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CarbonFit – The Clear and Smart Rectangular Wiper Revolution

For sharper, cleaner wiping. Achieve glass like never before with our front & rear CNT & graphene-boosted rectangular wipers.
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●Say Goodbye to Frequent Wiper Changes! 

Achieve Lasting Clarity with KIMBLADE CarbonFit

A wiper blade is more than just an accessory. Wiper blades are essential to maintaining clear vision on the road. But traditional wipers can quickly deteriorate, fogging up our windshields and causing us to face hazardous situations.

This core issue has gone overlooked for years. But we at KIMBLADE have pioneered a game-changing solution: CarbonFit. Our distinctive rectangular blade design and cutting-edge technology present a wiper that not only lasts longer, but also resists performance decline for extended, consistent efficacy.

Say goodbye to frequent wiper replacements and compromised safety. With KIMBLADE CarbonFit, enjoy consistent, clear visibility on all your journeys.


●Designed to Match Your Vehicle

Our wipers aren’t restricted to just a few car models. With a vast collection of adapters designed for various wiper arms, KIMBLADE wipers seamlessly fit almost all vehicles on the road today. Dive into the KIMBLADE experience without the stress of hunting for a make-specific wiper.


●Why Backers Love KIMBLADE

For over 100 years, the traditional wiper blade design has remained largely unchanged. Then, KIMBLADE revolutionized wipers by creating them in a rectangular shape. This unique design allows KIMBLADE wipers to outshine typical triangular wipers in terms of both performance and durability. Made from premium silicone instead of the usual rubber, KIMBLADE wipers resist corrosion and deformation from environmental elements, ensuring extended durability.

The blade, meticulously crafted from premium silicone through specialized processing, provides a consistent water-repellent coating with each swipe. Designed to withstand corrosion and deformation even under extreme temperatures, KIMBLADE wipers ensure powerful and consistent cleaning performance by effectively removing water from the glass.

When the wiper blade shows signs of wear or damage, simply replace it with a refill blade, eliminating the need for a complete wiper assembly replacement. This method is both cost-effective and reduces waste.

 Not only do the meticulously designed Cleaner and Treatment offer effective glass protection and unparalleled performance, they also boast unmatched wiper compatibility and user-friendliness.

●Elevated Performance

 The Return of Our Enhanced Wipers

Sporting a sleek carbon fiber-style frame, our latest design boasts a lower profile than its predecessor, ensuring impeccable adherence even at high speeds. With a new CNT-fortified blade, we’ve fine-tuned the blade’s structure, magnifying both wiping efficiency and wiper flexibility.

Introducing the Highly Requested Square Blade Rear Wiper!

Our backers asked, and we listened. We’re thrilled to unveil the KIMBLADE rectangular blade rear wiper. Now you can experience the pronounced difference of the rectangular edge on your rear windshield.

Delivering on this promise is our pleasure. A heartfelt thank you to all our backers!

Advanced Windshield Care: Our windshield cleaner and treatment, tailored for swift and professional-grade glass maintenance, are better than ever. With our new and improved formula, we’ve further elevated our unparalleled wiper compatibility and top-tier performance. Now, cleaning your windshield is utterly effortless.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Windshield: KIMBLADE Wipers, famed for their superb water-repellent ability and unique rectangular edge, are now available in more than just black. Select from a range of color blades to personalize your ride. We’re launching with our initial color designs and plan to release additional colors based on backer feedback during the campaign. Stay tuned!

●Performance Beyond Imagination

CarbonFit wipers boast an even sleeker profile than the wipers from our previous campaign, ensuring greater stability during high-speed drives. They’re especially suited for Teslas and other vehicles with a pronounced glass curvature.

The sleeker profile also enhances driver visibility. We’ve even addressed the inconvenience caused from the low bonnet protruding in previous iterations .

We’ve also improved upon the adapter’s design. Not only have we streamlined the installation process, but we’ve also further broadened the range of compatible vehicles as well.

KB9P wipers showcase an exceptional design and maintain intense contact with the glass. Versatile and suitable for a wide range of vehicles, KB9P promises unparalleled wiping efficiency. Conversely, SlimFit wipers are tailored for vehicles like Tesla, perfectly fitting low-profile hoods and offering a sleek appearance, particularly for cars with notable glass curvature. CarbonFit wipers integrate the strengths of both, ensuring unmatched wiper-to-glass adherence and delivering the utmost in wiper performance.

