how many peripherals you’re using or what kinds of ports they use Mind Graphics has you covered.

Mind Graphics also includes Thunderbolt 3.0 / 4.0 support, so it can be used to turbocharge not only your Mind experience but also your other devices. Elevate your creative endeavors, embracing a new standard of performance that transcends limits and maximizes versatility.

Mind Graphics is designed to safeguard your files and provide a worry-free experience. It has a built-in electronic switch-lock mechanism that prevents accidental disconnection, GPU damage and lost data whilst the GPU is in use. Immerse fully in your work and gaming experience!

Revel in enhanced audio immersion with Mind Graphic’s high-quality built-in speakers. The synergy of an external GPU and integrated speakers make Mind Graphics an optimal choice for maximizing both performance and space efficiency wherever you are.

Mind Link, a patented interface enables high-speed, stable connections within Khadas ecosystem whilst also designed for strong durability and longevity. Unlock boundless potential as your Khadas Mind seamlessly integrates into the dynamic Khadas Mind ecosystem, harmonizing with Mind Dock, Mind Graphics, Mind xPlay, and beyond — a gateway to endless possibilities.

Enter a realm of unlimited possibilities with the Khadas Mind hardware ecosystem — a series of specialized peripherals uniquely designed to function in harmony with Khadas Mind. Imagine, with your single Khadas Mind — you can unlock a universe of potential by effortlessly docking it with different peripherals. Bid farewell to transferring data among numerous devices as you can now tailor your computing experience to your unique needs.

Currently includes Khadas Mind, Mind Dock, and Mind Graphics. More advancements are coming.

The Mind xPlay — a portable display with a built-in battery — transforms Khadas Mind into a portable 2-in-1 tablet PC that you can use on the road or at a cafe.

The Mind Talk – optimized for digital video office meetings, equipped with specialized audio features for crystal-clear communication in conference rooms of any size and any number of participants.

The Mind Studio – a huge 32” multi-touch display for creative and graphics professionals. With a built-in silent pneumatic hinge, tilt the display at any angle for graphics editing, painting and drawing!

Our hardware ecosystem is not just about gadgets; it’s about fulfilling your diverse professional needs in the simplest ways possible. Manifest a future where in one core device, the Khadas Mind, and its ever-expanding range of peripherals satisfies and encompasses all your professional and entertainment needs. Follow your highest-excitement wherever it leads!


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