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HiLaser: Ultimate Laser Engraver Series for All Your Need

Powerful Industrial-grade Dual Laser Source Engraving, Compact & Super Fast Laser Engraver & Cutter for All Materials.
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In order to let anyone enjoy fast and easy DIY engraving, HiLaser has launched the Z series for all your needs. From novice to expert, from home use to business, HiLaser is smart, versatile, and portable that is ready to give you the best laser engraving and cutting experience.

With the compressed spot technology, HiLaser engravers focus a 4.5W 455nm blue light that engraves at the speed up to 600mm/s with 0.05mm accuracy. It can engrave or cut on wood, bamboo, acrylic, glass, ceramic, and more, showing every detail of your design on virtually any surface.

HiLaser Z4-1 is equipped with a 455nm blue laser and a 1064nm white laser in its compact body to enhance metal engraving, making it the world’s smallest dual laser source engraver and cutter.

Industrial Quality 1064nm Laser

Powered by the extra 1064nm end-pumped laser, HiLaser Z4-1 has ultra-strong etching capabilities for accurate, deep cutting over a wide range of metals, many plastics, and leather.

  • Dual Laser Source Engraving Demo Video


Looking for a budget-friendly entry-level laser engraver and cutter? If you don’t have much demand for metal engraving, check out HiLaser Z4. It’s portable, easy-to-use, and versatile, good enough for starters.

Compact and Lightweight

Weight only 0.68kg, HiLaser Z4 is portable and easy to carry for a wide range of applications. Combined with a power bank, HiLaser Z4 lets you take creativity on the go for engraving anywhere at any time.

 Advanced Magnetic Base

HiLaser Z4 series is equipped with an innovative magnetic base for accurate handheld engraving. As the height of the base matches the laser focal length, it’s perfect for hassle-free handheld engraving of large objects.

Easy Focus

The manual height adjustment stand (sold separately) comes in handy when dealing with small objects of different heights. Using the focusing stick and indicator light, you can easily find the optimal height that yields the best results.

HiLaser Z3 is a smart and foldable laser engraver & cutter that has some intuitive features for DIY starters. The smart operation system and structure allow you to enjoy an easy and powerful engraving experience and get started in seconds using HiLaser Z3.

Unique Bevel Engraving

Don’t limit your imagination to horizontal or vertical surfaces. The HiLaser Z3’s metal body has a rotatable design which lets you engrave any bevel within 180° by rotating the laser module. With its autofocus feature, you can mark your logo on almost any uneven surface.

360° Rotary Engraving

In addition to flat surfaces, engraving can also be done on curved surfaces. You can mount an electric roller (Sold separately) on the engraver and add your personal touch to any cylindrical objects. Pens, glasses, or even a bottle of wine can be made unique and special by engraving!

Engrave Beyond the Tabletop

Working with an object that is too large for your tabletop? No worries. Remove the hollow base and you can put the HiLaser Z3 directly on the top of your target object. This versatile feature lets you accurately mark virtually any object.

Auto Lifting and Focus

An unfocused laser will lead to blurry results. With HiLaser Z3, your laser will never be out of focus. Simply press the autofocus button, and HiLaser Z3 will lift to the ideal height automatically and mark your pattern deeply, accurately, and in sharp detail.

One-click Preview & Start

Engraving and cutting are more precise and hassle-free thanks to the preview mode of the HiLaser series. The preview is not limited to just the approximate area either, you can clearly preview the graph with one simple click. Set your pattern to the best spot and press start. Your design is created exactly as shown in the preview.

The HiLaser series of engravers is also capable of cutting a variety of materials. Thanks to its 4.5w blue light laser with compressed spot technology, it can cut wood, acrylic, and leather up to 5mm thick. With its specially designed laser cutting plate, the HiLaser series can efficiently dissipate heat to prevent burning the surface of the material. You can always achieve perfectly clean & sharp edges with HiLaser.

Safety is always a top priority. Using built-in object and motion detection, the HiLaser series, can automatically detect the status of the engraving process and will stop immediately if the machine is picked up, accidentally tilted, or if you put your hand under the laser during engraving. This is to ensure that people or objects are not damaged by the laser. Furthermore, the protective goggles and the magnetic protection shields (sold separately) filter out blue light and protect your eyes from laser damage.

The HiLaser series is compatible with Bluetooth and USB connection and supports a wide range of input file formats. So you can transfer your designs easily between the device and a computer or smartphone smoothly and conveniently.


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