Experience the distinct advantages of KIMBLADE’s rectangular-edge wipers, now available for your rear windshield. While rear wipers often see less use than front wipers, they can still deteriorate or corrode over time. With KIMBLADE’s innovative rectangular-edge technology, now you’re getting extended durability for your rear wipers without any corrosion or warping. Gift yourself a consistently clear rear view with fewer replacements and enhance the safety of your ride.

While front wipers are frequently engaged, rear wipers don’t see quite as much use. That means that it’s essential that rear wipers can resist corrosion and deformation over time. That’s where KIMBLADE’s rectangular-edge blade comes in. KIMBLADE is the ideal choice for rear wipers, with a unique design that not only negates the need for water-repellent coating products, but also lays down its own protective barrier, preventing the accumulation of grime and dirt. Any muck on the windshield will be effortlessly cleared away.

In our previous campaign, while our Windshield Cleaner demonstrated impressive cleaning ability, users highlighted a challenge: the oil-film solution dried too quickly, complicating its removal. Now, we’ve listened to your feedback and enhanced our formula. Not only is our Windshield Cleaner even better at removing contaminants, but the oil-film wipes away effortlessly, streamlining the cleaning process.

We’ve also improved the formula for our Windshield Treatment. Now, anyone can effortlessly apply water-repellent coating to their windshield, especially to those elusive spots untouched by wipers. With even better glass adherence and consistent performance across diverse temperatures, it’s never been this easy to apply treatment to your windshield. Moreover, we’ve improved upon our previous formula by boosting the durability of the water-repellent layer, substantially reducing the amount of fogginess and grime on your windshield. 

●Features of the KIMBLADE CarbonFit Wiper

Distinctive to KIMBLADE wipers is their signature rectangular-shaped blade that comes into direct contact with the windshield. While most market wipers use narrow or broad inverted triangles, KIMBLADE stands out with its unique rectangular blade, crafted through an innovative 4-bar linkage structure.

Utilizing a 4-bar linkage structure for smooth reversing motion, the blade is crafted to maximize its broad surface area during wiper oscillation. This ensures swift reversals and enables the blade edges to clear moisture both quietly and efficiently.

In the video, the swift reversals of KIMBLADE wipers are clear to see. Combined with the strong blade edges, these wipers efficiently clear away moisture. In contrast, traditional triangular wipers frequently struggle to reverse properly, leaving moisture behind.

The KIMBLADE rectangular blade edge has a smaller contact area on the windshield compared to traditional wipers. This amplifies the water removal effect of the wipers by focusing the force on the wiper blade’s narrow edges. Traditional triangular blades, on the other hand, have a broader contact area because of the pressure exerted by the wiper arm, resulting in less effective wipers.

Silicone, a versatile material often found in medical equipment and kitchen tools, is celebrated for its heat resistance. We’ve optimized silicone’s potential, giving it a specialized treatment tailored for wiper performance. The blade’s bottom is intricately designed for peak moisture removal, while the top, crucial for quick wiper inversion, is fortified to ensure that each part of the wiper performs its specific function impeccably.

KIMBLADE wipers are resistant to weather and external contaminants. That means your blades will remain free from damage so you can use them for as long as you like.

Don’t Compromise on Safety When it Matters Most.

Compared to traditional wipers, KIMBLADE wipers excel in longevity and consistent performance. That’s because of their resistance to corrosion and damage from heat, ozone, and more – all while the unique rectangular blade efficiently sweeps away moisture. In contrast, ordinary wipers’ efficiency drops immediately upon usage due to wiper arm pressure and environmental factors. As the wipers degrade, they begin to underperform, and their sudden quality drops can catch us off guard. But most of us only consider replacing our wipers when confronted with dangerous visibility issues. Why wait for such risky moments?

Wipers that Enhance Your Visibility with Every Sweep

Water-repellent coating dramatically improves driver visibility. Beyond that, water-repellent coating also inhibits the buildup of contaminants on the windshield, ensuring that coated windshields remain cleaner and easier to maintain than those without such protection.

See for yourself how, with KIMBLADE wipers, clarity is significantly enhanced, providing a clear and unobstructed view.

Protection that Lasts

One of the standout benefits of KIMBLADE wipers is how the wipers preserve the water-repellent coating on the windshield no matter how much you use them. Traditional wipers, on the other hand, tend to strip away the coating on a treated surface.


In our fourth campaign, we’re introducing a carbon design frame for wipers that can be aptly fitted to any vehicle, regardless of the hood height. This not only enhances the functionality of the wiper but also significantly elevates its aesthetic appeal.

