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DINGDIAN S3:Intel N6000 Silent Ultra-thin Pocket Size MiniPC

Portable small | Intel Pentium N6000 3.3GHz |16G+1TB | WIFI6/BT5.2 | 4K@60HZ | RJ45 2.5G | 3 x USB3.1 | Win10&11| Game| Business|Design
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Divided-body design is applied on the casing of S3, so that a huge area of ventilation is available to provide higher cooling efficiency. Also, the casing went through polishing process to make it smoother and easier to clean.

The processors of S3 are Intel Pentium Silver N6000, which is newly launched by Intel in Q1 2021, Dingdian S3 is the first Mini PC with N6000 processor, and it pushes the performance of S3 to another level, meanwhile keeps its ultra-thinness, compact size and powerful performance.

To improve the performance of the Hard drives, we upgrade the original M2. 2242 SATA interface to M2.2280 SATA, which makes the S3 more compatible and the hard drives have more powerful performance. No matter using M2.2242 SATA or M2.2280 SATA, the users can upgrade according to their needs.

Intel started Intel Pentium Silver N6000 sales 11 January 2021. This is Jasper Lake architecture notebook processor primarily aimed at office systems. It has 4 cores and 4 threads, and is based on 10 nm manufacturing technology, with a maximum frequency of 3300 MHz and a locked multiplier. Compatibility-wise, this is FCBGA1338 processor with a TDP of 6 Watt. It supports DDR4 memory.

The processor architecture is called Tremont , the single thread performance of a core could be improved by 30% on average (10 – 80% in all tests of SPECint and SPECfp).

S3 with the size of only 155*80*19mm, weight only 195g, is a high-end mini PC with the smallest, ultra-thin, and portable body, also, it comes with the CPU of the best performance, compared with the mini pcs of similar size.

Although S3 is compact, it still provides multiple extention ports on its limited space to meet your need of various application and extention.

S3 has dual video output ports, can output 4K 60Hz video, HDMI 2.0 and USB type-C can be connected to 2 independent display devices, this way you can process multiple tasks at the same time, to achieve higher working efficiency, makes it the best option for office, financial, ad design or surveillance.

S3 has 3 regular USB 3.1 Gen ports (Type A), can be used to connect hard drives, scanner, cellphone, keyboard and other peripheral devices.

(The N5105 provides a large array of connectivity and expandability options both inside and out.
There are 3 “regular” USB 3.0 Gen ports (type-A), to connect hard drives, scanners, cell phones, keyboards, and countless other peripherals.)

With one gigabyte networking port, supports 2.5Gbps of transmission rate, to meet the requirement of the harshest application and users.

3.5mm audio ports support various audio devices, no matter earphones or external speakers.

The USB Type-C port on the left is for power input. You can power the M6 with the included USB Type-C charger or any phone/laptop charger or power bank with 12V2A output.

You don’t have power supply? Not a problem, a power bank can make it work properly.

  • Bluetooth 5.2 provides up to 300m transfer distance and 2Mbps speed
  • AX201 wireless module support wifi6/BT5.2, the speed is 3 times of wifi5, effectively reduces data delay and network congestion, provides you with influent networking experience.

The built-in wifi module can be upgraded according to your need, it can be even stronger.

  • One RAM slot is included, maximum memory can be 16G.
  • 2 hard drive slots are available, one of them is SATA M.2 2242/2280, the other is NVME 2280,which means you can upgrade to higher hard drive storage if you would like to.

The S2 works with Windows 10 and supports upgrades to Windows 11, as well as Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and other recent Linux distributions.

Thanks to its tiny size, S3 is extremely portable, you can take it to various scenarios, such as conferences, outdoor presentation, exhibition, short business trip, office or entertainment, it can easily handle all of these. It is your best companion for mobile office, can even has better performance with upgraded hard drive and networking devices.

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