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F1, World’s First Digital Soldering w/ Fume Extractor

75W | 32°F to 752°F in 6 Sec | Lead-free Tips | High-precision thermostat | Intuitive shortcuts | Odor-Free | 1.8 CMM(m³/min)
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Introducing Fly Carve F1, the next-gen soldering station combining a high-precision digital soldering iron, a powerful fume extractor with 1.8 CMM(m³/min) of suction power, and an all-metal circuit board holder with clamping. This all-in-one soldering kit allows you to consistently perform high-quality soldering while maintaining a healthier smoke-free soldering environment.

  •  Ceramic Heating Core

Fly Carve F1 has an extremely fast warm-up speed, heating from 0° to 400℃(32°F to 752°F) in only 6 seconds. Its unique T12 soldering core utilizes a ceramic heating core and high conductive temperature transmission technique that speeds up the soldering process.

  •  Microcomputer Chip 

Equipped with an advanced microcomputer chip to accurately control temperature, Fly Carve F1’s reliably maintains a temperature variance of just ± 3℃(37°F) to protect solder heads and other components. With a high-precision thermostat and microcomputer control, it reduces the time needed for reheating to boost your productivity.

  •  3 Pre-set Temperature Shortcuts

You no longer have to adjust the temperature constantly, Fly Carve F1 comes with 3 Pre-set Temperature Shortcuts so you can jump between different temperature settings with a single press of the button for a more convenient workflow. 

The soldering iron also has a handy standby mode to reduce power consumption and ensure long life of the tool.

It’s important to have appropriate ventilation and filtration when fumes, particulates, or gases are produced as a result of soldering. With a specialized fume extractor design and 1.8 CMM(m³/min) suction volume, Fly Carve F1 significantly reduces harmful gases emitted during soldering to protect your lungs, nasal passages, and overall health.

  •  360° Rotating Extraction Tube 

The 360° rotating extraction tube is highly flexible, allowing you to easily collect harmful exhaust fumes for a safer work environment. The larger surface area and better fan filtration rate provides an efficient area coverage that filters away smoke and harmful fumes reliably.

  •  Replaceable 3-layer Filter 

Fume absorption units scrub dirty air and reintroduce clean air back into the working environment after HEPA and activated carbon filtration. 

Fly Carve F1 is highly adaptable to handle any soldering work! It offers unlimited possibilities for home DIY, electronics repair, pyrography, arts and crafts, and more. 

Fly Carve comes with 3 soldering tips (T12-BL, T12-JL02, T12-KL) which are lead-free for safety and made of red copper and multi-layers of alloy material for longer durability, anti-oxidation properties, and burn resistance. 

  • Eloctrlc Two-way Clamp

The rechargeable eloctrlc two-way clamp helps you stabilize the PCB board when soldering or debinding for a more convenient workflow, with the electric adjustable function it supports different sizes of boards.

The eloctrlc two-way clamp is an add-on option.
  •  Silicone Soldering Iron Holder 

Silicone soldering iron holder has better durability than ordinary soldering iron holders. It is less noisy when removing residual solder and protects the ceramic iron core, and the non-slip silicone base improves the stability and safety of the iron during use.

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