The CarbonFit, featuring a CNT-infused blade and complementary carbon design frame, has a lower profile than traditional wiper frames, resulting in superior adhesion. This enhancement ensures improved stability in long-distance drives.

The wiper adapter has also been updated. Like the frame, the adapter has a lower profile, improving the driver’s visibility. We’ve also made the installation process easier than ever.

Replacing the refill blade has become much more straightforward; just about anyone can do it. With KIMBLADE wipers, all it takes is just a few simple steps. This means even when your wiper’s lifespan is exhausted, there’s no need to throw away the entire wiper unit.

●Features of the KIMBLADE Rear Wiper

Rectangular Blade Performance

Now you can experience the unparalleled performance of rectangular wiper blades on both your front and rear windshields. The KIMBLADE rear wiper is not only durable and long-lasting, but is water repellent, too.

Many of our backers have eagerly awaited this launch, and we’re excited to finally share the latest KIMBLADE wipers with the world. A heartfelt thank you to our supporters who believed in our vision and made the KIMBLADE rear wipers a reality.

While the wiper frame shape suitable for each vehicle’s rear windshield may vary, the performance of the rectangular blade remains consistent and impeccable in every case. Furthermore, thanks to a variety of adapters, KIMBLADE wipers can be fitted to the rear of nearly every vehicle. Replacing your wipers is also straightforward, and just like the front wipers, you can replace just the blade if needed.

Many vehicles’ rear glass resembles that of the above photos. We photographed several cars to gauge how well the average person maintains their rear windshield, and the results were concerning. Evidently, keeping the rear windshield in optimal condition is a challenging task for many.


●Car-Adored Glass Care

Windshield Cleaner and Treatment

Effortlessly Removes the Finest Traces of Tar

The car’s front windshield is especially vulnerable to contamination from tar specks on the road, insects colliding with the glass, and other factors. This contamination, mixed with various oils, forms an “oil film” on the windshield. Not only does this film diminish the effectiveness of the wipers, but it also hampers the driver’s visibility as contaminants solidify in the tiny crevices of the glass. Conventional glass cleaners often fail to tackle this oil film and can even exacerbate the issue. That’s where KIMBLADE Windshield Cleaner comes into play by effectively removing this oil film and providing clear visibility for your windshield.


 Windshield Water Repellent Coating that Wipers Love

Water-repellent coatings for windshields need to be applied thinly and uniformly. But if you don’t choose the right coating for your windshield, it can cause your wipers to jam and make noise while you use them. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a product compatible with your wipers that can prolong their lifespan. We developed the KIMBLADE Windshield Treatment with this compatibility in mind. It’s particularly apt for silicone wipers, letting you easily preserve your windshield with professional-quality results.

After removing contaminants from even the tiniest crevices, the KIMBLADE Windshield Treatment fills those spaces, creating a thin yet powerful water-repellent coating. Once you’ve treated your windshield, not only does the glass become better at resisting contaminant buildup, but it also simplifies the removal process when contaminants do accumulate.


○High Compatibility

Experience a like-new windshield and long-lasting wipers by combining the KIMBLADE Windshield Cleaner, Windshield Treatment, and Square Blade Wipers

The Windshield Cleaner (for oil film removal) and Windshield Treatment (for water-repellent coating) are crafted with wiper compatibility as a priority. Not only do these products provide exceptional glass care, they also optimize wiper performance. We’ve made these windshield care products with compatibility at the forefront so everyone can experience a professionally maintained windshield and benefit from longer-lasting wipers.

With every pass, KIMBLADE wipers rejuvenate the coating layer on your windshield for a consistent water-repellent effect. In contrast, conventional wipers wear down the coating layer with each swipe, leaving the windshield surface unclean – as you can see in the above image.

  • Exceptional oil film removal.
  • Effective water-repellent coating.
  • Compatible with rectangular wipers.

●The Ultimate Wiper Solution

KIMBLADE wipers are the only wipers that prioritize the harmony between the windshield and the wipers

KIMBLADE empowers drivers with the tools they need for durable wipers and effortless windshield maintenance, enhancing both convenience and safety in the rain. Despite the market being saturated with various wiper designs and countless glass care products, our backers, who have explored these combinations, can attest to a vital truth: even the best glass care products and wipers can deteriorate quickly if they’re not designed to work harmoniously together. With the KIMBLADE enhanced CarbonFit Package, you can experience a wiper that is both durable and also delivers unmatched performance.

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