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ZERA Sonic – The Ultrasonic Toothbrush that Cleans Itself? How does it works?


A few weeks ago, we got an email from ZERA to review their new product. Just like the shaver we reviewed last time, it is also a personal hygiene gadget – but this time it is for your teeth and gums. Basically a fancy electric toothbrush with an extra interdental brush and some new techs, able to try and sterilize itself after each use inside the case.


I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of electric toothbrushes. I haven’t bought another one since owning an Oral B about 20 years ago – I remember it as noisy, heavy, coarse and frankly quite dangerous. One loose grip could have bumped it into my jaw and hurt me for hours. Sure there have been many high-tech successors since then, but I have been using simple stick toothbrushes until now. Let’s start by unboxing the ZERA Sonic.

The ZERA Sonic comes stored inside a small cardboard box. Compared to other high end toothbrushes, its box is surprisingly small. I saw the Panasonic one at a store the other day and its box was as big as a toaster! The small size means ZERA also comes with less stuff, for example the user manual included is quite minimal. Though it takes just standard USB, which everyone should already have at home.​

The plastic case opens on one end by clicking in so its interior pops out. This is a common design on a number of products we have reviewed. The charging port and a ventilation grill are on the other side, which are not removable. I spot a small electrical fan on the inside of the grill. The main brush, interdental brush and handle are all contained inside a fitted tray. A short USB cable is also inside, which I think can be replaced with a small tube of toothpaste. ZERA claims weeks of use with one full charge.

Both attachments are connected to the handle by a “D”-shaped metal connector. Although this is usually seen on motor and rotary tools, it should transfer the ultrasonic power from the handle to the brush equally well. The brush has medium-soft bristles, which is pretty much the current standard, hitting a balance between comfort, cleaning ability and lifespan. The connector is well made and leaves no visible gap once combined.

Since ZERA has supplied us with multiple brushes, I started by using one of them after lunch. The handle is smaller than the usual electric toothbrushes and fits more comfortably in my mid-sized palm. The handle has texture molded into it, so it is grippy even when damp. I will now switch it on and see what difference the ultrasonic makes.​

angel card

The sonic comes in 3 power levels, though the medium level is recommended for most users. The motion is quite different from other alternatives, as the sonic feels like a rapid vibration but without actually moving around. On the highest setting, it does feel a bit numbing to the hand at first, but I have quickly gotten used to it.

The same vibration was felt on my teeth, though it is quite mild compared to traditional power brushes. I could feel the bristles working along my teeth and feel it has done a better job than manual brushes. Unfortunately, my teeth are spaced too close to each other to test the interdental brush, but I assume it would feel similar.

Another major innovation lies within the casing. To keep the brush always fresh and dry, drying fans and a medical grade UV-C emitting LED are found at the bottom. The idea is that once the brush is fitted back into the tray and pushed in, the fan and UV will dry and sterilize the brush, preventing germs, virus and molds from forming. This is an already proven tech used on other products, so it should work just fine here. Once the case was closed, the fan ran for about 5 minutes and stopped. The toothbrush is completely dried to the touch and feels slightly warmer. The auto drying should be helpful when you are on a trip, or if the day is exceptionally humid.​

angel card

In conclusion, is the ZERA Sonic worth the price tag? I would say yes, as the ultrasonic handle/brush alone can already cost as much as the whole set from other brands. The case adds easy maintenance and tidiness to it, especially when you are away from home and have to pack it immediately. Despite all the features, one full charge can last for around 2 weeks of regular use, so care is relatively minimal. All brushes are available in spares from ZERA directly. Definitely one of the better travel kits out there.​

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